Coffee with Juan – Mastering the Pour Over Brew


As you may know, we moved in with friends after we sold our last house and before we closed on our current home.  For 6 weeks we lived with Farra, Juan and their baby (you’ve seen them all over our vacation photos and my Instagram).  And that’s Juan in the photo!  He’s the co-owner of A Miho Experience– a southern CA catering & bar company with some of the best food I’ve eaten and cocktails that make me wanna dance!  Farra and Juan are pretty much the kindest, most generous souls we’ve ever been so lucky to call friends.  Living with them in a 600 something sq ft. two bedroom house as a family of 5 (with animals bringing that tally up to 17) will forever be such a happy memory of mine!  It was chaos.  Perfectly beautiful chaos and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.  It cemented our already solid friendship and turned us into family.

Every day I watched Juan make coffee for the household using what’s called a “pour over” method- a style of coffee brewing that allows you to have complete control over your coffee, and the ability to make every cup your perfect cup.  What I loved most about it though is the ritual.  It’s a beautiful process, and such a great way to start the day.  It’s a routine that forces you to slow down.  And, the components of it are just lovely.  I mean: that coffee brewer, that copper kettle, that glass server!  I love it all.  So for my coffee aficionados, lovers of process, kitchen nerds, folks looking for an excuse to pick up some pretty gadgets and readers who love a good looking man in an apron – this post is for you!  I asked Juan to break it all down for us.  Below you’ll find links to everything you need to get started, as well as detailed instructions on how to master this brewing process.  I promise it’s way less complicated than it looks and so much fun!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

Sources/Supplies:  pour over coffee brewer,  hario range server, hario copper pour over kettlecoffee, grinder, digital kitchen scale, electric tea kettlecoffee filters, sugar cube dish

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