The Parisian Apartment Decor Guide for Every Room

Creating the Perfect Parisian Decor Look for Your Home

It’s hard to describe how stunning the Parisian style decor is. Parisian apartments are known for their beautiful architecture, which often includes high ceilings, large windows, carved moldings, marble fireplaces, herringbone parquet floors, and wall paneling (called “boiseries”).

In addition, the Parisians have mastered the art of elevating even the most simple architectural details by adhering to a set of guidelines for interior design.

You need not be a billionaire to be able to reside in a gorgeous Haussmann mansion or decorate your home with expensive antiques to achieve this look.

However, have you ever wondered how real Parisians decorate their homes and how to use the Parisian decor style in your apartment? From the notebooks to the Eiffel Tower, from the ceramics to the vases – if you’re dreaming of Paris, you’ll love the Parisian apartment decor guide covered in this article.

So, it’s vital to understand the history of Parisian home design before moving on to some of the structural elements of a classic Parisian-style apartment.

History of Parisian Home Design

Parisian interior design

When discussing Parisian interior design, most people think of the lavish Haussmann-style apartments. Between 1853 and 1870, Georges-Eugène Haussmann, a prefect or state representative chosen by the ousted Emperor Napoleon III, oversaw a substantial public works reconstruction project.

The city’s older, smaller structures were torn down and replaced with newer, larger residences set along broad avenues. This urban renewal has inspired the look of many Parisian apartments.

1. French Doors with Interior Glass

French Doors with Interior Glass

French glass doors are a popular way to divide rooms into Parisian apartments. These inside doors are simple to open and close, allowing you to seal off a room easily and restrict the noise.

The glass partitions allow natural light to continue to penetrate the inside of the house. To put it simply, this is a brilliant bit of innovation! These twin glass doors would be a great addition to your home’s entryway.

2. Stunning Parquet Wood Flooring

Stunning Parquet Wood Flooring

The brown parquet wood flooring, typically laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern, is another signature feature of Parisian apartments. In addition, the apartment is cozier thanks to the dark hardwood floors, which also provide a lovely contrast to the white walls.

Laying a vintage rug over your hardwood flooring is optional, and it’s up to you. In Paris, some people choose to leave their parquet floors bare, while others cover them with an oriental rug.

3. Wrought Iron Balcony

elegant black wrought-iron

The elegant black wrought-iron balconies that adorn the windows of Parisian apartments contribute significantly to the city’s attraction. These iron balconies were initially installed for technical reasons, given the height of the windows.

Over time, the iron scroll patterns evolved into another lovely feature of Parisian apartment design.

4. Golden Frame French Mirror

Golden Frame French Mirror

It would not be an authentic Parisian fireplace mantel without a gilded French mirror mounted over it. Golden frame French mirror has become increasingly popular in the United States because it is simpler to implement.

A plethora of French mirrors with gold frames can be purchased online to get this look.

Although mirrors in Paris are usually integrated into the wall above the fireplace, you can achieve a similar look by placing a huge golden frame mirror against the wall.

5. Massive Ceiling Medallion

Massive Ceiling Medallion

Another common architectural feature is a huge ceiling medallion from which the dazzling chandeliers of Parisian apartments hang.

6. Parisian Interior Colors

Parisian Interior Colors

Parisian color schemes typically include a white background as their primary color. The wall panels and molding features in a Parisian apartment often stand out against the bright white background of the apartment’s walls.

Once that’s done, more affluent, deeper colors like burgundy, forest green, and royal blue are brought in for the furniture and accents.

7. Parisian-Style Furnishings

Parisian-Style Furnishings

It is much simpler to find furniture in the Parisian style online. Based on the architectural features of your home, you’ll want to select furnishings that complement those features. One distinguishing feature of many Parisian apartments and homes is the use of sleek, contemporary furnishings to complement the beautiful wall moldings.

But, in contrast, if your walls are blank, you can get away with cabriole sofas and Louis chairs that are more clearly French in style. No matter what the case is, the secret to a stylish Parisian apartment is a blend of tradition and contemporary.

Below are some variants of classic French furniture:

  • A velvet sofa from the 1970s or the mid-century
  • Armchairs by Pierre Jeanneret
  • Elegant New Velvet Dining Chairs
  • Louis Arm Chairs

8. Parisian Decor

Parisian Decor

There aren’t many Parisian decor accents you can purchase for your home. French people don’t put as much value in decorative items as their American counterparts do. They would rather have books and other personal articles adorning the walls than shop for new decorations.

They’ll make an instant purchase at a Parisian flea market if they see a unique item that they think will look good in their apartment.

When it comes to Parisian Decor, don’t go overboard with a lot of stuff; simplicity is key.

9. A Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

The French crystal chandelier symbolizes Parisian elegance and is commonly used as a focal point in apartment decor. This exquisite chandelier will transform any room into a luxurious Parisian apartment.

A large part of the appeal of these chandeliers is the way the light reflects off each crystal and lights the room. The starburst chandelier and the mid-century modern chandelier are two well-known chandeliers from Paris.

10. Vintage Tray Made of Gold or Brass

Vintage Tray Made of Gold or Brass

Vintage gold or brass trays are common on Parisian dresser tops and sideboards, which are used to organize various small items carefully. For example, Parisians might use a fancy gold tray to hold their perfumes and other jewels in one place.

These feminine embellishments are a must-have to give your home that extra metallic shine.

11. French Candles

French Candles

France is renowned for producing some of the world’s most exquisitely perfumed candles. Diptyque, a French candle company, makes candles with some of the most enticing scents possible.

Candles are an integral aspect of French home design, and the French tend to place them just about anywhere. Diptyque candles have a cult following, and the roses and berries‘ scents are the most significant sellers.

12. Flowers


At least once a week, Parisians will go out and buy some beautiful new flowers for their houses. One of the simplest ways to give your home a Parisian feel is to use this approach. Having fresh flowers in the house will make it smell nice and offer you a little burst of happiness every time you look at them.

Alternatively, you can make use of dried flowers or other trendy decors popular in contemporary Parisian homes. Dried flowers can be kept for much longer without being replaced for at least a year. The look of Paris can be achieved by scattering dried wheatgrass and preserved flowers in various glass vases in various colors.

Finally, bring some beauty into your own house with a vase made of baccarat glass.

13. Contemporary Art

interior design elements in Parisian apartments

Contemporary works of art, such as paintings and sculptures, are frequently used as interior design elements in Parisian apartments. Parisians are known to lean artwork against the wall on top of a dresser or sideboard rather than hanging it.

14. Bust Sculpture

Parisian interior decor

The bust sculpture is an excellent example of classic Parisian interior decor. The bust is typically white and depicts either a male or female figure. It’s often placed on the shelf above the fireplace.

15. Books

Parisians have a passion for books and reading

Parisians have a passion for books and reading; therefore, it’s not uncommon to find bookshelves stocked with volumes of books in their Parisian apartments. Parisians prefer to stock their homes with books of all genres and ages so that they can pick up a book and read whenever the mood strikes.

While many Parisians inherit their decorative pieces through family inheritance or by exploring the city’s flea markets, you might get lucky in one of the many antique shops across the United States.


To transform your home from being merely average to something that can amaze your guests, you need to plan carefully and use one of the earlier-mentioned elements as per your choice.

A Parisian apartment lifestyle focuses on balancing minimalism and eclectic decoration. Whatever your level of decor experience, if you follow the above elements of Parisian decor, you will be well on your way to achieving your perfect Parisian apartment.

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