What Defines a Traditional Living Room Set_

What Defines a Traditional Living Room Set?

A living room is a space that witnesses the main action of a family. This room is the heart and soul of a house; therefore, it is designed to ensure maximum comfort.

The few essential components of a traditional living room are sofas, elaborate curtains, painted portraits, framed family photographs, and vibrant accessories. A living room defines a family.

Traditional sofa styles accommodate a maximum number of people. This functional aspect ensures a homely and warm environment.

From cherished artifacts to supreme functionality, a living room includes everything. Are you curious about the components of a traditional living room?

Learn more about a traditional living room set with the following core elements.

16 Elements that Define a Traditional Living Room Set

Here is a curated list of 16 elements that define a traditional living room set, ranging from traditional sofas to fancy wall adornments.

1. Conventional Wooden Furniture

Conventional Wooden Furniture

Cherry wood chairs with intricate carvings, intricately carved coffee tables, and matching footstools feature in conventional living rooms.

Hardwood flooring is another common feature in traditional living rooms that complements the traditional living room set.

2. Traditional Sofas

Traditional Sofas

Sofas with cabriole legs, multiple camelback sofas with bold prints, and a Chesterfield sofa are the three styles in a traditional living room set.

These classic designs combine simple coffee tables and even marble-top consoles.

However, if your sofas are fully upholstered, go for partly upholstered chairs with cushioned seats.

3. Maximalist Aesthetics

Maximalist Aesthetics .jpg

A traditional living room is composed of multiple elements.

From portraits and mirrors on the walls to rugs and carpets on the floor, multiple elements in a living room bring the space to life.

For instance, a single corner will have multiple elements, like oversized cushions on a fully upholstered armchair, a throw, and a matching footstool.

4. Non-Modular Settings


Traditional living rooms are not modular like contemporary spaces are.

These rooms include pieces that match each other, giving them a more structured outlook.

The non-modular arrangement adds a more timeless look to the place.

5. Overstuffed Cushions

Overstuffed Cushions

Overstuffed cushions in a living room create a warm and relaxing vibe.

One feels like hopping on the sofa to lounge for hours together.

Multiple cushions with varied prints but complementing colors are placed in the same room on the same couch.

6. Extravagant Wallcoverings

Extravagant Wallcoverings .jpg

Portraits with fancy wooden frames and gold finish adorn the walls of a traditional living room.

Mirrors, embroideries, and paintings can be simultaneously seen in the same space.

Intricately woven tapestries are also hung on the walls or framed in golden frames to add to the beauty.

7. Sophisticated and Vibrant Prints

Sophisticated and Vibrant Prints

Upholstery and tapestry inspired by nature and bright in color are the dominating features in living rooms.

Every piece of furniture will have a different print, but the vibrance of the hues will tie them together.

8. Floor Covering

Floor Covering .png

Wall-to-wall carpets with floral prints or pastel colors are a part of every traditional living room.

Oriental and traditional designs on silk carpets give a touch of luxury to the space.

9. Statement Portraits

Statement Portraits

Still-life oil paintings and portraits of important figures adorn the walls of traditional living rooms.

While oil paintings convey a rich sense of heritage, tapestries and classic artwork pieces contribute to the overall opulence of a place.

10. Wall Trimming and Wainscoting

Wall Trimming and Wainscoting .jpeg

The intricate work on walls, which includes wainscoting and trimming, speaks for itself.

Such work does not need additional adoration as it exemplifies that less is more.

These details create a backdrop that supports other accessories in a room.

11. Bold Hues

Bold Hues

Bright red walls, heavily printed upholstery, and intricately embroidered tablecloths are features in a traditional living room.

All these vibrant hues add a touch of sophistication and warmth to turn it into an inviting space.

12. Heavy Curtains and Blinds

Heavy Curtains and Blinds

Heavy silk curtains and embroidered blinds adorn the windows in traditional living rooms.

Traditional living room sets also include valances that match the upholstery so that the whole room comes together organically.

13. Contrasting Elements

Contrasting Elements

In a traditional living room, many contrasting textures, colors, and prints will be placed side-by-side.

A traditional sofa set with bold floral prints will be placed next to Chip-n-Dale chairs with striped fabric.

14. Open Fireplaces

Open Fireplaces .jpg

Open fireplaces lend a charming vibe to traditional fireplaces. Such features in the work are an interesting visual focal point.

The warmth creates an inviting atmosphere, and the intricate marblework adds a dimension of old-world charm.

15. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures .jpg

Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps with warm white light create a beautiful atmosphere.

Select wooden and bronze finish options to add to the old-world charm.

16. Functional Book Racks and Bookshelves

Functional Book Racks and Bookshelves

Bookshelves are one of the most understated elements in a family living room.

This piece of furniture adds an intellectual dimension to the decor.

A bookrack also works as an element that stores family treasures and other ornamental pieces.


A traditional living room set comprises all the elements that cater to everyone’s needs.

Along with this functional purpose, the living room transforms into a welcoming space when it is aesthetically repurposed.

Bold colors, standout decorations, cute stripes, flowery designs, and bookshelves filled with good books bring energy to a room.

Large couches with fabric covering, small footstools with some fabric, and classic chairs near tables make the room feel complete.

Remember to use colors that go together so everything looks balanced and nice.

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