Window Treatment Tips to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Window Treatment Tips to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

When it comes to the amount of space in a room, the bigger, the better. But know that if your space is limited and there’s no room to add to it, there are ways to make smaller spaces feel larger.

For instance, painting the room in the same light color can make a small space feel bigger. So can adding mirrors, using modest or multifunctional furniture, and simplifying the decor and design.

But one way that you might not have thought of that can effectively make a small space feel larger is by incorporating the right type of window treatment. From residential blinds to curtains and drapes, read on to learn more about how window treatments can help make any space feel bigger.

How to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger with Window Treatments

Window treatments represent a simple, effective way to help make small rooms or spaces feel larger. This can help change the overall look and feel of your room, while also offering many benefits. Such benefits might include an improved mood, a greater sense of privacy, and rooms with more grandeur.

Here’s a look at some practical ways to use window treatments to your advantage if you’re going for a “bigger” look and feel:

Stay Away from Heavy Decorative Treatments

Heavy decorative treatments may be attractive due to the elegance that they can add to a room, but they’re not ideal for smaller spaces. S

uch treatments, which may include floor-to-ceiling curtains or drapes, are better suited for larger rooms and spaces where their elegance can truly shine. Incorporating them into smaller spaces can crowd the room and actually make the space feel even more confined.

Let in the Light

Light is proven to have a variety of mental health benefits. Letting in the light can also make any room appear larger and more inviting. Let’s first start with some of the benefits of allowing more natural light into any living space. These include:

  • Natural light can boost mood, reduce anxious feelings and help with memory regulation.
  • Natural light can help your body produce Vitamin D, which benefits the immune system and promotes healthy bones and skin.
  • Natural light is proven to improve productivity and motivation.
  • Natural light can help with your circadian rhythm and help improve sleep patterns.

So how can you let more light in? It’s as easy as installing residential blinds that can be opened, closed or drawn. Then, these blinds can be easily and conveniently opened during the daytime hours to light up a room and closed during the evening and nighttime hours after the sun goes down. It’s an incredibly practical way to utilize natural daylight for its benefits and to make a room appear larger.

Let in the Light

Install the Curtain Rod High and Wide

If you’re installing curtains, where and how you install the curtain rod is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a larger look and feel for your window – and thereby the entire room. Generally speaking, you should aim to mount the curtain rod high and wide.

If you can, consider mounting it several inches from the ceiling and several inches wider than the width of the window itself. Not only will this help provide a more polished and tailored look and feel, but it will also make the window appear larger, which makes the room appear larger.

Select Drapes and Curtains that Flow

Finally, selecting the right blinds, curtains or drapes that flow – whether it be vertically or horizontally – can help windows appear larger, can maximize the natural light that’s brought into a space and can improve a room’s overall aesthetic. They can also help add that necessary balance to any room and make it a go-to spot within the property.

Work with the Right Window Treatment Supplier for Best Results

Need more help on how to make small spaces feel larger within your property? Or just want to ensure you’re incorporating the right window treatments and solutions into the various spaces in your room to meet your wants and needs? It helps to work with a qualified window treatment supplier to ensure you have access to a wide range of high-quality products to help transform your property.

A good supplier will help you understand the benefits of each solution and which areas in the property it’s best suited for to help you optimize your space. So whether you want to make spaces feel larger or are just looking for the best window treatments, the right supplier can provide a huge assist.

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