street pup(s)

There are so many street pups wandering around in Sayulita, it’s heartbreaking.  We heard horror stories from the locals about abuse, starvation, disease and murder of these pups.  Which of course led us to scoop one up and take him home.  Pictures of Oscar Mora-Yates to come (we’re still working on his middle name).

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  1. Lexsea|


    I’m a fan of your blog— and I just had to comment because I have a dog from Sayulita too!

  2. chelsea|

    so good of you to scoop him up! those eyes are too much, how could you not?
    have you taken him to the vet for a check up yet?
    welcome to the family oscar!

  3. Kris|

    that is one lucky dog! my husband and i recently visited the caicos islands, where the dog population is horrendous…(we tried to bring a pup home with us to no avail)…they call them "potcakes" over there…as that is how they survive, licking the bottom of pots… perhaps a middle name…?!
    ps…love your blog. :]

  4. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! That pup is actually a different one. There are pictures of Oscar on Lu’s blog ( ). He’s been to the vet and is on his way to a healthy life. :) Some worms, girardia, ear infection, fleas, etc to take care of but nothing major. The vet said he probably had distemper when he was a little pup and as a result his teeth are all brown and decayed. Poor guy might have some issues when he’s older (doggy dentures?) but he’ll be great until then. Thanks for the support, it means a lot to us. :)

  5. melissa|

    I’m sooo glad you took one home! I’m from Guadalajara (Mexico), and I’ve been to Sayulita, and these stories are all around the country, I Love dogs, and I’m really really happy you saved one. :D

    * fan of your blog, your pics and of course, Ruca.

  6. sarah yates|

    thank you everyone! Ruca and Oscar are best of friends… maybe even too good (they want to get up at sunrise to start the playing!). :)

  7. Eric Gangnath|

    awww, you guys are awesome for saving him! I’ve always told Emily that if we couldn’t make it happen with babies, we’d for sure own a puppy farm. Re-reading that last sentence and it sounds creepy, but whatever, I’d still do it, ha!

  8. kelly rg|

    oh my gosh! ruca, ruca, not yuca! so sorry! and i should know better, people are always getting our puppy’s name wrong: sofito burrito enchilada taco flan, but we usually just call her sophie. :)

  9. sarah yates|

    Eric if that baby farm doesn’t work out I’ll totally go in on the puppy farm with you two! Kelly that’s hilarious, she has a big name to live into.