pinecone bean

fall is here, and some of us are VERY excited! as we’re creeping up on october all i can think about is halloween. ruca has been a squirrel for the past two years. {evidence here and here} what should she be this year?! i’m thinking she’d be an amazing old lady. or a chicken. 

it rained, the yard flooded and ruca bean yates-mora staged a protest

There is a fuzzy someone in our house who doesn’t like to get her paws wet on a rainy day (DIVA).  And we’ve had a few extra exceptionally rainy days here this week.  There’s been rain coming in sideways, trees down, hail and tornado warnings. RBY-M decided she was having none of it, and has spent the past three days indoors HARASSING US RELENTLESSLY.  Finally the sun poked out for a few minutes so we let her out thinking she would head immediately for the canyon. Little did we know, she had big plans: she staged a protest.  That dog has a bladder like a camel.  There will be no peeing until the ground is dry, and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. 

Ruca Bean Yates-Mora: the puppy


This one is for her fans….this is Ruca’s first day in California (she flew in from Spokane, WA). You can see she arrived with all the sass and personality that she has today.  Looking at her puppy pictures is almost painful, she was the cutest little panda-fox-face around and I just want to squeeze the bees out of her.