the vista from a rooftop villa in Sayulita, Mexico

Lou makes fun of me for saying “vista”.  I guess it’s just one more Grandma thing that I do.  How charming is this little beach town from above?!

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  1. Luca|

    Im a mexican girl who loves your photo blog, and last week my boyfriend and I went to Sayulita for a day because my lives nearby, in Litib. We wanted to just chill and watch the sea, so we decided to take a beer in a place near the sea, then I saw this beatuful black and white puppy, looking just like Ruca Bean Yates Mora and inmediatly I remembered you had been there just a few days before. I had a really good time playing with that puppy, I must say that is my favourite ( I dont know how to translate "raza de perro"…) but kind of dog ever…

  2. sarah yates|

    Oh, thank you Lucia! I can’t believe you saw a Ruca lookalike! How lucky to get to play with a puppy in Sayulita, it’s such a darling little town!

  3. abbyabbie|

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