Is Country Decor Still Fashionable Today?

Relevance of English Country Decor: Why It Is Still Fashionable

We often admire the decor while watching period romances like Pride and Prejudice or even Bridgerton.

Sure, the castle-esque furniture of the polished upper class is insanely expensive to think about.

English country decor, on the other hand, is slightly more accessible. Styling a house in this fashion also has grandeur and appeal beyond Great Britain.

Before you go on dreaming of plushy armchairs in an antique library, consider a couple of things.

The decor may initially seem perfectly tasteful, but how dated is it? Is the country decor even trending right now?

To know all about the popularity of English decor, read on.

A Little on the History of Country Decor

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English decor is what some consider to be an “invented history.”

Despite certain misconceptions, English country decor emerged in the hands of Nancy Lancaster, an American.

Lancaster took over the esteemed interior decorating firm Colefax and Fowler in England, marking the start of the style.

She advocated for the inclusion of modern amenities and comfort in the stately homes of England.

Robert Kime is another decorator who made an impact in marking the timeless style a success.

By his hands, a grander aspect took priority in the historically important houses, adding antiques to the mix.

Kime’s work on the Clarence House for Prince Charles made country decor popular. 

Why does Country Decor Still Remain a Major Aesthetic?

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English country decor looks like a haphazard collection, but all the furniture is gathered from different sources.

So think twice before getting matching sets of sofas and armchairs.

The personal warmth of the room comes from lots of layers. 

However, not everyone can afford antiques or generation wealth. For them, we say improvise.

The look might not seem authentic, but the country decor is about acceptance.

Start with the smallest changes, and use floral patterns whenever you opt for new upholstery.

Even a simple two-tone pink and green bedspread is a step in the right direction.

Country decor remains popular despite so many emerging trends because of comfort. Take a look at the following reasons. 

1. Mix of the Old and the New

At the root of the style is acceptance of everything chipped and faded.

The ease with which every piece of decor is embraced within the circle makes it a collection without rules.

Any formula you think there is to decor is chucked out for layers of built-up old and new items.

2. Acceptance of Timelessness

The only way to truly embrace country decor in modern homes is to keep in mind its evolution.

English homes embrace the indoor-outdoor style of life. They do not mind furniture and walls getting a little shabby over time.

So, the timelessness comes from authentic acceptance that not every trend needs to be followed.

Your home can be without gimmicks and filled with odds and ends without looking unfashionable. 

3. Inclusion of Antiques and Vintages 

Another major part of English country decor includes antique designs and antiques in general.

Modern decor often deems them too archaic to match contemporary appliances.

Vintage wallpapers and selections of paintings might feel too oppressive to many.

On the other hand, country decor celebrates not adhering to the rules and bringing other things that give us joy. 

4. Comfort Driven Approach

Considering the core elements of country decor, it is quite obvious why it’s still popular.

If the main aim of any style is comfort, people are sure to flock to it. When you visit a country-style living room, you can sink into the sofa and immerse yourself in a book.

The soft upholstery only makes the vibe more cozy, as the room has multiple comfort zones.

5. Reading Materials are Essential

Apart from your cozy seating, reading materials are another aspect without which English country decor is incomplete.

Much-loved books must be displayed proudly on the coffee table or a shelf.

It is a step towards returning to simpler times when you only needed a good book to spend the evening. 

How does English Country Decor Differ from Modern Farmhouse?

How does English Country Decor Differ from Modern Farmhouse?

Both modern farmhouse and country decor are considered the epitome of comfort.

However, some key differences set each style apart. For a modern farmhouse-inspired home, the focus is always on the functionality of each item.

The interior is simple in form, focusing on the classically American silhouette.

Getting the weathered look right is the key to nailing a good farmhouse decor.

Simple, rustic homes with a comfortable vibe make a farmhouse cozy.

However, the underlying concept of English country decor is beauty.

Here, the simple are replaced with ornate, and rustic is changed to antiques.

At first glance, the rooms may look mismatched, but they have all been carefully curated. 

Wrapping It Up

Whenever we think of English country decor, we imagine the classical pieces of Jane Austen.

While those grand houses are not within the budget of the middle class anymore, it is still prevalent.

The reason behind the style’s immense popularity is its aesthetic and comfort. 

Designers like Nancy Lancaster and Robert Kime polished the idea of English country decor.

But the core elements embedded into every nook inspired its followers.

Let us know your thoughts on the popularity of country decor in the comments below. 

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