How to Stop Dimmable LED Flash and Flickering

17 Problems and Solutions to Stop Dimmable Led Flash and Flickering

Has it ever happened to you that your light was working perfectly fine, but after you switched to an LED bulb or just replaced your old one with a new one, your light suddenly started to flicker and flash? This flickering is more common than you realize.

The Dimmable LED flash can be because for various reasons and can be taken care of very easily. In this article, we talk about various reasons why your LED might be flickering and how you can make sure it doesn’t anymore. Read further to find out all the necessary information about light flickering.

Why Do LED Lights Flicker?

Traditionally, for many, many years, we have been using incandescent light bulbs. They used energy that was converted into heat, then light giving us the shine we are looking for in a bulb. But since this was such a lengthy process, a lot of energy was wasted and hence came in LED light bulbs. These bulbs use way less energy and produce a lot more light, making them very valuable to households. However, they had their own downsides, and one of them was flickering.

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In the working, many LED bulbs actually flicker all the time. However, they are so fast-paced that the human eye does not normally take that into notice. But when the speed of this flickering slows down a bit, that is when it becomes a problem, and our brain starts taking the problem into account. There are many reasons why this happens. Continue reading to find out about several reasons for this flickering and their possible solutions.

How to Stop Dimmable LED Flash and Flickering

How to Stop Dimmable LED Flash and Flickering

While there are a number of reasons why your dimmable LED might be flashing, somethings it very possible that the problem isn’t anything big but something very common. You can easily rectify that situation, and that includes doing the following.

  • Checking the flickering bulb and making sure it is in the right place. If it is loose, tighten it a little. If the bulb has run its life course, it is time to change them, and everything will be back to normal.
  • Check out any loose wirings around your switch, the lamp, or the wall. If there are any loose wires, you just fix them, and you will be good to go.
  • Take into account if the flickering is happening occasionally or if it is something that happens regularly. If it is an occasional thing and only a few bulbs flicker, you can easily get it checked by an electrician, and they will help you out with it.

17 Problems and Solutions for Dimmable Led Flash

1. Voltage Issues

Traditionally, halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs used filament to work. They would convert electricity into heat and then light. However, it isn’t the same for LED bulbs. They use electronic drivers and directly use electricity to illuminate. This is one of the biggest reasons why your LED lights flicker. As the voltage of electricity fluctuates, the bulbs also start to flicker. While many modern LED bulbs have improved in managing voltage fluctuations, it is impossible for them not to be affected by electricity. Hence, the problem of flickering persists.

Voltage Issues.jpg

2. Faulty Wiring

If your connection is loose in the circuit, it can be a very obvious culprit of the flickering. The loose connection includes different issues like outdated wiring, damaged wiring, and even loose wiring. This can happen anywhere in the house and can lead to flickering LED light bulbs. The very easy solution to this problem is fixing the lighting.

Faulty Wiring

3. Incompatible Transformer

If you are using low-voltage LED Lights along with a transformer, there is a possibility that your transformer could be causing the flickering. There is a huge chance that your existing transformer was good for more traditional lights like incandescent or halogen lights but is not designed for LEDs. If this is the problem, we would suggest you get your transformer checked and see if it is compatible with your LED lights.

Incompatible Transformer.png

4. Inrush Current Issues

Another reason for your flickering dimmable led flashlight is when you switch on some large high-voltage appliance like an air conditioner or a washing machine, the inrush switch-on current can lead to LED flickering. This, for sure, is not a big issue because it will sometimes happen when there are any big appliances in use. To solve this issue, you can find out which appliance is doing this but turning them on and off one application at a time and then fixing the issue.

Inrush Current Issues

5. Circuit Overload

Even after you have taken care of all the large appliances and your LED light is still flickering, it is possible that you might be running too many appliances on the same board at the same time. Removing some appliances could be an easy solution to all of these problems.

Circuit Overload

6. Electromagnetic Induction

If the wires inside your switch are closely packed, there is a huge possibility that the current is being induced by other wires because of electromagnetic induction, and this could be causing your dimmable led flash. In such cases, it would be the right call to get your electrician to pay your home a visit.

Electromagnetic Induction

7. Leakage from the Current Switch

The best switches in the market (TRIAC) require a minimum load or holding current. So, if a small amount of leakage current goes into the LED Bulb, it will cause it to flicker. The leakage could also come from the capacitors of these switches. Additionally, if the ground wires are not put in properly, it could lead to some flickering of the LED bulb. Make sure you get this checked by an electrician, and you will be good to go.

Leakage from the Current Switch

8. Not Using a Dimmable Driver

Most times, you will use a transformer supply called “driver.” This, by design, is either dimmable or non-dimmable. These are located either inside or outside of the lighting circuit. Using a non-dimmable driver with a dimmer will cause LED lights to flicker. So, make sure you are using the right dimmable power supplies.

Not Using a Dimmable Driver

9. Not Using PMW Led Power Supplies

Using Pulse Width Modulation, you allow your LED to be dimmed very rapidly by turning the iron off at a rate that a human eye can barely take notice of it. They offer very smooth dining, and if you are not careful enough with it, your dimmable LED Light might flash.

