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21 Best Gallery Wall Frames and Sets To Decorate Your Space

Gallery wall frames can transform your plain house wall into a feature wall. They not only decorate your wall but also give it a personalized look.

You can showcase your favorite memories and family pictures via gallery wall frames. They come with a pre-arranged layout and format, and this makes it easy to install them.

There are different styles and sizes of gallery wall frames available in the market. You can choose a suitable one for your house wall.

1. Picture Frames Set Wall Decor

picture frames set wall decor

Add more warmth to your home and display memories and moments with friends and family with these 12-pack rustic picture frames. They come with an easel back, making it easier to display your pictures on a tabletop. These have hanging hardware that lets you hang your pictures horizontally and vertically. The frames are also durable, lightweight, and firm and come in different sizes to adapt to your various needs.

2. 7- Piece Black Gallery Wall Kit

7 piece black gallery wall kit

Give your wall an elegant touch with these black decorative frames will. It comes with removable and contrasting white mats. Each frame comes with secure handling hardware, an easy-to-hang wall template, and multiple layout options. This will save you from the problem of framing and measuring.

3. 8×10 Picture Frames

8x10 Picture Frames

Give a sober and soothing look to your room and office space with these eight-by-ten picture frames. The frames come in a pack of four and are made of premium quality solid wood. You can hang your photographs in portrait as well as landscape mode. The wooden frame is easy to open and install.

4. Wall Gallery Photo Frames

Wall Gallery Photo Frames

It is also easy to mount as it has a spring-type action that removes the backing. This simple and classic picture gallery wall frame set is a viable choice for a house wall or office décor. The firm and light photo frame is made from plastic instead of glass. It comes with non-trace nails and in the same sizes.

5. 11×14 Picture Frame Set of three

11x14 Picture Frame Set of three

This set of glass wall frames is lightweight and well-made. It comes in the same size and gives your house wall a classic look. Its spring-type action on the back makes it easy to open and can be easily hung in landscape or portrait view. It also has high-definition glass for better protection from scratches.

6. Wall Hanging Photo Frames

Wall Hanging Photo Frames

An ideal choice for displaying your favorite artwork, photographs, and sketches on your bedroom wall, this wall-hanging photo frame set comes with high-definition glass on both sides and is made of brass. It can easily be hung on the walls since it has a metal chain.

7. 8×10 Picture Frames Set of six

8x10 Picture Frames Set of six

The classic design of this picture frame set goes with any house décor, be it vintage or modern. It is gray, and the sturdy front glass makes it look elegant. It can also easily be mounted on your wall as the frames come with hanging hardware.

8. 12×12 Rustic Blackwood Picture Frame

12x12 Rustic Blackwood Picture Frame

This stylish and classy 12×12 picture frame set is made of MDF Wood and high-quality plexiglass. This makes it shatter-resistant. Eco-friendly paint is used to paint them. This frame can protect your artwork from dust, moisture, and scratches. It also comes with hooks making it ready to mount vertically and horizontally.

9. Botanical Plant Photo Multi-size Picture Frame

Botanical Plant Photo Multi-size Picture Frame

Create a unique abstract gallery wall décor with this Botanical Plant Photo Picture frame. It comes in a pack of eight and different sizes. It is made of wood and plexiglass. You can customize your room or gallery space by hanging these frames in any style or configuration that you want.

10. 12×12 Gold Square Picture Frame Set

12x12 Gold Square Picture Frame Set

Bring elegance, warmth, and luxury to your modern house wall with his picture frame set. It is colored with soft light gold and is light in weight. The frames are made with premium-quality plexiglass. The prints attached to it are printed on gelatin paper using giclee printing technology which makes the inserts durable.

11. 10×10 Square Picture Frame

10x10 Square Picture Frame

Made from solid wood, this 10×10 picture frame has a natural wood texture that brings elegance and class to your room. This lightweight and transparent square picture frame has Plexiglass on it and is also backed with battery rotary tablet presses.

