Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

All About Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 (With Design Ideas)

While decorating the interiors and exterior of the home, we put a lot of effort into deciding the material, furniture, lighting, home decor, and wall colors, as all these factors are interdependent on each other to make the place look elegant.

You first prepare a map of the place and then start building. The maximum area in a home is covered with wall colors, both indoors and outdoors, to create an aesthetic look.

Instead of painting the walls with different colors and textures, you can choose to keep it all white, specifically in an Alabaster color. This gives you an advantage of choosing any colored furniture, from rustic wood to fluorescent blue, as an Alabaster never leaves the trend.

Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin Williams is a gorgeous, smooth, milky white paint color. Although it almost falls into the category of off-white, it is just light enough to be regarded as white. Here is a compilation of the places where Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008 can be used to beautify your space and make it visually appealing.

Select the Area for Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Select the Area for Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster has undertones and light reflectance value (LRV) to make the place look elegant. You can use it for painting cabinets, walls, and even the exterior of the house.

SW7008 blends in any corner of the house, inside out. You can have the living area with this paint which falls in the white color range, and complement it with white couches, cabinets, decor items, and curtains. This gives the place a natural touch that is filled with ample light. The benefit of using SW7008 is that it also goes well with its contradictory colors, like tan and wheat. You can choose to have a rug and coffee table in either color in the living space to give it a rustic look.

1. SW 7008 In the Kitchen

SW 7008 In the Kitchen

The advantage of using Alabaster in your space is that they are capable enough to stand alone as a single hue and can even blend well with darker colors like urbane bronze or a gray area, creating a picturesque view.

The kitchen area can also be converted into an open, inviting, modern, and functioning space where everyone wants to gather and hang out in. You can choose to reconfigure the space by adding a few cabinets to harbor all your stuff and save space. Alabaster brightens and warms the kitchen cabinets and goes well with most countertops and finishes. With the help of SW7008, you can give a totally new, bright, airy look to the kitchen.

If the kitchen area has ample space, utilize it to the fullest and get creative as much as you can. The kitchen area is enough to set up an island, so you do not need a dedicated dining area. You get to complement the alabaster with a similar or different-colored quartz countertop.

2. Alabaster In The Bedroom

Alabaster In The Bedroom

The bedroom is one such area in the house, where you go to relax, rejuvenate, and detox, and alabaster is the perfect component to impart a soothing environment. This color from the white family helps heal and meditate, which other shades of color fail to do. The best part about the alabaster in the bedroom is that you can pair it with light blushes, grays, and greens as fabrics, cabinets, or other furniture and keep the SW7008 as the backdrop to steal the show.

The bedroom should receive ample natural light so it looks beautiful with the right interior decor and fixed elements. With the alabaster in the backdrop, you can coordinate it with blue to greenish sheets, off-white cushions, a creamy blanket, and an oak wooden floor so that enough warmth is added and the room feels open and cozy.

4. Bathroom with SW 7008

Bathroom with SW 7008

While selecting a paint color for each part of the house, you will be thinking of a long-term plan. You don’t want to make the place look too old or too funky to reside in. Not only decor items but also paint create a lasting impression in the house. The Alabaster is a timeless paint that will remain in the race for a long, accompanying any color and any furniture.

One of the best qualities of the SW7008 paint is that it falls in the white family without being extremely sharp. Having an alabaster in any of your spaces imparts only a soothing and serene experience. Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 can also be used in the bathroom to give them a natural touch. Usually, bathrooms are the places where there is the least attention, but the trims, ceilings, and moldings can be painted in SW7008 to give them a rich look. You can incorporate a closet, cabinet, or cubbies inside the bathroom if it is spacious. Choose colors like jasper, sea salt, or grays for storage. The color coordination will beautify the space.

5. Alabaster In The Exteriors

Alabaster In The Exteriors

Painting the outside of the house in white is a task, although it looks beautiful. Too much white is a risk of blinding those passing by, and the too darker shade looks dull or muddy.

The first and foremost point to consider while painting the exteriors is the LRV or light reflectance value. It measures how light or how dark a paint color is on a scale of zero, being the absolute darkest color to 100 being the brightest. The alabaster SW 7008 has an LRV of 82. It is suggested that the LRV of the exterior paint not exceed 85, as colors are brighter and more vibrant when they’re exposed to natural light. The SW 7008 is one of the most versatile exterior white paints, with an LRV in range, a little bit softer and creamier, and is a great choice for a classic home appearance. You can pair the exterior with border shrubs, hanging baskets, vases, a patio, and rustic outdoor furniture, so it gives a scenic view.

6. Playful SW 7008

Playful SW 7008

A kid’s room or nursery looks good with different hues instead of a single color. But if you paint it with bright colors, it’ll become useless once they grow or the paints become out of trend. Instead of compromising on your nursery or kid’s room dream, use the Alabaster as a life-long solution. The creamy white color will allow you to use rainbows in the form of curtains, bedsheets, shutter walls, cushions, decor material, and even cabinets, if necessary. This saves a lot of time and remains within budget.

