Giving Your Room a Spook-over This Autumn

Giving Your Room a Spook-over This Autumn

If you’re the sort of person who takes Halloween very seriously, then a little bit of decoration is a necessity. It’ll help you to get in the mood for the occasion, even if you’re just hanging up a few decorations and making some minor tweaks to the lighting.

The practice of decorating can, in itself, be therapeutic – and part of the fun of Halloween. It’ll allow you to get creative in the world of interior design, too.

There are few better places to start decorating than the bedroom; since this is a personal space, you’ll feel any changes you make here on a deeper level. In other words, if you want to feel like it’s Halloween, this is the best place to get started.

So, exactly what might we include in our bedroom Halloween makeover?

Spooky candles

You might think of the big, misshapen candles that are often depicted alongside a witch’s cauldron. But the truth is that even the smaller shop-bought candles can help you generate the right autumnal vibe. Look for seasonal scents like pumpkin and cinnamon spice.

The scent you choose can massively impact the overall vibe of your room, even before you start making big visual changes. Head down to your preferred candle shop, and sample some of what’s on offer. You might check out essential oils, too.

Garlands and bunting

This form of decoration has several distinct advantages. It can be easily tidied away when you’re not using it, for one thing. And it’ll take up a lot of space on the wall, which means a big shift in the overall look of the room. It’s difficult not to notice when there’s spooky bunting around.

Drape your bunting around key bedroom locations, like mirrors, vanity cabinets, and the bed itself. Decorative seasonal garlands for those spooky vibes such as bats, skulls, pumpkins, or even cauldrons will create the perfect atmosphere in your room for the festive season. All you need now is your favourite Halloween show!

Subtle pumpkins

You might not want to install an entire pumpkin in your bedroom. But you can still evoke the classic Halloween decoration with a few miniature replica ones. You can strategically place several of them at different heights around the space. Bookshelves, TV stands, and bedside tables can all be augmented with this classic, spooky item.

Halloween artwork

Hanging a few choice pieces of art on the wall can make a big difference to the way the space feels. If you’re in the bedroom, then the art should reflect your taste. Familiarise yourself with the various styles, pick one you like, and then try to find some suitably sinister Halloween prints that match the occasion, as well as your tastes.

Watercolours, minimalist images, and pop art can all function in a Halloween-themed bedroom. Of course, if you have an artistic bent yourself, then you might try to generate the required piece on your own!

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