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A Perfect Guide For English Country Home Decor

Are you someone who is looking for ways to revamp your space in an English Country Decor style? Then look no further; this guide may help to pick beautiful vintage interiors for English-style decoration. Also, our home can have a perfect blend of cozy and energetic vibes to satiate our decoration desires. 

1. The Clutter Charm

The messier, the merrier. You can place books over books, on open shelves, or even play around with distinct patterns to create something unique. Display everything with no particular order and embrace the clutter.  

farmhouse home office

2. A Sofa With Ruffled Skirt

A traditional slipcovered sofa with or without a ruffle skirt at the bottom will sit pretty, along with the rest of the English country decor. Feature this sofa in front of a solid color wall and keep matching cushions to bring everything together.

Sofa With Ruffled Skirt

3. More And More Patterns

Don’t Shy away from using different patterns. On the contrary, it is a good idea to layer up distinct designs, play around with large-scale and small-scale patterns and create an exquisite vibe.

More And More Patterns

4. Add Some Plaid Designs to Your English Country Decor Style

Plaid designs are ideal for elevating English country home decor. For example, we can use a plaid thrower on the back of the sofa or as a cushion cover, in fact, anywhere possible to turn the vibe of the home warm and cozy.

Some Plaid Designs

5. Introduce A Bold Color Wall for English Country Decor

Nowadays, everyone gravitates towards neutrals. But we can always think out of the box and be a little creative. So, Introduce an unusual solid color wall in your English home to make it look more appealing. 

Bold Color Wall

6. Ottoman As Coffee Table for English Country Decor

Ever wondered if an ottoman can also be used as a coffee table? Well, We can lay books over the ottoman or create a flat surface by placing a wooden tray and using it like our personalized tea station at home.

Ottoman As Coffee Table

7. Traditional Jars to Achieve English Country Decor

The English country home decor is incomplete without the addition of some traditional blue and white jars. You can place these ginger jars on top of the table or display them inside a vintage cupboard in the corner of the room.

ginger jars

8. Let The Pleated Lampshade Do The Talking

Sometimes, things like an aesthetic pleated lampshade can make a big difference. So instead of the modern lampshade, opt for a vintage lampshade that can spice up the English decor.

Pleated Lampshade Do The Talking

9. More Darker, More Better – Furniture

Indulge yourself in the rich and luxurious experience bestowed by the deep dark furniture of an English country home. Incorporate deep, dark furniture in either kitchen shelves or the living room of your English home.

More Darker, More Better - Furniture

10. Bed Top Fringes for English Country Decor

An Upholstered bed with fringes on top will be a perfect addition to an English country bedroom. This idea is inspired by classic English movies and can use in decorating our homes with the same style. 

Bed Top Fringes

11. Stone Walls English Country Decor Style

Unleash the ideas and think out of the box. Bring the old vibe by installing a stone wall. It may seem boring, but it’s the best way to use natural elements in your home decor.

stone walls

12. Say Yes, To Floral Tableware And Vintage Tea Sets

Floral tableware and vintage tea sets are proudly showcased in an English home. They are the perfect blend of pretty and cute that can bring joy to your home decor. So savor your tea in these vintage tea sets just like the English people.

Say Yes, To Floral Tableware And Vintage Tea Sets

13. Give A Shout-out To Chintz

Use Chintz in curtains and upholstery to symbolize rich English Country Decor style. Chintz is a cotton fabric with colorful prints and can create a dreamy look wherever introduced. 

Shout-out To Chintz bedroom

14. Vintage Artwork for English Country Decor Look

Make sure to incorporate some vintage pictures in your English country-style decor. It can help to demonstrate your family’s history and rich culture in the form of portraits. 

vintage artwork

15. Vintage Tubs

Vintage tubs can never go out of fashion for English country bathrooms. These vintage tubs with legs stand beautifully inside your bathroom, where you can have a relaxing and calming bath every day. Detox your mind and body by using some bath bombs. And of course, do not forget to light candles near it that can lift your mood.

vintage tubs


Hopefully, the ideas discussed above to decorate your house in an English country style inspired you in some way. Its not necessary to own a romantic cottage in the English countryside. Let your creative juices flow to curate one on your own. And perhaps these ideas can help to make this dream come true!

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