happy weekend!

i can’t stop thinking about these zara flats i stumbled upon recently.  or the things i want to pair them with. read: i have an online shopping habit and an expensive imagination!  but seriously?  the flats, those pants, that blouse?  I MUST!  am i right?  these need to happen, yes?  { hint: the answer is always, always YES. }

also, some things from around the interweb to keep you entertained this weekend after the jump.  i hope you have a great one!  xx- sarah 

i’ve never seen this before but think i might have to step outside of my comfort zone and give it a whirl!

detoxing from a week of mexican food, this is on my list to make

white on white done oh so right.

the very best excuse to throw a party that i’ve seen in awhile

a roundup of pretty spaces to inspire

this would have been PERFECT for mexico

a great intro to a tumblr that i think is totally brilliant

a blog full of things i (mostly) don’t eat that i just can’t take my eyes off of

my sweet friends’ baby shower photos have me getting all sorts of sentimental

i mean, really?  how could i resist sharing this?

in case you missed it- a little something that came home from tulum with me

i’ll take a side of this with my green juice, please

i recently discovered this site for re-selling your designer wares & shopping for replacements