How Much Does a Mario Bellini Sofa Typically Cost

How Much Does a Mario Bellini Sofa Typically Cost?

The living room is the place of your home where you spend 70% of the time without knowing. And the sofa in the room makes it all worth sitting there. It is an important investment and should be done wisely. But with so many options, which one should you choose? Mario Bellini is one of the very popular sofa brands that you should consider buying from.

Their designs are unique yet versatile. Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda was in the trend all over the internet. The variant colors and customizable sofa stole the stage and lived in everyone’s heart. Now, if you are wondering how much these sofas cost? Well, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, you will find why you should opt for the Mario Bellini sofa and how much they typically cost.

What Is a Mario Bellini Sofa?

What Is a Mario Bellini Sofa

For people with a taste in luxury, Mario Bellini sofa ranges do justice with their high-end designs. If you hear Mario Bellini sofa, it is common to assume that it is a brand. But when we say a Mario Bellini sofa, it actually means that it was designed by a renowned architect and designer, Mario Bellini. Famous for his work with articulate details, luxury, style, and comfort in his creations, Mario Bellini has created iconic designs when the sofa is concerned.

Cost of a Mario Bellini Sofa

Cost of a Mario Bellini Sofa

  • The high-end and luxurious sofa, manufactured using premium materials, by Mario Bellini relatively cost more. On average, a typical Mario Bellini sofa will cost between a few thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars. Mario Bellini is now so costly not only because of its style and luxury but also because its production was discontinued in 2020. So, if you really admire the designs by Bellini, it will be an expensive purchase for sure.
  • The cost of individual sofa design varies greatly. The cost for each Mario Bellini sofa model will vary from the other designs. The material used, design features and the place you are buying the Mario Bellini sofa from will determine the exact price for the sofa. For example, a Maria Bellini sofa with leather upholstering will have a higher price than the one using fabric.
  • If we talk about a specific creation of Mario Bellini manufactured in 1970, the Camaleonda sofa features a modular and characteristic design that people still admire. If you want to purchase an original Camameonda sofa, it will cost you around 25,000 USD, which is pretty expensive. The dupes can easily be purchased at much lower prices if you want similar furnishing at much more affordable prices.
  • The price of the Mario Bellini sofa will also be dependent on the retailer you are purchasing it from. B&B Italia, one of the reputed and reliable retailers of quality sofas, is one place where you can buy the Mario Bellini sofas from. Another sofa from Bellini that is very popular is La Bambole, which gives the appearance of a series of cushions in a random fashion. The original La Bambole Mario Bellini sofa will cost around 15,000 to 17,000 USD and even more.

The original La Bambole

Among all the designs by the iconic architect Mario Bellini, Here are the most popular sofa designs that people still love.

  1. Camaleonda Sofa (1970)
  2. Le Bambole Sofa (1972)
  3. Cab 412 Sofa (1977)
  4. Gruppo 25 Sofa (1986)
  5. Amanta Sofa (1966)
  6. Terminal 1 Sofa (1969)
  7. Serpentine Sofa (2003)

In order to get the authentic designs and aesthetics of the designs crafted in Mario Bellini sofa pieces, make sure you proceed with your purchase from reputed stores and websites. The top places you can buy the best Mario Bellini sofas are B&B Italia, 1st Dibs, Space Furniture, Pamono, and Colecta.

best Mario Bellini sofas

Here are some of the best Mario Bellini Sofa sets that are a must-try if you want the classic designs of the iconic architect & designer.

  1. Camaleonda Sectional sofa – Olive green chenille [Price: (depending on the upholstery material) $21,284 or $19,581]
  2. Le Bambole – Granbambola, Three-seater sofa – Juniper bouclè [Price: $13,809]
  3. Mario Bellini “Le Bambole” Sofa for B&B Italia, Faux-Fur, 1972 [Price: $17,500]
  4. Amanta Lounge chairs by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia, 1960s set of 4 [Price: $4,961.56 per set]
  5. Blue Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa [Price: $39,092.92]
  6. Tacchini Le Mura Leather Sofa Designed by Mario Bellini [Price: $18,998]
  7. Le Bambole Granbambola Sofa [Price: £8,374.00]
  8. Camaleonda Sofa – Gamma Leather [Price: £26,267.00]
  9. Landeau Sofa by Mario Bellini for Cassina, Italy, 1976 [Price: $7,024]
  10. Leather Sofa by Mario Bellini for Cassina, 1960s [Price: $19,844]
  11. Vintage Le Bambole Sofa by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia, 1970s [Price: $18,794]


The iconic designs of the renowned architect Mario Bellini still intrigue people. Despite the high costs, people still buy it for the luxury, comfort, and style it renders. An original Mario Bellini sofa can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars.

Determining an exact price range for a Mario Bellini sofa is tough. This is because the design type, materials used, upholstering material, etc., will determine how much the sofa will cost. Additional charges like delivery fees can add to more expenses. So, to determine the exact figure for the price range, it is best to rely on reputed retail stores.

Happy shopping, luxury, and comfort with a Mario Bellini sofa! Let us know in the comments for more blog topics you wish to read about.

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