12. 8×10 Picture Frames, Set of four

8x10 Picture Frames, Set of four

This Picture frame is lightweight and easy to carry. The material is attached to the film on the surface after being heated at high temperatures. The back rotation button and the back hook make it easy to open for horizontal and vertical suspension. Its glass has higher clarity and provides better protection for the photos from dust.

13. Picture Frame Set of twenty-three

Picture Frame Set of twenty-three

If you have a large gallery or bedroom wall space, then this picture frame set is a perfect choice for you. This picture frame set comes in different sizes is black, and is made of synthetic wood/high-quality polymer. It has plexiglass at the front and an MDF board at the back. Each of the twenty-three frames comes with secure hanging hardware, making it easy to hang them vertically or horizontally.

14. Gallery Wall Collage Picture Frames, Set of eleven

Gallery Wall Collage Picture Frames, Set of eleven

Display your warm moments by decorating your house walls with this rustic retro-style galley wall collage picture frame set made from strong PVC. These are firm and light rustic gray colored and are easy to hang vertically and horizontally. Their clear PS sheet provides the same visuals and protection as glass.

15. Handcrafted White Gallery Wall Frame Set

Handcrafted White Gallery Wall Frame Set

If you have pictures with you that hold special memories, then presenting them with this classic handcrafted white gallery frame set is a great choice. It comes in different sizes and with thick premium white mats and beveled white frames, which give your pictures an elevated look. It has a sturdy wooden backboard and HD plexiglass and is durable. To make the vertical and horizontal hanging easy, it comes with wires, screws, and a hanging manual.

16. 5×7 Brown Picture Frame Set

5x7 Brown Picture Frame Set

If you are looking for a décor that fits in anywhere, be it your gallery or home wall, your desk, or the coffee shop and art gallery collection, then this brown picture frame set is a perfect option. They are sturdy and lightweight and the same in size. They have a high-definition real glass cover and come with a hanger and easel on the back. This protects your picture from dust, scratches, and moisture and makes them easy to open and hang.

17. Picture Frame Set with Stand and Hanging Hooks

Picture Frame Set with Stand and Hanging Hooks

You can decorate your gallery, bedroom, living room, and dining room walls with this picture frame set with hanging hooks. It has pre-attached triangle hangers and an easel with glare-resistant front glass, which makes it easy to open and hang and keeps it protected from scratches and dust. It comes in different sizes.

18. Picture Frame, High-Definition Glass, Set of six

Picture Frame, High-Definition Glass, Set of six

This picture frame set is made of composite wood and has an HD glass front display. It is sturdy, durable, and easy to open to load pictures due to the tiny locks on their back. This frame set has hanging hardware and easel backing, making it easy for the wall as well as a tabletop display.

19. Wooden Picture Frames, Set of six

Wooden Picture Frames, Set of six

Give your gallery wall, dining and bedroom, and any other house space a warm, natural, and elegant look with this Wooden Picture Frame set. The frame is made of MDF environment-friendly wood, plexiglass at the front, and the rotating clasp design, which makes it durable.

20. White Metal Picture Frame, Set of seven

White Metal Picture Frame, Set of seven

Display your most cherished memories with White Metal Picture Frame set. It comes in different sizes. These modern metal frames come with polished glass and sturdy packaging.

21. 11×14 Black Picture Frame, Set of nine

11x14 Black Picture Frame, Set of nine

Add more charm to your gallery walls and rooms with this Black Picture Frame set. They are eco-friendly and come with a PS front, mounting hardware, a sturdy cardboard stand, and adjustable tabs. This makes it easy to set and hang them. They can also serve as a tabletop.


You can have a look at all the Gallery wall frames and sets mentioned above and choose what best fits your requirement. All these are easy to install, and they usually come in pre-arranged format.

If you are looking for more such gallery wall frames and sets, then you can easily buy them online.

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