What is a bridgewater sofa?

Everything You Need To Know About Bridgewater Sofa

A couple of basic furniture types are a staple in a room. For a living space, a sofa is indispensable.

It makes the space more cozy and welcoming. When the task is to create an elegant space, many need clarification about what looks good.

Sticking to the traditional sofa styles that provide great comfort is a great choice.

While you sift through the different sectionals, love seats, and divans, it is important to know the distinction.

However, if you want to go for a classic style that is sure to suit every room, Bridgewater sofas would be it.

This article discusses what makes Bridgewater sofas the ideal addition to most living rooms.

What is a Bridgewater Sofa?

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A Bridgewater sofa has a classic look that has been a popular choice among customers forever.

The simple yet sturdy design has certain features that maximize casual comfort.

It will surely dominate your room with its timeless appeal and become the focal point.

Sofas like these are also sometimes known as Howard Style Sofas.

When we consider history, we see that the Bridgewater style of sofas first existed in the late 19th century.

It was created by an American furniture maker named A. J. Forbes. The sofa got its name from the Massachusetts town of Bridgewater, where it had become popular overnight.

Characteristics of a Regular Bridgewater Sofa

The two most common characteristics by which you can identify a Bridgewater sofa are low arms and a high back.

Most Bridgewater sofas have a vintage appearance due to the skirting covering the legs.

Keeping the arms lower, rolled back, and padded, the sofa gets a relaxed vibe.

At the same time, getting rid of the skirting can add to the room’s elegance.

The cushions of the sofa, as well as the seats, are fully stuffed for people to feel comfortable in.

The seats and cushions usually have a customizable slipcover for every taste.

At the core, these sofas are perfect for everyday use. The slipcovers can be washed and changed periodically.

The springs make it easier to check whether the seats are all right.

What Makes it Popular?

One of the biggest factors that work for Bridgewater sofa’s popularity is its availability.

You are sure to find this style in most furniture stores. And if you are a fan of thrifting, you are sure to find a couple in second-hand stores as well.

Here are some other reasons why Bridgewater sofas are in demand.

1. Comfort

Bridgewater style is your answer if you are looking for a sofa to sink into when you get home.

Whether for lounging or entertaining, the pushed-back arms create a relaxing vibe.

The loose foam-filled cushions also make room for a plush seating position.

2. Style

Many trends come and go when it comes to home furniture.

But the Bridgewater sofa has proven its timelessness for decades.

It has a classic design that can be made to suit any decor.

The design also ensures that it will garner attention no matter where you put the sofa.

3. Durability

The cozy feeling of a Bridgewater sofa is backed up by its durable nature.

You can lounge about at peace on it without fear of breaking it.

The frames are usually made of solid hardwood, ensuring they can withstand a lot of pressure.

The other materials, like upholstery, are also made with good-quality fabric for regular usage.

Getting a sofa like this is sure to last you a lifetime.

4. Versatility

When a business launches a Bridgewater-style sofa, it ensures the piece is versatile enough to suit most decor.

These sofas naturally come in various colors and materials, so you will surely find one you love.

5. Customization

Whether you wish to fill out a rustic room or get a sofa for a modern ambiance, Bridgewater sofas would suit it.

The customizations available truly transform the same basic model to fit the surroundings.

You can have a leather sofa for your contemporary home or get sturdy fabric for your pet-friendly home.

The choice of customization is your own, but you will never be disappointed with the style.

Furniture that Matches Bridgewater-Style Sofas

Furniture that Matches Bridgewater-Style Sofas

Due to its versatility, the Bridgewater-style sofa can be paired with many different types of furniture.

If you want a coordinated look, keep an eye out for the sofa that comes with a loveseat and armchair.

Some companies offer a basic Bridgewater model that is customizable with up to 40 different colors.

So, matching the shade to your room’s accent would not be difficult.

Keep in mind the frame of these timeless pieces. A metal frame would suit most a Victorian setting, while removing the skirting makes it contemporary.

A classic hardwood frame would help your rustic vision come to life.

Summing It Up

Bridgewater sofas are one of the most popular sofa types for living rooms.

It is known for some classic characteristics that set it apart from other modern innovations.

The style aims to provide maximum comfort to whoever sits on it, making the room look cozy and inviting.

Its distinctive features, like a plush back and seat and a hardwood frame, make this sofa highly durable.

Along with it, the classic design gives us plenty of opportunities to customize it to perfection.

In the comments below, let us know why you would choose a Bridgewater-style sofa for your living room.

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