easy green curry

my family sent me a care package a while back (yes!) that included spices from a store called “savory spice shop“.  there are quite a few of these shops all over the country and they also offer online ordering.  their spices are to die for.  and one of the spices that came in my gift is the thai green curry.  i have a hard time finding a lot of the traditional thai curry ingredients here in the desert, so i improvised and whipped up this easy and delicious green curry from ingredients that anyone can get their hands on.   and the best part, it comes together so quickly that it’s the perfect weeknight meal for when you don’t feel like doing a ton of work but want a dinner that’s totally satisfying.  hope you enjoy!  xx- sarah  {recipe and more after the jump!}

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spicy black bean soup

i’m pretty sure lou’s heart grows 3 sizes (a la the grinch who stole christmas) when he dips his tortilla chips into this tasty soup.  and it fits my requirements: easy, healthy, delicious.  oh, and black beans are super high in antioxidants so eating this soup is pretty much like slapping cancer in the face or poking heart disease in the eye.  that’s science my friends and you read it here first.  you’re very welcome.  xx- sarah

(recipe after the jump)

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