Beach-Inspired Bedroom

25 Beach-Inspired Bedroom Decor Ideas to Create a Relaxing Retreat

Are you looking for beach themed bedroom ideas? The word ‘beach’ always invokes a sense of calmness and tranquility that is hard to beat. Just a leisurely walk along the shore with your feet in the sand while watching the sunset is probably the most refreshing experience that has the potential to rejuvenate your soul.

However, the trip to the beach usually comes twice or thrice a year for most of us in the form of vacations and getaways. So, why not bring the beach to your room?

Sounds exciting, right? Beach-themed bedrooms are arguably the most welcoming and aesthetically pleasing decor to be a part of and look at every day.

From elements that are inspired by the beach to the white, blue, and greenish hues that take inspiration from the radiant ocean, here are 25 beach-themed bedroom ideas that we think would light that spark up in your bedroom!

1. Add Palm Leaves To Your Beach Themed Bedroom

Palm Leaf

What screams tropical better than a palm leaf? Place it in a white colored pot in a cozy corner of your room, preferably next to your bed, to provide that calmness to your senses at any time of the day.

2. Select Your Furniture Mindfully For Beach Themed Bedroom


When shopping for pieces of furniture, look for pieces that have designs that are inspired by the beach and other natural things from the coastal outdoors. Adding them helps bring the outdoors into your bedroom.

3. Deck Your Walls with Palm Fronds

Wall Print

A well-picked pattern on your bedroom wall will do wonders in sprucing up the atmosphere in any closed space. Select a design that appeals to you the most and watch how it changes the way you look at your room.

4. Showcase Love for Beach Sports In Your Beach Themed Bedroom

Beach Sports

Sports are what make us feel alive. Put up prints of your favorite beach activity to add that playful vibe to your room. Bonus points if you can paint it yourself and put the canvas up top. Nothing like seeing your own creation liven up your personal space, right?

5. Sprinkle Some Jute Love


Any decorative piece made from jute tends to bring in that rustic coastal feeling that many of us crave. Its durability ensures that it will last a long time and its color tone makes it easy to integrate it with other colors in the room.

6. Add Accessories Made of Straw


A combination of functionality and style is hard to overlook. Something as simple as a straw storage basket can be used as a decorative piece that can go up on bookshelves as well as an item that can store things.

7. Introduce a Little Blue In Beach Themed Bedroom

Blue bedroom

One of the easiest ways to create the ambiance of a beach-themed bedroom is by incorporating colors that have blue undertones to them. Colors that carry bluish hues, such as Turquoise or certain aqua shades, are great mood enhancers.

8. Bamboo Accessories For Your Beach Themed Bedroom

Room Interior With Rattan Chair With Cushion Macrame Hanging Plants

Bamboo’s known for its durability and long life. They are an ideal option to bring in some natural elements into your beach-themed bedroom without taking up too much space, whether you choose to put them down on the floor or up on the wall.

9. Coral Accents For A Beautiful Beach Themed Bedroom

 Coral accent bedroom

Coral accents are a great addition because of how versatile they are in terms of the colors they come in. Corals are also one of the most emphasized parts of a beachside theme, and you should have no trouble placing them in tandem with the rest of your design scheme.

10. Rattan Supplements

beach-themed bedroom

Rattan furniture offers a lot in terms of its utility and design. They’re lightweight & easy to clean and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Additionally, it is also an excellent option to bring in some natural elements to your beach-themed bedroom.

11. Artsy Ambience To Elevate Beach Themed Bedroom

Artsy Ambience beach-themed bedroom

Art has the power to tell its own story. And when it’s put up in your space, it also becomes a part of your story. So don’t be hesitant to hang up artworks that go well with the color scheme you’ve picked for your beach-themed bedroom.

12. Patterns For the Win

kid’s bedroom

Play around with patterns. Boats, Sharks, Whales, Buoys, and whatnot! The ocean is brimming with patterns that you can incorporate into your bedroom. It can also act as an ideal kid’s bedroom because of its laid-back and whimsical designs.

