a friendly reminder

your value does not lie in your career success, the width of your thighs, the amount/quality of things in your home or closet.  if you’re reading blogs and comparing your life to others, you’re losing ground on the road to happiness. let those who choose to share act as an inspiration, not a comparison point. remember: true happiness isn’t found in the superficial! {i know, so cliche but i tried to find a tupac quote with the same message and came up short}.

this post was inspired by this series on creature comforts.  i read through a bunch of the response posts and was reminded that we all suffer from the same basic problem: we think we’re not enough.  we color it a million different ways, but it always comes back to that. so, i’d like to remind you, you ARE enough. right this minute, exactly as you are. even before you grow your career to where to aspire it to, or lose 10 lbs, or decorate your house, or wrangle your children into well behaved munchkins.  right this minute, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. just keep reminding yourself and i’ll do the same. and yes, i just got all deepak chopra on your asses.  good day to you.  xoxo

*photo by lou {linda at the ace hotel plam springs, 2009}