I often find myself wandering around the produce section adding things to my cart JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE PRETTY.  Does that happen to you?  For instance, this white asparagus and red corn: I’d never tried either, and their counterparts (green asparagus and yellow corn) were right beside them and notably less expensive.  But before I could think twice they were in my cart and on their way into my kitchen!  And truth be told I’m ok with my impulsive grocery shopping habits because I now know that white asparagus has a lighter flavor and texture, which I prefer, and red corn- well, it’s gorgeous and it turns out that’s good enough for me.  Recipe and more after the jump!

As summer is winding down (it’s even starting to cool down a bit here in the desert!) I’m squeezing in as many heaping salads as I can before the craving for warm foods sets in. I’m also loading up on berries, one of my favorite summer treats, and trying to pack in nutrient rich foods to carry my body through the seasonal changes. This salad features arugula microgreens, which have four to six times the amount of nutrients in full grown arugula leaves (source)!  I love them for that, but also for the lightness they bring to the salad.  I’m a fan.  And of course blackberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.  Just one more reason to love those fat, juicy berries!  As if we needed one.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

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