Superbly Sustainable Kitchen Refit Ideas: Eco-Friendly Hacks For Renovators

Superbly Sustainable Kitchen Refit Ideas: Eco-Friendly Hacks For Renovators

In the mood for a kitchen upgrade but looked at the costs and shuddered? No wonder! The average spend on a re-model these days is somewhere in the region of $24,000, a not inconsiderable sum for most people.

So, why not think about taking an eco-friendly approach to your kitchen renovation project? Not only will you be helping to save the planet, but you’ll have a chance to discover new and exciting ways to make the most of pre-loved items.

Choose Sustainable Materials

If you do need brand new floors or cupboards, opt for items that are made from FSC-certified wood or plywood, Ecoboard, or even Bamboo, which is a superb choice as the natural material grows so fast and is so strong and very adaptable.

Thinking about new splashbacks or countertops? Choose recycled glass or a hard stone like Quartz, both of these are not only super hygienic and easy to take care of but high on the eco-friendly rating too as they can be repurposed and reused for many years to come.

Give Your Tiles a Makeover

No time or budget to re-tile? No problem! Most tiled surfaces can be improved easily with a little maintenance and low-effort cleaning to bring them back to life. In some cases, simply regrouting can give them a whole new, improved look which can not only save time but also a great deal of money. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products to give them vim and vigor again, such as this easy-to-make homemade cream cleaner which has minimal environmental impact.

Reclaim, Reclaim, Reclaim

Salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled materials can form an attractive and effective part of your kitchen makeover – for very little cost. Thrift stores, second-hand and antique shops, and salvage yards are the perfect places to scour for all your eco-friendly kitchen requirements.

You’ll use fewer resources and less energy and you might end up with something unique that lasts a lot longer than most man-made kitchen items.

If you do want brand-new units and cupboards, one of the best ways of doing this is to visit showrooms and source ex-demo and second-hand pieces which, in most cases, are A1 and in great condition – and might otherwise go to the landfill, just because they’re not 100% on trend at the moment, You can have fun customizing them too, should you wish – and you can still get professional fitting on them if you buy direct from a showroom.

Have fun, make your kitchen unique, and be completely environmentally aware at the same time!

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