Boho vs Farmhouse: Which Style has the Best Sofas for Modern Entertainment?

Boho vs Farmhouse: Which Style Has the Best Sofas for Modern Entertainment?

Style over utility is a trap that can be easy to steer into. Even if you’re going for a choice between the more natural and color-bursting look of Bohemian or the clear-cut lines of farmhouse, it can be easy to pick a sofa that suits the room’s aesthetic over its true purpose – to be a comfort in your living room.

Regardless of the style that you pick, it needs to suit your living room activities first and foremost.

One utility that a modern living room seemingly has to fulfill in one way or another is gaming comfort. The global industry is now worth over $300 billion, featuring over 1.7 billion mobile gamers. In Canada, seven in ten under-34-year-olds play games and use all the different devices, from smartphones to consoles and PC. So, picking a sofa that suits the gamers in your house is key, but which style lends itself better to such sofas?

The Case for Bohemian Sofas

The Case for Bohemian Sofas

When looking to compare what’s seen as the classic modern style of Boho and farmhouse for sofas, the natural inclination is to side with Bohemian sofas. They revel in being made of natural, comfy materials, and hits of bright colors all help to combine for a welcoming aesthetic.

More importantly, however, is that Boho sofas tend to have a lot more seat space, be more open, and welcoming for the loungers.

Nowadays, very few gamers play into the classic image of leaning in and being fixated on the TV across the room. Mobile gaming and enjoying many other forms of entertainment on smartphones are wildly popular. For many, the smallest screen is the go-to way to be entertained.

You could have that freemium app on the go, be scrolling through social media, or playing the leading games at the top-rated new online casinos Canada has to offer.

All of these sites offer hefty welcome offers of up to C$7,000, making for plenty of extra entertainment hours. With so many slots to explore and bonuses to bet, you need the comfiest sofa that lets you lounge as you please. The Boho style seems perfect for the range necessary and can offer you extra comfort through additional pieces. Boho footstools or even beanbags can add to the styled look and be useful for gamers.

The Case for Farmhouse Sofas

The Case for Farmhouse Sofas

The farmhouse style is all about offering a much more simple, clear-cut, and clean aesthetic. For someone who wants to play games on any device, this can be helpful.

You’ll be able to fixate everything on the entertainment at hand; you’ll be there to sit, be comfy, and immerse yourself in the new adventure or challenge. Plus, larger farmhouse sofas are out there, some of which are made from the vegan leather that PETA approves of.

The key would be to not overstuff the sofa with accent pieces like throws and cushions. Most farmhouse sofas that best suit the style are very squared with shorter seats and high padded backs. More than a couple of cushions could end up overcrowding the space and stopping it from being a more versatile sitting space.

When it comes to Boho versus farmhouse, more often than not, Boho sofas look to be better suited to modern entertainment fads.

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