What Are Some Popular Designs for Living Space Sectionals

What Are Some Popular Designs for Living Space Sectionals?

Living space sectionals can undoubtedly be a great addition to your interior. They are comfortable, have ample rooms to accommodate a large family, and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Although it may appear that all the sectional sofas are the same, this is clearly not the case. Just like a regular sofa, there are ample options for sectional sofas. There are various shapes, materials, and designs in sectional sofas.

If you are looking for some popular designs for a living space sectional for your home, you can go through our list of designs and choose the one that meets your needs.

1. Make a Statement

Make a Statement

There is no argument for the fact that a living space sectional can truly stand out in a room and is great for making a statement. To top it, you can add a few statement art pieces to highlight the effect even more. Sectional sofas make for a great visual delight when paired with the right kind of decor pieces. You can choose a few art pieces, paintings, or modern art on the back wall of the sectional sofa to truly blend your interior and create a stunning focal point.

2. Cornered Sectionals

Cornered Sectionals

Living space sectional, when placed in a corner space, makes for a great clean-lined interior. It helps you to create fresh and clear decor and also helps you leave a lot of room for other activities. An L-shaped sectional sofa is the most suitable for this kind of design. Another important fact about this kind of arrangement is that, even in small spaces, it works perfectly well and does not make the room cluttered.

3. Make It a Center of Attention

Make It a Center of Attention

If you have bought your sectional sofa with the purpose of making a statement, you might consider placing your sofa right in the middle of your room. The greatest thing about this kind of design is that people notice it right on entering the room. Believe it or not, it creates an illusion of taking up less space than any other arrangement. You can place a rug below your living space sectional to highlight it.

4. Sectional Sofa by The Side of The Fireplace

Sectional Sofa by The Side of The Fireplace

The purpose of a sectional sofa is to maximize your comfort, and placing it beside your fireplace can actually enhance your comfort on a cold winter day. Since these sofas are meant to accommodate many people, placing them near the fireplace can truly enhance the experience. A good idea here would be to balance out both elements so that one doesn’t overpower the other.

5. Go Practical

 Go Practical

All the talks of design and visual appeal can go in vain if your sectional sofa doesn’t solve the purpose it was meant for. You need to find out the way you want your sectional sofa to appear and be useful for yourself. If you want it to be used in a layout more suitable for you, you can very well change it as per your requirements. It shouldn’t restrict your functionality but rather aid in it. If you have a smaller space, you can choose to separate the sofas into different components and use them as per your wish.

6. Highlight Your View

Highlight Your View

If you want to highlight your outdoor view, you can place your living space sectional by the window. It will maximize the amount of light entering the room while making for a great place for conversation. If you have a great outdoor view, this kind of sectional sofa arrangement is encouraged. An important thing about this design is that while it focuses on the view of the outdoors, it doesn’t take away the attention from your living space sectional.

7. Make a Clear Distinction

Make a Clear Distinction

Nowadays, it is a common practice to have combo spaces such as living and dining spaces. While it’s a great practice, there are a few furniture arrangements that can make this combo space a true delight. Sectional sofas are great for making distinctions in such combination spaces. You can place your sectionals in a way that the back of it faces the front of the kitchen or vice versa. It will help you in creating clear boundaries between the two spaces.


Sectional sofas have the ability to make your space stand out. They can work as a statement piece, too, besides being a thing of utility. However, the placement and design of your living space sectional are as important as any other factor when considering getting one for yourself.

Ideally, the most popular designs for your sectional sofa should be in accordance with your preferences and needs. It should blend with your interior and create harmony among all the elements of your home interior.

You can consider the design mentioned above ideas to incorporate into your interior and make your space stand out.

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