Best interior design trends of 2023

Best interior design trends of 2023

Interior design goes with the flow when it comes to trends. Each year, something new comes back around or a completely new concept is introduced. Finding the ones that suit your preferences is tricky as a homeowner or design enthusiast, so here are some of the best we’ve seen in 2023 so far.

Mixed metals

Combinations of metals are popular with designers looking to create an industrial look and feel in the home. Subtle inclusions through fixtures and fittings such as switches, door knobs, taps and lighting can provide a stunning contrast to other design features. More fundamental use in kitchens, cabinets and bookshelves can be all the more impressive.

Metals such as aluminium and steel provide a more functional and industrial aesthetic, while the brighter colours of copper, brass and gold can elevate a space with tantalising highlights and eye-catching elements.

Statement stone

As designers further pivot to natural materials, stone is enjoying its time in the spotlight. We’re not just talking polished and crafted stone here – rugged and uncut stone is starting to have a place in the home too. These features bring the natural world indoors and are a piece of art rather than just a functional object.

Sculptural tables can be a defining feature of a living room, while stunning worktops and brilliant backsplashes created from unusual stone, or at least stone effects, are a great look for luxury fitted kitchens. Where could you add stone to your home?

Neutral tones

Homeowners and designers alike haven’t been afraid to dominate spaces with neutral tones, whether they be warmer or cooler. With the prevalence of statement features, curvature in furniture and structures, and combinations of metals across the home, neutral tones all around provide a pleasing and balanced backdrop for the extravagance of individual highlights.

Soft creams, warm earthy colours and gentle blues and yellows are fabulous for a range of interior spaces. Try some neutral tones on your walls and see which takes your fancy.

Soft curvature

Curves are well and truly back. The modernist straight line and sharp-edged looks are fading away and we’re seeing the return of playful, comfy shapes around the home. Curved sofas, rugs, headboards, cabinetry and side tables help to soften a space, creating a more enticing and relaxed room.

We’ve even seen curves back in the form of archways, doors and windows which are perfect for creating a more seamless transition from room to room and from inside to outside.

Gold plated ceramics

While neutral colours are dominating, design features that bring a little more wow factor aren’t being pushed aside. Gold elements are increasing in popularity, with gold-plated ceramics the favourite at the minute. It’s a gentle way to infuse some luxury and elevate the feel of an interior without distracting from other elements.


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