Creating Home Study Space: Designing an Effective Learning Environment

Creating Home Study Space: Designing an Effective Learning Environment

Have you ever thought about what kinds of things influence the effectiveness of your learning process? Of course, one of the main must-haves for success is a good teacher. Without a person who knows how to involve a student in studies, it is hard to expect some great achievements, even from the most talented students. But it’s very important to understand that there are lots of other factors that are very important as well.

Maybe in order to understand that we had to deal with a pandemic. During online lessons, the same teachers were giving lectures, but the effectiveness of the studying process was not the highest. So, it was a perfect example that not only the teacher but also the place where you study matters. So, it means that when organizing the studying process, we have to think about our surroundings and take into consideration all the little details.

We can easily influence our effectiveness; it’s just necessary to understand how. Plus, if in the future you are going to work from home, the received experience can be used to organize your working space as well. In this article, we tried to gather and talk about the most important things to consider when trying to create a home study space, explaining how they influence your effectiveness. We do hope it will help you to make your learning process more pleasant.


Comfort was not the priority of the designers who were creating the classrooms when our parents were going to schools and colleges. It seems as if hard and uncomfortable wooden desks and chairs were created to torture students and make them understand that getting an education is not an easy process and you have to suffer to become smarter. Plus, classrooms were not the most teacher-friendly places as well.

Nowadays, designers are trying to fix somehow what their colleagues have done previously, adding some comfort to modern classrooms. We should think about our comfort as well when creating a study place at home. When you choose a place for your lesson, for sure the first thing you think about is a good internet connection and the second one is no surrounding sounds. But literally hiding in a closet will not make your learning process easier.

You have to take care of your comfort and choose a place with enough light for you not to spoil your eyesight; there should be enough space for you, your laptop, and all the books you might need during the lesson. Just try to find a compromise with your family members, because for sure it’s possible to change your home routine in order to make the working process for your parents and your studying process combine and not bother each other. Plus, when you feel comfortable, you do everything quicker, so studying will take you less time than usual.

Your room is not the best place to study

Many students and even parents would be surprised because of this advice. It’s very typical to ground children in their rooms as a punishment and make them study. But the thing is that the whole atmosphere in your room is giving you relaxed vibes. Especially if you are studying when sitting on your bed. Of course, it’s comfortable, but it can hardly make you more effective because of constant distractions.

Plus, you can fall asleep, and in such cases, the only way out for you to be on time with your deadlines will be So, if there is no possibility for you to organize a study area somewhere else and not in your room, just make sure you are not studying in your bed with the laptop on your lap.

Colors matter

Have you been thinking about renovation in your house but didn’t have enough motivation to start this stressing process? Well, creating an effective learning environment and zone for you or your children can be a perfect one. And if you still believe that colors have no influence on the way we act, you should definitely read the recent studies on this topic. Scientists consider and studies confirm that depending on the color we see, our brain reacts differently, activating different parts of our brain. So, if you want to be effective when studying at home, you should choose colors that will “excite” your brain.


Your comfort during the studies is one of the most important conditions for effective learning. It’s hard to write an important essay when you feel that your back hurts and your neck is numb. So we recommend you consider purchasing a special desk and chair for studying, because it is not only an investment in your good academic results now, but in your future health as well, so it is worth spending money on.

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