Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup


As you might have seen here,  I’m the benefactor of a huge pile of tomatoes from a friend’s garden.  Lucky me!! I kind of agonized over how to eat them, wanting to make the most of my big win.  In the end I decided to roast a bunch of the yellow ones for this soup.  A soup I enjoyed both hot and cold, which was a big bonus (I love when leftovers can be reimagined!)  This soup is the simplest, but full of flavor from the tomatoes, it just tastes like Summer!  I also enjoyed quite a few of the juicy yellow tomatoes like this, but with a pile of avocado on top. Ahhh, tomato season, it’s almost as good as Christmas cookie season in my opinion!!  Happy Summer eating!  xx- Sarah

roated_tomato_soup__a_house_in_the_hills-4 roated_tomato_soup__a_house_in_the_hills-6

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