How to Choose the Right Rug to Go with a French Country Sofa

How to Choose the Right Rug to Go with a French Country Sofa?

The French countryside inspires the French country home decor style. It is picked particularly from Provence and adjoining areas. French country style is different from other countryside decor ideas as it combines rustic with sophistication; it balances the inclusion of nature’s touch with comfort inside your home.

This home decor style transcended from Europe to other parts of the world, particularly the United States. So, if you have a French country sofa in your living room and are trying to figure out what kinds of rugs you should get for your living room, here is a blog that makes things easier for you.

Types of Rugs to Match with Your French Sofa

You must be aware that your French sofa and your French countryside decor would look incomplete without appropriate floor covering. So, we have provided some popular choices based on interior designer experts that go well with French country decor.

1. Natural


The French country style is largely inspired by nature and its elements. So, if you have wood or stone floors characteristic of French chateaux, you can best compliment them with rugs made of natural materials such as jute or sisal.

2. Vintage


Something that would match your French sofa is vintage rugs that depict the comfortable elegance of a French country room. Rugs with motifs such as sunflowers, wine, vines, fleur-de-lis, checkered patterns, floral patterns, etc., will complement your sofa well.

3. Antique


Rugs that have been ruling French decor style for more than a few centuries now are the next best thing you can get for yourself to match your French sofa. Warm and soft colors characterize these rugs. These rugs are a signature style of French countryside home decor. Distressed rugs with floral motifs or faded rugs with a central medallion are best for your living room.

4. Savonnerie


These antique rugs were first customized for King Henry IV in the 17th century. The French word ‘Savon’ stands for soap, so ‘Savonnerie’ means soap factory. These carpets were specifically hand-knotted on vertical looms. These rugs are designed with muted colors and floral motifs, which draw so much semblance to the French countryside element. These would adapt best with the French sofa in your living room.

5. Aubusson


Another antique French country design straight from Aubusson, this rug is also a classical piece from the 17th century. Characterized by the French technique of hand-woven flat rugs with depth perspective, these rugs are known for adding some to your room. Unlike pile rugs, which have raised fibers, Aubusson rugs have a flat surface without piles.

Tips to Choose Rugs that Blend with Your French Sofa

You can keep the below tips in mind when you are shopping for rugs for your living room.

  • Go with warm and muted colors.
  • Use round rugs or square rugs in square rooms.
  • If you have rectangular rooms, go with rectangular rugs.
  • When it comes to selecting the right style, go with nature-inspired rugs, antique, vintage, or Aubusson carpets.
  • Stick to natural materials like jute.

Some French Country Rugs

Here are some rugs that you can find on Amazon which are inspired by French country style.

  • Safaveh Chelsea Collection Accent Rug – Handmade from 100% premium virgin wool, this rug features an ivory background with stunning floral patterns in green, red, and gold colors. This French country-inspired carpet is great for living areas or bedrooms.
  • Safavieh Chelsea Collection 3 Round Rug – This handmade round rug is made of 100% wool pile and features an ivory background with floral patterns in a blue shade. It is available in different sizes to suit a large number of areas.
  • UKELER Luxury Soft Rustic Floral Area Rugs – Made of cotton and soft chenille, this washable rug is designed in a rustic shabby style with floral patterns. It best suits bedrooms, tea table floor rugs, and dining table carpets.
  • Yilong Carpet French Floral Aubusson Carpet – This hand-woven Aubsson rug is made of wool. This attractive piece is great for home or office use. It is quite lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that the above guide on choosing rugs and carpets that blend well with your French sofa will help make your living room balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing French country living decor elements, remember to combine comfort with the rustic touch. To acquire the most stunning French country look, remember to use warm colors with a neutral foundation.

Also, preferably stick to natural materials like wood, stone, and weathered brick. Ensure to have subtly distressed finishes. The key to French country-style decor is to create a welcoming yet elegant feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Rug Have to Match My Couch?

Yes, to create a balanced living room and to make things appear cohesive, the colors of the room should flow together and complement each other. This practically holds for your sofas and rugs, as they are the two most distinctive elements of your living room. So, they should match in texture, color, and even size.

How to Choose a Rug Color for The Living Room?

The rug color must be selected in a way that complements your room color and your existing furniture. To make things look cohesive and appealing to the eyes, choose a color that matches well with your other furniture and important elements of your room.

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