The neutral base of alabaster allows you to incorporate warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, as well as cool tones like blue, green, and purple.

Alabaster has the quality to highlight its counterparts like furniture, wall hangings, decor, etc., while keeping it as the backdrop. It has the capacity to transform a mundane place into a bright one.

7. Alabaster as a Wall of Fame

Alabaster as a Wall of Fame

The creamy white color is the perfect match to hang all your wall pieces, photo frames, souvenirs, and decor items. The white wall of Alabaster SW 7008 is the right component for the background, allowing other objects to get the spotlight. Due to this feature, you can fulfill the dream of a creative wall or photo wall in any one area of your house; it can be the living area, staircase, entryway, or bedroom.

You can also choose to be a little unique by creating a striped wall, as alabasters go well in the ying yang pattern. Vertical stripes can make a wall feel taller, while horizontal stripes can make a short room feel wider and hence larger. You should think about whether the room as a whole should have stripes or simply one accent wall. Stripes in excess can become overwhelming. Wide stripes might give the impression that a room is boxy and narrow, which will make you feel confined. A large room provides you the provision of use stripes, and they really blend well.

8. SW 7008 In The Hallway

SW 7008 In The Hallway

The entry into your home leaves a lasting impression on your guests and gives a sense of relaxation to you on your return from a long day. With the help of a glass door, sidelights, and the alabaster, there is enough natural light in the hallway.

You can also choose to paint the mudroom and the cabinets in alabaster. The wooden dresser and stairway will offer a rustic look to the place. The SW 7008 has the quality to blend well in real spaces; it is made for each other.

Alabaster serves as a plain background so that other decor items can command all of the attention. Alabaster is working extremely hard behind the scenes to make them shine as beautifully as they do. You can use the hallway’s alabaster to hang welcome signs, souvenirs, your medals, a mirror, and some greens to beautify the space.

9. Dining Area with Alabaster

Dining Area with Alabaster

A dining area and a living area are intrinsic parts of the house. They are highly functional and great at equipping guests. Larger the area, the more fun to gather around. You cannot move chairs and ottomans and couches here and there when you have more people; you can prefer an open dining area and living area that is SW 7008 painted, without any separation of walls, curtains, or glass slides. Due to this, more natural light is dispersed throughout the entire area.

You can choose to incorporate leather or velvet couches, stained dining tables, chairs, and even an island. This gives a good, airy touch to the space. However, Alabaster pulls off being an off-white shade without any yellow undertones.

Warmth and elegance are associated with alabaster. Since it is practically a cream color, it can also be the ideal choice for a homely, cozy atmosphere, which is great if your priority is light decor with a hint of formality.

10. SW 7008 In Cabinets

SW 7008 In Cabinets

While deciding on the furniture, we try to complement the interiors as much as possible without thinking about trying something new. Alabaster paint is not only made for walls, but the cabinets can also be painted with them. The reason behind this is the cabinets will match any flooring, wall paint, fabrics, etc., and even you can create a crisp look with gray-blues, green grays, and olive greens as cabinet colors.

Kitchen cabinets made of alabaster are stunning. It is a great option for kitchens with white cabinets since it gives the room a classic aesthetic while also adding a lot of warmth. In a tuxedo kitchen, i.e., having white and black bottom color, it would also be a great upper cabinet color, especially when matched with warm blue or grey lower cabinets.

Why is Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 so popular?

Before listening to this name, we all knew just one or two types of whites. But the arrival of alabaster has made a statement and redefined all the whites. This specific SW 7008 white does not carry a clear identification of its own; due to this property, it helps its fellows highlight. This off-white paint has numerous numbers of undertones, but typically they can be categorized as warmer or cooler shades.

The reason why Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 is so popular is due to its really strong sense of balance. As it is a bit creamy but not overly yellow and has a touch of gray in it to help soften and desaturate it, which allows it to really blend in seamlessly with many different spaces. Furthermore, alabaster is one of those neutral canvas colors that allow your accessories to become the star of the show. The SW 7008 has a perfect combination of undertones for the outside, as the sunlight will neutralize the warm undertones giving it a very clean, streamlined look.


Now the search and worries for the perfect paint end with the arrival of Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008. This paint is the perfect match for you as it has just the right amount of warmth to soften its look without being overly creamy.

The advantage of having this paint is It is delicate, adaptable, and still largely neutral. Besides this, it is perfect for a modern farmhouse appearance to your pre-existing place. The SW 7008 looks fantastic with all cabinet hardware colors ranging from Naval to Repose gray. In general, every color works well with this paint.

Whether your color scheme contains warm tones or cool tones, this white paint color is an excellent choice because it blends beautifully with a wide range of hues. Having an Alabaster SW 7008 in your interiors and exteriors guarantees ample light, visually appealing space, and freedom to choose any kind of furniture, portrait, decor, and floor. This minimalistic paint is not demanding but leaves a lasting impact on the entire home.

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