Create a Welcoming and Entertaining Outdoor Living Space with These Ideas

Create a Welcoming and Entertaining Outdoor Living Space with These Ideas

Spring is here, so we all want to spend time soaking up the sun. Outdoor spaces have become a valuable asset in recent years, and this is why you might be looking for new ideas to spruce up your exterior design. So, whether you have a small outdoor space, a patio or a sprawling garden, you surely want it to feel stylish, relaxing and like an extension of your home.

The outdoor seating is the first aspect to consider, but you shouldn’t worry about it, as you have plenty of options from where to choose something, from bistro chairs to large sofas.

To make the best decisions, it will be better to determine how you want to use your outdoor space. Do you want a place to perch with a drink? Or a spot where you can lounge with a good book for a couple of hours?

In recent years, architects and interior designers have become more interested in searching for smart ways to bring the comfort of the indoors outside. This is why manufacturers have come up with innovative products and materials so that people will have an easy time making the outside space as comfortable and stylish as the interior.

Here are some ideas that will surely help you create a welcoming and entertaining outdoor space.

Consider Scandi Style

Scandinavian design has become very popular in recent years, being a trend that is here to stay, so why not also consider it for your outdoor living space? The Scandi trend is characterized by the term hygge, which is about integrating a cozy aura into the spaces.

Hygge in a garden and patio will add a sense of tranquility so that you will immerse better in the comfort of your own house. The Scandinavian design has a simple, minimalist and functional approach, and to incorporate it outdoors, you can opt for neutral tones and light natural wood.

Then, you can choose accessories like outdoor planters, soft cushions in muted colors and woven patterned rugs. Also, rattan is a material highly used in outdoor spaces because it creates an earthy feel and it is also durable.

Furthermore, rattan is very versatile, and it can be added to the existing décor and styled in numerous ways to fit the vibe of the space. Whether you prefer a more edgy and modern decoration or a classic and relaxed feel, rattan is the one that will offer the perfect touch.

Reflect the Sun

The color scheme you choose for your outdoor living space is as important as the one for your interiors. The color selected can be the best element that will offer your garden personality, and you can also match it with the one of your interiors.

Reflect the Sun

Opting for vibrant shades like peach pink, yellow, or orange will ooze happiness. The sun-loving color wheel creates a sense of joy that reminds us of the summer time when we spend all day outside. If you want to bring heat to your outdoor space, then a yellow scheme is everything you need.

Accessorize With Textile

An outdoor living room is not an option only for the ones with big gardens but also for the urban apartment dwellers who are lucky enough to have a balcony.

To make the balcony the perfect outdoor space, you can decorate it to be an extension of your home with the help of balcony planters, various throw pillows, overstuffed sectional sofas, a lush canopy of green and Moroccan leather poufs.

Open up The Space With The Help of A Mirror

Open up The Space with The Help of A Mirror

Mirrors can be an excellent addition to any garden, as they have the potential to transform a place totally. Mirrors open up spaces, making them look bigger, and also reflect the areas that you might not see from your seating spot, thus giving you the possibility to enjoy your place even more.

Just like you do in your indoor spaces, you can hang a mirror in the middle of a slim space or at a central point above your seating.

Combine the Elements of A Dining and Living Space

Let’s admit it: as soon as the sun starts to make an appearance, we want to be in nature as much as we can, whether it is for working, meal times, or just chilling with a good book. So, why shouldn’t you create a space that has a little bit of all these features and represents a combination of both a living and dining space?

Bench seating is a wonderful addition, as it is ideal for family meal times. Additionally, coffee tables and armchairs can create the perfect reading nook vibe, while the layered rugs will make things much more welcoming, keeping your toes cozy after the sun has set.

Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting Scheme

There are numerous lighting options you can choose for your outdoor space. For example, festoon lights are a great choice, as they provide an inexpensive and easy way to add a little bit of magic at night. Additionally, path markers or solar stake lights are excellent solutions if you want to light up your garden, but don’t want to do it with wires or plugs.

Add a Fire Pit

If you wish to make the outdoor space suitable for all seasons, then it might be a good idea to add a fire pit. Whether you choose a movable design or a permanent model, a fire pit will make the outdoor space more versatile. In this way, no matter how chilly the evening is, you will still be able to enjoy your time outside.

Plus, a fire pit encourages family meetings where everyone cooks sausages and toasts marshmallows, thus offering the best excuse to get everyone outside.

Are you ready to create the best outdoor space for you?


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