Not Using PMW Led Power Supplies

10. Check Compatibility

This is a very easy way to make sure your LED flashes are not flickering. If you are using the wrong type of control, your lights will flicker. So, see why your dimmable lights are flickering, and if it is because your dimmer switch is not compatible, then change it. This will sort out all your flickering problems.

Check Compatibility

11. Use An LED Sensitive Dimmer Switch

Another reason for Dimming LED Flash is because you are using a non-reputable source. It is possible that your dimmer switches are not sensitive enough to handle low-power loading on the lighting circuit. So, make sure you switch them with the ones that are specifically for LEDs. It is best to use a switch that smooths out the current. Try using the ‘RC’ labeled dimmer for best results.

Use An LED Sensitive Dimmer Switch

12. Use The Right Type of LED

While you are trying to find the answers in all other ways, the answer to your problem could be right in front of you. Maybe your dimmable LED is flashing because you are trying to dim the wrong sort of LED light source. The LEDs generally use three types of powers.

  • Constant Current
  • Constant Voltage
  • Direct Power

If you use just the right setup, you might be able to avoid flickering. An LED strip needs to correct the constant voltage driver, a dimmer module, and direct electricity. If any of these combinations are wrong, your LED will start flashing. To rectify the situation, make sure you are using just the right equipment.

Use The Right Type of LED

13. Keep In Count The Quantity

If there are too many lightbulbs or any products on a circuit, your LEDS will start to flicker and flash. The minimum and maximum power of any dimmer switch is always stated on the packaging. So, make sure you read the packaging, and this will help you understand how much load your circuit can take. In case your dimmer is overloaded, just remove some products or switch to a dimmer switch that can handle more load.

Keep In Count The Quantity

14. Are You Giving It Its Minimum?

Some models of dimmer switches have a built-in minimum load that is necessary to be met. If the dimmer switches you are using also needs a minimum load, you might have to meet their needs in order to stop your LED lights from flickering and flashing. One way to solve this problem is by using a resistive load that can create more load on the circuit and solve your problem.

Are You Giving It Its Minimum?

15. Avoid Overheating

So many times, overheating electronic devices cause them to behave unusually. One of the reasons why your dimming LED is flashing. If that is the reason, there are a few reasons why your switch might be overheating. It could be because of overloading by too much wattage or because of other electronic devices. So, take care of that, and you must be good to go.

Avoid Overheating

16. Buy Only Reputable Products

When buying the LEDs, make sure you buy the ones that are tested across a broad spectrum and different control systems. These days, most manufacturers publish their performance ratings and compatibilities across their websites. Make sure you check them out before buying a dimmable LED problem. This will help you avoid most of your flickering problems.

Buy Only Reputable Products

17. Mockups and Mockups!

While this is the last on our list, it is a very important thing on the solution list. If you really want to avoid the flickering problem in the long term, you can perform a mockup before actually making changes to your circuit. This will ensure that the lighting is easier and easily dimmable whenever needed without actually flickering.

Mockups and Mockups!

Are Flickering LED Lights Dangerous?

The short answer to that is yes. Flickering LED Lights can be very dangerous because they can sometimes cause loose wirings or circuit overload, which in the end, leads to an electrical fire. This can prove to be a big hazard, and it is also better to be safe than sorry. So, if you notice flickering through your home, make sure you get it checked by a licensed electrician.

Another reason why flickering can be an issue is that it vastly affects the lifespan of your LED light. LED Lights generally have a lifespan of 25000 hours. This is almost 10 times that of a halogen. However, if they continue to flicker, it cuts their life short. So, in case you are looking to save your light life and want to use them longer, it is a good idea to fix any flickering issue right away.

Is Flickering Led Dangerous for Health?

While Flickering lightbulbs are not a cause of big health issues, they can trigger different problems in different people. Such as, sometimes, flickering of lights can cause seizures in people who have a history of this. This is rare, but it can happen. Secondly, flickering can also give people bad headaches. They can cause irritability and anxiety in people who are vulnerable. So, it is better to make sure that you rectify this situation and make sure no harm is done.


While stopping your lights from flickering is an easy job, there are various reasons why that could be happening, and it is important to find out why before you sought for a solution. Many times, the reasons for your dimmable LED flash are simple, but it is still important to be educated before making any big moves. In these times, it is ideal for making a mockup, as it will help you figure out where to start. You might be able to fix most of these problems on your own, but if needed, do reach out to a licensed electrician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dimmable LED Flash?

Generally, your Dimmable LED Flash is because of an incompatible dimmer switch. To ensure they are not flickering, use LED light bulbs that can be dimmed.

Can Taking the Bulb out Of the Fixture and Resetting the Fuse Box Fix the Issue?

That generally does not help unless your circuit has already been flipped. If the bulb is flickering even after the switch is turned off, then it is because of residual power.

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  1. Your article is for solving flash and flicker problems but you only deal with flicker. Even when the question is flash, you answer for flicker. They are not the same thing and I am not alone in noticing that some dimmable led lamps will flash once at turn on if they are started at a dimmed setting.
    I assume this is because the internal drive circuit needs to power up too and for that to happen some power needs to flow and the leds are part of that circuit, so flash! It probably still happens when they are not dimmed but it is not noticeable under those conditions.
    If you have any insights as to how the flash problem might be cured, that would be great.

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