What is the Average Price of a Murphy Bed Desk Combo

What is the Average Price of a Murphy Bed Desk Combo?

A Murphy bed desk combo, also called a Foldable Panel Bed or a Pull-Down Bed, is a useful piece of furniture that can save precious floor space in your tiny condo. It is the perfect accessory for a minimalist as well as for someone who is on a budget.

In this article, we will delve into the average cost of Murphy bed desk combos, considering the various variables that impact the pricing. To gain a better understanding of the price range, it is crucial to explore the various options available in the market.

How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?

Depending on the quality of material, the size of the bed cum desk, the features included in the piece of furniture, and the brand or the company, the average price of a Murphy Bed is between $850 to $9000.

5 Friendly Murphy Bed Desk Combo Options

Murphy beds are reasonably priced and available from online retailers like Wayfair, Walmart, Costo, Murphy Bed Depot, Expand Furniture, and Lori. In order to put the price of Murphy bed-desk combos into perspective, here are the pricing for each of the five broad categories.

1. Horizontal Murphy Bed

Horizontal Murphy Bed

A twin-size Murphy bed will cost somewhere around $799, while a queen-size Murphy bed can go up to $1200. Lori, Murphy Bed Dept, and Wayfair have some of the best options available in this category. This space-saving solution is ideal for small apartments and bachelor studios. A vertical version of the same bed is also available, and so are Murphy bunk beds, which can be used by those who want to save floor space around the bed.

2. Freestanding Murphy Bed Cabinet

Freestanding Murphy Bed Cabinet

A free-standing Murphy bed desk cabinet ranges between $1100 to $2200. The key characteristic of a freestanding Murphy bed is that it is counterbalanced with support bars that align with the desk. When you open or close the bed, the desk lowers while remaining horizontal to allow you to depart the desk in the same condition.

3. Murphy Bed with Desk

Murphy Bed with Desk

A Murphy bed with a desk lies between the range of $1500 to $3750. A concealed Murphy bed with a desk can be created so that the bed lifts to reveal a desk underneath it. The bed can be pushed up against the wall for the platform to drop down. This platform can be used as a desk to work on.

4. Murphy Bed with Shelves

Murphy Bed with Shelves

A Murphy bed with a desk lies between the range of $1500 to $2200. This multi-functional and utilitarian bed will give you extra space for storage and an interesting exterior design. This will be an aesthetically appealing piece of furniture that ensures optimum comfort and upholds aesthetic value.

5. Murphy Bed with Sofa

Murphy Bed with Sofa

One of the most expensive categories of bed cum desks is the Murphy bed with a sofa that costs somewhere between $2300 and $8200. The USP of the design is maximum comfort, as it can be utilized as a couch during the day and as a bed at night.

5 Factors that Affect the Price of a Murphy Bed Desk Combo

1. Lift Mechanism

Certain sophisticated Murphy beds cannot be pulled down to open or folded back into the wall because they have an advanced mechanism. Your bed will cost more if it has a hydraulic piston mechanism in place, as it is one of the most advanced technologies a piece of furniture can be equipped with.

2. Extra Accessories

Your Murphy bed will undoubtedly cost more if it has extra storage and accessories; it is bound to be an expensive purchase. The price of the bed-desk combo might exceed $8000 with additional accessories like concealed drawers, shelves, whether open or closed or a sofa that can enhance the sitting capacity of your room.

3. Size of the Bed

The bigger the bed, the more expensive it will be. Customized Murphy beds that come with storage compartments and extra seating to relax will be bigger and more expensive than the ones available in the market. For instance, twin and single beds are less expensive than a king-sized or a queen-size Murphy bed. The latter is bound to cost more because of higher material volume.

4. Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used to make a Murphy bed plays a major role in determining its price. Beds with built-in ambient reading lighting, pre-installed charging outlets for your gadgets, and safes to fulfill your organizational needs might burn a bigger hole in your pocket than basic Murphy beds.

5. Extended Warranty

Certain companies come with beds that offer a standard warranty. However, many furniture companies offer extended warranty for which you might have to pay $500 extra.


The average price of a Murphy bed desk combo can vary significantly on the basis of size, material quality, delivery services, design, and even brand. Basic models typically start around $800, while more luxurious and customizable options start from $8000 and go even higher. It is essential to consider individual preferences, space limitations, and budget constraints and budget limitations when making a decision.

Thorough research, comparison of prices, and reading user reviews will ensure that you find a Murphy bed desk combo that meets your requirements without overspending.

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