13. Windows are Great

big Windows beach themed bedroom

Windows are essentially the eyes of a beach-themed bedroom. Big windows are great for soaking up the sea breeze and the sunlight if you live near the beach. Keep your window designs as simple as possible because too much on the inside could act as a distraction from the beauty that is on the outside.

14. White Linens For A Calm Beach Themed Bedroom

white bedroom

The white color really does wonders for your beach-themed bedroom. Crisp white linen sheets for your bed are a great way to make your room appear like a beachy getaway. Pair your linens with accent pillows with ocean blue colors to create that nice contrast and make it more pleasing to the eye.

15. Add Beach Theme Bedroom Decor Elements

Home Decor

Investing in decor items that are inspired by the beach is always a good idea if you want to bring sea life into your bedroom. The ocean is brimming with life, and pieces such as the ship’s wheel in the above picture, starfish accents, or even fine prints of colorful fish can add so much life to indoor spaces.

16. DIY Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are one of the most fun design choices you can make in a beach-themed bedroom. Paint it in shades of blue, green, and grey that bring out the feeling of the shifting colors of the ocean, and compliment it with wooden nightstands or wicker baskets to bring in that nice texture and a feeling of warmth.

17. Chandeliers that Remind You of the Outdoors

Chandeliers that Remind You of the Outdoors

Chandeliers made of ocean motifs like fish or sea horses, or starfish scream craftsmanship and simplicity. Alternatively, you could also use light fixtures made of jute, wicker, or rope and use them as a night lamp.

18. Release the Anchor

Release the Anchor

What better way to incorporate the ocean into your beach-themed bedroom other than bringing nautical aspects into it? Throw in some plush cushions and pillows with anchor patterns or other elements from the sea that you’ve always been fond of, and combine them with the crisp white linens on your bed to create a beautiful contrast.

19. Bunk Beds

Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds are great for beach houses when it is a family getaway. It is also a suitable setting for the kids to hang around. Throw in a jute rug and a coastal chandelier to complete the beachy vibes of the bedroom.

20. Frame Your Memories

color tones in your bedroom

A photograph of your favorite beach memory with a frame that compliments other color tones in your bedroom is a viable way to fill up that empty space above your bed.

21. Fish Net with Elements from the Sea

Fish Net with Elements from the Sea

Another nautical theme you could adopt is bringing in fishing nets. Hang it up over your bedroom wall or over your headboard, and it becomes an eye-catching decorative piece while also not taking away the attention from other articles in your room.

22. Use Upcycled Vintage Items

Upcycled Vintage Items

Upcycled items are always a thing of beauty and add up nicely to any decor. Another great thing about upcycled decor is that it gives a feeling of satisfaction that something significant has come out of a seemingly wasted object and has turned into a talking point in your beach-themed bedroom.

23. Signal Flags

white/blue colored walls in your bedroom

First established in 1855, flags were used as a way to communicate inconspicuously by Great Britain. Fast forward almost two centuries later, signal flags are great antique decor items that give out very sailor-y vibes and go well with white/blue colored walls in your bedroom.

24. Decorate Your Headboard

headboard by hanging bedroom

It’s the little details that always come back to haunt you. You can jazz up your empty headboard by hanging a garland made of sea shells or starfish. And once it is done, these little joys usually give the utmost satisfaction.

25. Create a Reading Corner for Yourself

Reading corner

Find a cozy corner in your bedroom and pep it up with cushions that carry cheeky phrases, along with straw baskets and flower pots. Paint them in sober colors similar to the colors of the beach and add a simplistic level of sophistication to your bedroom.

Final Words

The beach has always been synonymous with tranquility and also a place where you feel at ease. These 25-beach-themed bedroom ideas are some of our favorite ones that help bring that feeling of comfort into your bedroom and are in no way the definitive way to go about changing the way your room looks.

What did you think of the ideas? Do you think we missed out on something that has always been close to your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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