Christmas Decor Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

26 Christmas Decor Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’ll have plenty of ideas and inspiration to decorate your living room, set your holiday table, and spruce up your front porch for the holidays. But why limit your decorations to these spaces? Make sure all your rooms are decorated for the holidays. Decorate your primary suite, kids’ room, and guest room with Christmas bedroom ideas to feel a sense of excitement and festive cheer when you wake up in the morning during the holiday season.

Decorating your bedroom requires an entirely different approach than decorating a common area. Some may love a more festive and grand look, while others prefer a minimalist and simple look. No matter what your taste, adding jingles, candles, garlands, or wreaths to your room will make the holidays brighter. In this blog, we have compiled 25+ Christmas Bedroom ideas for you to add some festive flair to your bedroom.

26 Christmas Bedroom Ideas To Help You Find The Perfect Decor

1. Create a Nordic Scene

create a nordic scene

If you are looking for chic minimalist decor ideas, then you may add garland and string lights for a headboard. Then, adorn the bed with simple linen bedding in light color shades and a vase of tall branches to create a cozy wintry look.

2. Place a Decorated Tree

place a decorated tree

If you don’t want to decorate your room extravagantly, then you can add a tree decorated with warm lights to the room. A wreath tied with a ribbon suspended from the mirror will complete the Christmas look.

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3. Play With Patterns

light pink bedding

You may incorporate different colors on the wall to create a fun holiday pattern. A range of hues, from soft pinks and whites to more seasonal greens and reds, may add to the festive cheer. Adding white-gold lights and candles, light pink bedding, and decor items like stockings and gifts will complete the look.

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4. Go for Classic Greens

classic greens christmas tree

If you are looking to go all Christmasy with your bedroom decor, then you can’t go wrong with red and green color-themed decor. Decorate the tree in red and white, and place red sofa throws. To make the look more lively, hang a festive wreath.

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5. Keep it Cozy

Christmas decor with a cozy

Perfectly balance the Christmas decor with a cozy aesthetic by adding pre-lit trees and bottle brush trees to the room. It will ensure that your room is warm during the winter, and you’ll enjoy snuggling up to the blanket while it’s cold outside.

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6. Work with Whites

white backdrop

The white backdrop and pieces of furniture evoke the feeling of winter. However, adding Christmas colors to the room (such as green vases and red leaves) will make it appear all the more festive.

7. Keep Cozy With a Layered Scandi Scheme

Cozy With a Layered Scandi Scheme

When the weather drops a few degrees, you can layer your bed with your best bedding set and add multiple faux fur, textile throws, pillows, and scatter cushions. Then, add many decor items to nail the Nordic decorating trend. This look really celebrates the sheer indulgence of Christmas. The paneled bedroom walls add even more texture and tactility to the room.

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8. Add Fern Garland with Frosty Sparkles

Fern Garland with Frosty Sparkles

If you’re blessed with exposed beams in your room, take advantage of them! This crisp white bedroom is decorated with fern garland with frosty sparkles for a snow-dusted feel. You may add gift wraps to the room to add a festive touch.

9. Add Bright Red Accents

neutral-toned bedroom

The best way to add holiday cheer to a neutral-toned bedroom is to add bright red flowers and holiday mantel decor.

10. Embrace the Contemporary Look

Embrace the Contemporary Look

In this contemporary holiday decor idea, place a naked tree in a basket of natural fibers alongside a mini tree on the dresser that makes an understated statement.

11. Layer on Texture

layer on texture

You may decorate your room with a trio of cedar wreaths and small trees on tables on both sides of the bed. The lush greenery complements all the wintry textures on the white, beige, and ivory bed linens and chunky knit throw tossed at the edge of the bed.

12. Drape It

greenery rather than hanging it on the wall

If your headboard is tall enough, you may drape it with a fresh and fragrant bough of greenery rather than hanging it on the wall. Change your pillow covers to floral and place scented candles on your side table to complete the festive look.

13. Put on Classic Holiday Bedding

room with red tartan

You may take inspiration from this and decorate your room with red tartan, faux fur, and presents propped at the end of the bed. This offers a subdued holiday appeal that’s as cozy as can be.

14. Bring in Festive Pops

Christmas vibes to your bedroom

You may add Christmas vibes to your bedroom with a few effortless accents like these wreaths, pillows, and throw blankets.

15. Spread the Cheer to Your Kids’ Room

Spread the Cheer to Your Kids' Room

You may bring more excitement to your kid’s room by adding colorful pompoms and tiny trees that appeal to a Christmas theme.

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16. Try a Pretty Pink Palette

pretty pink palette

It doesn’t matter whether your room has a defining color scheme or you want to experiment with new hues; a pretty pink palette is a cozy choice. Adding a tree and string lights to the room will add to the festive cheer.

17. Add Garland to Your Chandelier

garland to your chandelier

For a minimalistic Christmas room decor, you may add a little garland on your chandelier or on some adornments in the room.

18. Stack Your Shelves With Christmas Goodies

Shelves With Christmas Goodies

Another decor idea to make your kid’s room Christmas-ready is by adding mini trees, garlands, and lanterns on a shelf.

19. Go Maximalist

 room decorations for Christmas

If you want to go all out with your room decorations for Christmas, then you may adorn it with a Christmas bed skirt, pillows, a wreath, and a tree. It truly brings a festive vignette to life.

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20. Peace Out

half wreath over the bed

If you are looking for neutral and minimal decor ideas for your room, then a half wreath over the bed, a mini tabletop tree ornament by the bed, and a tote bag are all it takes to add seasonal vibes to your room.

21. Embellish the Nursery

embellish the nursery

A trio of faux Christmas trees decorated in the same tones as the room decor may add a sweet holiday spin to your room.

22. Deck the Alcove

Christmas bedroom

You can use this Christmas bedroom idea to build excitement and cheer in your children’s room. You may place a towering tree nestled into the alcove and covered in warm glowing lights in the room. Add whimsical stuffed animal trophy heads, Santa hats, and candy cane-striped scarves to create a festive refresh.

23. Use Unconventional Colors

palette of blues and neon yellow for the bed, mats, and curtains

You can incorporate Christmas cheer into the room by using a non-traditional holiday palette of blues and neon yellow for the bed, mats, and curtains. And you may further add Christmas accessories to the room to complete the look.

24. Mix Cool and Warm Tones

Cool and Warm Tones

You may add Christmas warmth to a cool-toned navy, gray, and white bedroom by decking a tall tree in gold ball decorations and golden twinkle lights.

25. Incorporate Snow-Dusted Decor

snow dusted decor

You may create a wintertime appeal to your room with an assortment of decor that features snow-dusted designs.

26. Channel the Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy

You may create a dreamy Christmas bedroom inspired by the Sugar Plum Fairy. Purple-toned flowers and floral bedding, a tree-shaped pine branch hung on the wall, strings of twinkle lights, and a nightstand stocked with dainty snacks invite a cozy winter night in.

Lastly, creating a Christmas bedroom is not as difficult as decorating your living room. You can keep the bedroom decor simple by adding a red plaid Christmas comforter, a miniature Christmas tree on your nightstand, festive throw pillows, and wreaths on the wall. We hope you found these 25+ Christmas bedroom ideas helpful in deciding how your holiday bedroom will look. Which ones are your favorite decorating ideas? Be sure to share it with us.

Have fun decorating!

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