Important Features to Check for when Buying a Property

Important Features to Check for when Buying a Property

Properties are in high demand right now, and some buyers spend just 20 minutes at a viewing before they buy. However, this is often not enough time to make such a huge financial decision, and some may regret it later. There are many hidden things that could cost you greatly later down the line. Spending more time on checks beforehand will help you confirm that the property is well maintained and worth buying. Here are some important things to look out for:

Exterior Features

Start on the outside first and make sure the building is in good condition. Are the roof and foundation structurally sound? It could cost you thousands of pounds to fix these later. You should also look out for any signs of decay, such as rotting wood, cracks in the walls or windows, and signs of mould and damp. However, there are only so many things you can spot yourself, so ensure to get a house survey done by a professional to help you spot all the risks before buying the house. If you are buying in the countryside, ask whether there is a septic tank on the property. According to septic tank negligence experts Beenletdown, you could be fined up to 100K for an outdated model, and the upgrades can cost up to 20K, so it is an important detail which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Home Interior

Depending on the size of your family or future plans, the number, size, and locations of bedrooms are important considerations. You’ll also want to take measurements to ensure any furniture you bring will fit where you want it to. It’s easy to be fooled by staging of existing furniture and delicious smells during the viewing, so ask what exactly will be left behind and picture the empty rooms as they are what you will be getting.

Appliances and Systems

Do all appliances and equipment work in the home? Test heating systems and boilers, any taps, and electronics such as plugs and lights. Look for signs of faults or things not working quickly, which could be a sign that they may fail soon. Another easy thing to overlook as a first time buyer is whether there are enough plugs and where these are located. If you are bringing large appliances like a fridge or a TV, this will affect where you can place them.

Planning Permissions

It can be a shame to buy a property with plans to extend and upgrade and then realise you cannot get planning permission for these changes. Make sure to check these planning permissions, extension permissions, and restrictions from local authorities before buying to avoid disappointment.

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