breaking news : i’m becoming a silver fox!

i’ve been adding grey hairs to my mix of locks for awhile now, but it wasn’t until last night during one of those looking-too-close-at-the-mirror moments that i realized just how many.  there are a lot my friends, a lot!  where did they come from? when did this happen? i’d like to know! it seems they appear over night. does all the color just disappear from a strand? or do they grow in at 1000X the speed of the other hairs?  these are the things i think about.  

for the record, i may have moments of panic about aging but overall i think i’m pretty level headed about it. i’ve watched wrinkles appear and freckles turn into age spots without any major breakdowns.  i’ve started to see my skin change into the skin that my mother has, softer and somehow thinner.  it’s strange to see your appearance change as time passes, especially when you’re still as fit and able as you were before. i still feel twenty five, even if i don’t look it.  but i’m choosing to embrace this new grey hair as a hint of what’s to come- an exciting future as a stylish silver fox like the lady above.  because age, like life, is what you make of it. isn’t it?

living in southern california it seems more uncommon for women to age without the help of dermatologists and surgeons than not. i get it, but i also wish that we all embraced aging more.  after all, it’s one of life’s inevitabilities and there’s no escaping it.  every effort to do so is fighting against what is meant to be. i’m charging into aging determined to make the best of it and embrace the life i am so fortunate to have. viva la silver foxes!!! 

*photo by ari seth cohen via advanced style