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What Color Palettes Work Best for Open Kitchen-Living Room Areas?

There was a time when people wished to keep their kitchens for purely functional purposes. Kitchens were secluded rooms, away from the action. Now, the time has come when kitchens are no longer uninteresting spaces. Homeowners are opting for open living spaces, and there are a lot of kitchen living room ideas.

Since open kitchen living rooms are the center of all action, they deserve to be the center of attention, too. The challenge lies in combining these two distinct spaces while maintaining uniformity and their purpose of cooking, dining, and relaxing. The best way to do so is to give them a stunning color palette.

Whether you are an interior design enthusiast, a homeowner creating a new reality, or just someone who is trying to freshen things up in their home, this guide will help you out with all of it.

Color Palettes for All Your Open Kitchen Living Room Ideas

A rule that you should adhere to when choosing colors is to stick to one palette consisting of three to five colors. One light color, two neutrals, and a couple of statement colors that are connected through their families, such as greens being paired with greens or blues with blues. You can also coordinate colors by matching their intensity or brightness. Explore the most popular eye-catching color combinations that will go with all your open kitchen living room ideas and decide which works best for you.

1. Louise Blue + White

This is the coolest color palette that you can go with. Quite literally! Louise Blue will give your open kitchen living room a calm and cool look, and the white will make it look spacious and clean. This color palette gives off coastal vibes that completely freshen up the atmosphere.

Louise Blue + White

2. Mustard Yellow + Light Brown + Warm Gray + Warm White

Mustard Yellow and Light brown give the room warmth and color. Warm white is the dominant color that evens out and balances the bright colors. The warm gray is a neutralizer that serves as the middle ground between the vivid colors and the warm white. This color palette will give your open kitchen and living room a very warm, homely look.

 Mustard Yellow + Light Brown + Warm Gray + Warm White

3. Milk Tea Brown + Dark Green + Light Green + Matte Black

All nature lovers who wish to have an open kitchen living room that gives out ‘nature’ vibes should go with dark green and light green paired with milk tea brown and matte black. These colors are the ones that come to mind when one thinks of greenery. This palette is an amalgamation of edgy and natural.

Milk Tea Brown + Dark Green + Light Green + Matte Black

4. Mahogany + Burnt Orange + Warm White

The color palette containing mahogany, burnt orange, and warm white is very chic. When warm white is paired with a combination of equal parts of mahogany and burnt orange, it balances out the room so that it seems spacious and elegant but has a pop of color and neutrality.

Mahogany + Burnt Orange + Warm White

5. Dark Blue Gray + White + Bamboo Brown

Dark Blue, gray, white, and bamboo brown are perfect for an open kitchen living room that fits the modern aesthetic. Dark blue-gray is a naturally dominant color that fills out a space. When evened out with white and bamboo brown, it gives off a modern, contemporary look without reducing the room’s brightness.

 Dark Blue Gray + White + Bamboo Brown

6. Burgundy + Olive Green + Off White

If you are trying to give your open kitchen living room a regal yet elegant look, you should go for a combination of burgundy, olive green, and off-white. Burgundy is a rich color that looks lavish and luxurious, while olive green adds brightness and works well with burgundy. Off-white is the neutral shade that balances the colors in the room so that the room does not look dark and congested.

Burgundy + Olive Green + Off White

7. Off White + Black + Dark Brown

For a modern, chic, and minimalist look, go with the color palette that consists of off-white, black, and dark brown. While all of these are neutral shades, their variations in intensities give character and identity to the room. This combination of these colors looks organized.

Off White + Black + Dark Brown

How to Maintain Uniformity

To make sure your open kitchen and living room have uniformity, you can refer to the following tips:

  1. Stick to colors of the same family or contrasting colors that complement each other and do not clash. Balance them out with neutral colors.
  2. Consider keeping the roof color the same throughout the open kitchen and living room.
  3. Match the color of metallic accessories and stick to one shade for the entire area. For example, if you have metallic gold accessories in your open kitchen, then keep the accessories in your living room metallic gold, too.
  4. Maintain uniformity in the materials used, like kind of wood, fabric, and textures.
  5. Stick to similar patterns throughout the living space.


The open kitchen living room ideas have changed how we perceive living spaces. The strategic use of color palettes is important in bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics, creating balanced environments that cater to various needs.

When selecting colors for your open kitchen living room ideas, it is advisable to stick to a palette of three to five colors. It is also important to maintain uniformity throughout the living area to make it look like a whole.

This can be done with similar patterns, textures, fabrics, and accessories. Experiment with colors and create the perfect open kitchen living room for yourself.

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