7 Skills Californians Can Learn Online in 2024

7 Skills Californians Can Learn Online in 2024

The Internet has put so much information right at our fingertips. You can look up almost anything and find the answers you need within just a few seconds with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. However, there is a very big difference between accessing information and learning a skill.

A skill is something that only develops when you have a combination of knowledge and experience. To perfect that skill, you must be able to practice it. However, learning a new skill always starts with acquiring background knowledge about the subject.

In 2024, you can develop a massive variety of skills thanks to the existence of the internet. Through courses, certifications, online publications, informational videos, and other resources, you can easily learn new skills and start putting them into practice in your life, either for personal or professional goals. Let’s talk about seven skills that you can learn online in 2024 as a resident of California.


Turning your money into more money is an appealing strategy to plan for the future. However, there are many investing paths that you can take, some of which are riskier than others but can yield greater profits.

You can learn how to become a smarter investor entirely online through research and even some online courses. Discover the basics of mutual funds or become a rental property investing expert.

Building Workout Routines

Exercise is an important factor in physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to build an effective workout routine.

This makes it easy to quit on that New Year’s resolution after just a few months because the results aren’t happening fast enough.

With the help of fitness coaches, influencers, or even online fitness quizzes, you can discover what types of workouts are best suited for your body type and lifestyle.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Becoming a homeowner in the Golden State is a common life objective. While there are many benefits to enjoy, you also need to learn to take care of that home the right way to protect your investment.

The online world can help. There are tons of YouTube channels and Instagram accounts dedicated to offering home maintenance tips so that you can keep up with all the needs of your property.


Interested in how plumbing systems work in a home? Perhaps you enjoy working with your hands and are thinking about a new career path. You can start to develop your plumbing skills entirely online through interactive courses and trade school curricula.

If you are preparing to become licensed, then you can study for the California plumbing contractor license (C36) online as well.


Creating blog posts is one of the most popular forms of online content production. Blogs can be incredibly helpful when you are looking for inspiration or information on a certain subject.

If you have an area of expertise, then creating a blog around this subject could create a following of people who want to hear from you. Learning to blog is not just about writing well, but knowing how to tell a story, and you can develop these skills by searching the Internet for blogging tips.

Search Engine Optimization

Businesses across the world are heavily reliant on a strong online presence. However, there are millions of websites on the Internet, all competing for the attention of consumers. If you want to bring more attention to the company you work for or your own brand, then learning SEO is crucial.

SEO is a strategy by which your website improves its ranking in search engines so people are more likely to find it organically when they search specific terms. You can become SEO-certified for free on platforms like Hubspot.



If you own a home with a yard, then you could become an effective gardener. However, cultivating plants and keeping them alive is not always simple. You need to understand the nuances of soil health, hydration, seed development, weeding, and even ecological zones.

What makes the best material for mulch? How do you prepare the ground for a garden next season? You can learn all these skills online and then practice them in real life to gain experience until you are an accomplished gardener.

The Internet is Your Personal Library

Decades ago, people would read books to learn new things. Now, all that knowledge can be accessed with a few touches of the screen on your device.

Although every skill that you can learn online will require some practice to master, it all starts with information.

Whether you are interested in becoming a plumber, bringing more attention to your business website through SEO, or taking better care of your house in California, the Internet is a great place to start.


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