I recently stumbled upon an article claiming that there’s a “backlash against kale”.  I don’t remember where it was, because honestly, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?  I stopped reading before I ever started.  If there IS a “backlash against kale” I certainly don’t want to sit down for dinner with the said backlashers.  Instead I’m left wondering when are we going to BACKLASH against actual problems?  When will we say ENOUGH with corporations who put chemicals, sugar and fat in our foods that has no business being there?  When will we BACKLASH against obesity, heart disease, diabetes and the insane rise in autoimmune diseases and cancer? If you’re not angry about the state of food in this country world, if it doesn’t make you FURIOUS that there’s no way to tell if your lunch has been genetically modified short of exclusively buying organic, I think it’s time we have dinner.  I’ll serve you this kale salad and get you all riled up, I promise!  {And you will LOVE the salad, there will be no backlash there.}

Want to know how you can take a stand and say ENOUGH ALREADY, every single day?  Use your dollars. Shop at your local farmers market.  Stop buying foods that have mile long lists of ingredients that you need a PHD to even pronounce.  Use your vote, use your best judgement, use your heart.  Ask questions at restaurants. Request more organic produce at your grocery store.  Talk to your family and friends about what you’re eating, what they’re eating, where it all comes from.  I believe in us, I know we can ALL do better.  Yes, absolutely 1000% me too.  Let’s do it, ok?  Because if I even see another headline claiming that the “kale fad” is over I’m going to scream.  Loudly.  And it will probably startle my dogs.  I don’t want to do that.  …*climbs off soapbox* xx- Sarah {recipe and more after the jump}

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