How to Maintain a Dark Green Bathroom

How to Maintain a Dark Green Bathroom?

Considering that the bathroom is quite a personal and intimate space for an individual, it is important to keep it clean and maintained. Keeping the bathrooms clean and maintained isn’t just significant for beauty and appeal but for hygienic purposes as well. A lack of maintenance attitude can take a toll on the looks of your bathroom and your health, too.

Especially when it comes to dark-themed bathrooms, like dark green bathrooms, maintenance is more crucial to make the space look bright and happy. A regularly maintained bathroom feels fresh and free from germs, bacteria, and other organisms that can be hazardous to one’s health.

Now that we have understood the importance of bathroom maintenance, one must think of several ways to do it. And questions regarding the best maintenance methods may occur as well. But worry not, and read this article to know the best maintenance tips for dark green bathrooms.

1. Keep the Cabinets Arranged

Keep the Cabinets Arranged

One of the key ideas in keeping any place maintained is to keep it organized, and bathrooms are no different. It is suggested to properly clean and arrange the cabinets regularly to create a neat and maintained look for the bathroom.

It makes the whole area look fresh and spacious. Regular cleaning and arrangement of cabinets will also ensure that you can dump the unnecessary accessories frequently. This enhances storage and ensures individuals only store fresh and utile stuff.

2. Baskets to Declutter

 Baskets to Declutter

Just like Cabinets, putting in some baskets next to your cabinets or under the sink area is also important. This offers enhanced storage to segregate their laundry properly.

It is suggested to use different baskets to store dirty and clean clothing apparel. Bathroom essentials like toiletries, towels, and more can also be kept safe in these baskets. Placement of such baskets ensures the bathroom looks organized and decluttered and, thus, maintained.

Consider going for baskets made of natural materials like bamboo for a natural look.

3. Eliminate Accumulation of Excess Moisture

Eliminate Accumulation of Excess Moisture

Bathrooms are a high-traffic area and are generally wet with conditions of humidity and moisture. However, one should know that an increase in moisture levels can form molds and mildew and, thus, damage the bathroom surfaces and walls as well.

Additionally, the same hurts one’s health too. So, it is quite important to eliminate the excess moisture from the washroom.

To prevent excessive moisture, improve the bathroom ventilation. Now, this can be done using windows or equipment like vent fans.

Also, try to apply mildew and water-resistant paint finishes for the bathroom area so they last long.

4. Say Hi to Liquid Soaps

 Say Hi to Liquid Soaps

Using the same soap bars for different individuals can be a bit unhygienic. Additionally, soap splashes can also make the surface look sticky and, thus, negatively impact the bathroom’s maintenance.

So why not consider switching to liquid soaps? They are equally effective, and one needs not to touch/ apply them every time for their usage. Thus, the chances of the spread of germs and bacteria are also reduced.

And what’s best is that they come sealed in really nice bottles that can complement the space aesthetics.

5. Clean the Toilets Properly

Clean the Toilets Properly

When it comes to bathroom maintenance, keeping the toilet clean is one of the basic and most important steps.

There are several ways to clean the toilets, ranging from toilet brushes to gels to automatic cleaners.

Automatic cleaning is super easy and gets the work done with minimal effort and time. One needs to use the toilet cleaning or bleaching tablets regularly to ensure the toilet stays clean and germ and stain-free.

6. Change the Mats and Rugs

Change the Mats and Rugs

Bathroom mats are one of the most important accessories of the space. And keeping them clean is quite important for their own as well as the whole bathroom look. Consider washing them frequently in hot water to kill bacteria and unwanted odor.

Additionally, the selection of mats also matters. For instance, the fluffy rugs seem soft and everything, but sometimes their fluffy designs can be home to different types of germs. That is why it is suggested to choose mats that are easy to dry. Mats made of materials like cotton and bamboo look super chic and dry quickly as well.

7. Automatic Fixtures for Improved Lifestyle

Automatic Fixtures for Improved Lifestyle

Technology is improving daily, and with this improvement in modern advancements, it is becoming easy to maintain your bathrooms. One technological innovation that has improved the bathroom’s functioning and maintenance is the introduction of automatic fixtures.

Incorporating automatic fixtures like automatic lights, showers, and switches in your bathroom ensures that one does not unnecessarily touch them. Thus, the chances of germs contact are also reduced.

Additionally, the fixtures also remain free from fingerprints, scratches, and more in the long run. These are quite beneficial to improve bathroom design and maintenance.


In addition to these, there are several other ways that one may use to keep their bathrooms tidy. For instance, regular cleaning of the bathroom tiles, keeping the floor dry, and so on can help improve the bathroom’s aesthetics.

Make sure that the bathroom remains clean and arranged to improve its maintenance. One needs not to do a lot but just a little bit of effort, and one gets assurance of better aesthetics and comfort. We have honed down 7 easy tips to guide you with the same.

So, don’t forget to use some of these ideas to maintain your bathrooms effectively.

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