What is An Arched Doorway

What is An Arched Doorway?

Interior designers always want to add a refreshing touch to mundane interior designs. Sometimes, it’s a whole new invention, and a few other times, it could be a blast from the past. Speaking of the blast from the past, the very old arched doorways are back in style. Are they making a comeback, and how? The arched doorway is the latest design trend that has made its way into the finest of interiors of modern times.

The use of arched doorways dates back to the ancient Roman period. Due to their great aesthetic and dependable nature, it’s unsurprising that they are back in today’s interior decor.

If you are wondering what is an arched doorway and how you can incorporate it into your interior, read on to learn more about it.

Understanding Arched Doorway

Understanding Arched Doorway

An arched doorway is a typical U-shaped arch-like structure present in doorways of many homes. Usually, they can be observed in the entrances or the middle of adjoining rooms. They add a touch of traditional and classic vibe to your home and add a bit of element to your otherwise plain and simple doorway.

The reason arched doorways have captured the attention of interior designers is that these doorways tend to invite attention by introducing an unpredicted change in the regular shape of the room. Arched doorways are known for adding a softness to the otherwise crisp square or rectangular shape of a room.

Arched structures are considered stronger than the regular design of the doorway. This explains its wide usage in ancient histories of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Besides being sturdy, these doorways are known for their constant charm and organic appearance. They give your home a more artistic and softer appeal.

Why Use an Arched Doorway in Your Interior?

An arched doorway invites attention and provides a traditional classic aura to your home. Apart from this, using an arched doorway has a lot of other benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

1. It Gives Your Place a Spacious Look

It Gives Your Place a Spacious Look

Arched doorways have the ability to give your place the impression of being spacious. Since they have a curve and actually use more vertical space than the regular doors. They may appear bigger themselves. Other than this, since they are already bigger, they offer a larger view of the room that they lead into. If you want to give your place an open-door interior plan, this can work greatly. This will also help in coordinating both spaces with more ease.

2. Enhances Aesthetics

Enhances Aesthetics

The major factor contributing to the comeback of these doors in modern interiors can be attributed to their aesthetic appeal. These doors have the ability to uplift your interior in a way that no other element could match. They provide your space with a classical and grandeur vibe. If you are looking to create a lasting impression with your interior, it’s always a good idea to add elements that give it enhanced aesthetics.

3. Complements Other Elements

Complements Other Elements

Another great thing about arch doorways is that they can look great with a number of architectural elements. Some structural details are more suited to arch doorways. For example, with a square or rectangular-shaped fireplace or square elements, adding such kind of doorway can strike a beautiful contrast. It balances the sharpness of these structures with the softness of the arch doorway.

4. Provides Strength

Provides Strength

Arch doorways are sturdy and are built in a way that they can support the architect of a wide range of home styles. It has been a proven fact they are more sturdy than the regular rectangular-style doorway. No wonder interior designers have widely preferred these doors in the past, and they have lasted a long time. These doorways can provide more support to the structure, although it depends on many other factors, too, such as the choice of materials or the overall architecture.

5. It Goes Well with Certain Interior Styles

It Goes Well with Certain Interior Styles

Certain interior styles are obviously more suited to these kinds of doors. Although they can made to work in a lot of interior styles, the more suited ones could be the interiors inspired by a Mediterranean style. An arch doorway can easily blend in this kind of interior and looks every bit of a part as it should. So, the greatest thing about it would be the fact that, for some interior styles, they can blend in particularly well, and even for others, a meticulous arrangement would make them work.


An arched doorway is nothing but a doorway with an arch. It’s a doorway that is shaped like a curve in the upper part, which gives it a unique structure.

An arched doorway could be an effortless way of incorporating a traditional classic element into your interior. Its subtle, unique charm, softness, and strong aesthetics make it an ideal choice for your interior. Besides offering a great aesthetic appeal to your home, these arched doorways could be a better choice than regular doorways, owing to their strength and practicality.

If you want to add a classic yet trendy vibe to your interior, these arched doorways are the way to go.

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