Which Sofa Color Always Stays in Style?

Which Sofa Color Always Stays in Style?

A sofa works as an anchor in a room. Apart from serving the functional purpose of seating everyone, a sofa influences the overall ambiance of a room.

Traditional sofa styles were all about timeless elegance and were covered with beautiful fabrics. However, the contemporary sofa styles are simple and are covered with neutral upholstery.

Therefore, to enhance the practicality of a sofa in a room, selecting a color for a sofa that is always in style is vital. Styling a sofa also makes a world of difference.

Accessorizing with the right cushions, throws, and rugs elevates the outlook instantly. Therefore, a sofa color will stay relevant for a longer period if it is maintained correctly.

Are you curious to find out sofa colors that always stay trendy? Keep reading!

8 Sofa Colors That Will Always Stay in Style

1. White Wonder

White Wonder

A white sofa is the best option for those who prefer a colorful room and wish to experiment with aesthetics regularly.

A white sofa in a room is so versatile that it can completely transform a minimalist room into a maximalist one, as it can effortlessly support bright red, earth-brown, and sky-blue cushions.

Styling Tip: A white tight-back sofa with bright floral cushions and a plain bolster cushion will create a cozy vibe. Place a carpet that matches the cushions for a unified look.

2. Basic Beige

Basic Beige .jpg

Not only are beige sofas easy to maintain, but they are also perfect for rooms that have dark-toned walls.

The sofas work as an accessory that supports other elements in the room.

Usually, beige sofas are preferred over whites as the accessory looks more natural with biscuit shades and brown shades.

Styling Tip: When accessing a beige sofa, play with textures. However, if you wish for a monochrome look, a channel-back beige sofa will go well with beige cushions. You can add some drama by placing cushions of various sizes side by side.

3. Ivory


For those who wish to decorate their living space with white but introduce some warmth, ivory is the shade for you.

Ivory has a warm undertone. The muted tone of this color goes well with brown and yellow tones.

Styling Tip: Since ivory has subtle undertones of yellow and beige, counter the muted appearance by juxtaposing the hues with bright cushions and throws. Fully upholstered traditional ivory sofa styles can be paired with a rocking chair or a wooden ladder-back chair for a woodier look.

4. Grey


A grey sofa can exude a modern and timeless vibe from tweed to velvet. Since grey is a cool color, the velvet fabric will go well with metallic accents and modernize a space.

Styling Tip: A modern grey sofa with a metallic frame does not need any accessory for support. However, a grey Apollo sofa set with a wooden frame can be paired with a grey herringbone patterned fabric. The style is classic and is the ideal investment.

5. Earthy Brown

Earthy Brown .jpg

The earthy brown tones of a sofa add a unique, organic vibe to a place.

The main advantage of having a brown sofa is that it can support the wooden frame of a traditional sofa. Such couches never come to the front and allow other elements to speak.

Styling Tip: The earthy tones of brown go well with bright red cushions and carpets. On the other hand, a contemporary brown leather couch will go well with metallic accents.

6. Olive Green

Olive Green .jpg

Olive green sofas are charming. The warm shade is reminiscent of nature’s greenery and will give your room a calming vibe.

Whether velvet, leather, or tweed, the olive-green upholstery will effortlessly go well with brown wooden furniture.

Since the shade has a slightly grey undertone, it will create a cozy seating area.

Styling Tip: Placing plants and floral accessories in a room with olive green sofas will give the room an organic, natural tone. The bright floral shades will complement the green sofa’s warmth.

7. Elegant Cream

Olive Green

To create a blank slate, the color cream is the best option. You can turn your space into a minimalist’s haven by pairing it with neutral tones.

At the same time, you can even take the liberty of decking up space by pairing the sofa with bright cushions, vibrant throws, and printed rugs or carpets.

Styling Tip: Cream is a warm hue. Therefore, pairing the cream sofa with accessories like cushions with floral motifs, placing it against a bright wall, and next to vibrant armchairs will elevate the entire room’s look.

8. Contemporary Blue

Contemporary Blue

A ‘bluetail’ hue is a true neutral shade for a sofa. The hue is relaxing, and the living room will instantly become calming.

Blue has a soft undertone; therefore, grey, white, and black elements will go equally well with the color.

Styling Tip: the sofa can also be placed next to grey footstools and chairs for visual interest. A dark blue sofa will complement a traditional sofa’s wooden armrests and legs.


In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends change every day.

However, frequently changing a place’s interior to match the latest trends is impractical.

That’s when a neutral-colored couch comes into play, allowing elements around to work independently for the room to appear welcoming.

Neutral and natural hues like brown and beige ensure a classic look, whereas cooler neutral shades like blues and greys give a more relaxed vibe.

Therefore, regardless of your chosen color, remember that it will set the room’s tone for you. Thus, sticking to a neutral color palette will enable you to accessorize the room in whichever way you like.

Which trendy sofa are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments.

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