Best DIY Shoe Rack Ideas to Help you Save Space

18 Best DIY Shoe Rack Ideas for An Organised Home

Decluttering and organizing your home from the ground up can be a therapeutic activity in itself. And most often, the area that needs cleaning the most is your closet. But unless you have a walk-in closet with a revolving shoe cabinet,organizing the space would need some serious creativity.

The problem often occurs with shoes, as most of us have way too many sneakers than we can count or store. You can spend a few hundred on a new organizer, or you can put in a little effort and make your very own cabinet. Many different materials can be used to make the most durable racks.

So here are someDIY shoe rack ideas that will go well with your aesthetics as well as keep your shoes safe.

1. Reclaimed Wood Cubby

A simple shoe organizer can easily be made with a few pieces of wood if you have a mind to it. These kinds of DIY shoe racks are usually made from reclaimed wood, such as a door or windows. The base is made of some discarded water pipes to give the cabinet a rustic look.

Reclaimed Wood Cubby.jpg

To get started, collect a couple of big, sturdy wooden planks. And then, along with a drill, some drill bits, and screws, you can make the structure at home cost-free. You can also jazz it up a little and a fresh coat of paint to the structure to make it look brand new.

2. Crown Molding in The Closet

Making a rack out of crown molding is quite easy if you know how to do it. The entire structure can be put up free of charge with the right materials. And if you are in the process of remodeling, you are sure to have some extra molding available, making the process cost-free.

Crown Molding in The Closet

While choosing crown molding for your shoe rack, remember to get the ones that stick out of the wall. Otherwise, your shoes will not be stable once hung up and may fall occasionally. You can also install molding near the ceiling of your closet to save space on the walls.

3. Baskets and Tables

If you have no space to store your shoes individually, just store and organize them separately in baskets. This simple DIY shoe rack idea just needs 2 pieces of furniture to turn into an effective storage unit. The first thing you need is some wicker baskets that are big and covered.

Baskets and Tables.jpg

A set of 3 wicker baskets near the front door look cute and inviting. But you can also use any regular basket and store them under a bench to be kept out of sight. As each family member gets their own designated basket, every pair would be accounted for.

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4. Wall-Mounted Rack

If you have issues with space around your home, a wall-mounted shoe rack would be the solution to that. Apart from keeping the floor free of spilled slippers, it also helps keep your shoes smelling fresh. The ventilation helps with the humidity and hygienically stores your favorite pairs.

Wall-Mounted Rack.jpg

Wooden racks are the most common of the various kinds of racks that can be used to store shoes. You can also use other models that are more fashionable and turns your shoes into a statement wall decor. You can make your shoes stand vertically or lay them parallel to the ground on mounted metal sheets for display.

5. PVC Pipes for Organising

An innovative way to store your shoes in your home is using PVC pipes as storage units. The method is quite simple, just get some pipes and a hot glue gun, along with some binder clips. Remember to get pipes with a large diameter so that your shoes can fit in them comfortably. You also have to get them cut at a uniform length to make your structure symmetrical.

The best thing about this DIY shoe rack is that it can be made into a wall-mounted rack as well. Use as many uniform pieces as you want and create a unique design with them. Stick the pipes together with hot glue and drill them into the wall for extra support.

6. Ladder Racks

If you have a couple of leftover planks from other projects, you might want to think about making a shoe rack. And a very economical DIY in terms of cabinets is a ladder that can store a bunch of your prized sneakers. With just a couple of thin planks, you will now have a unique place to store, organize and display your shoes.

Ladder Racks

These ladders will not be all-purpose, meaning they will not hold heavy amounts of weight. But that doesn’t mean it will not be sturdy and will last for a long time. And as a bonus, they can be made in one afternoon.

7. Stacked Up Wooden Crates

A cool project to undertake while setting up your home is to make certain furniture and fixtures yourself. This way, the entire house will have a personal and endearing touch to it. A material that is often used in these home projects is wooden crates. And a DIY shoe rack can easily be made with a bunch of them.

Stacked Up Wooden Crates.jpg

Wooden crates have a rustic appeal to them, and furniture made out of them suit most aesthetics. So, to make use of these handy cases, put a few of them together to make a big shoe cabinet. The structure is bound to last you a long time with very little maintenance.

8. Skateboard Shelves

Your home may have a lot of toys that your children have outgrown. These toys are often thrown away or donated. But here is a DIY that will help you convert your old toys into brand-new storage units. The idea is to use old skateboards and turn them into shelves.

Skateboard Shelves

All you need are some old skateboards, a screwdriver, and a few screws. The method involves taking precise measurements so that the distance between the two boards would fit your shoes easily. There are many videos available on YouTube that will help you complete the project in a day.

9. Floating Racks

You have surely seen the racks in stores where they display their popular items proudly. But that is not just for stores, as you too can show off your prized sneakers collection with a little DIY. Although, this idea for a shoe rack only works to display and organize, and not store a huge amount of shoes.

Floating Racks

All you need for a creative display is some sturdy and economical floating brackets. You can dedicate an entire wall to your collection, and it is sure to grab the attention of your guests. This DIY shoe rack is especially for those with a knack for shopping.

10. Paint Buckets

As mentioned earlier, an uncommon shape for shoe racks is circles, where the popular material is a pipe. But you can also use other materials like paint cans to store your shoes. This is especially useful if you are undergoing a renovation process and are repainting the rooms. You are then sure to have lots of empty containers.

_Paint Buckets

A DIY shoe rack like this will require a little forethought. You can affix individual paint cans to your closet wall with screws, or you can choose a bunch of different shapes. Just make sure the length of each can is the same, and you can achieve that by sawing off the end of the buckets.

11. Black Stackable Rack

Stackable racks are a staple and are used in almost every home. The reason behind it is very simple; they can store a lot of stuff in the different tiers. To get more than enough space in your shoe rack to accommodate all your shoes, you can easily use a stackable rack.

Black Stackable Rack

And instead of investing in a new rack, you can repurpose some old racks you have lying around. All it would need is a fresh coat of paint to become new and fashionable.

Pro Tip: Paint the material black so that it would suit any aesthetic.

12. Metal Rods for a Stand

Some of the simplest DIY shoe rack ideas include metal rods as the stand. These are not just strong but can also be found almost anywhere. And mounting them on walls can even free up space around the house. Metal rods are also aesthetic and suit most homes despite theme and color.

Metal Rods for a Stand

Metal shoe racks are the best option for apartments because they solve the issue and spacing. And with this simple design, you can now easily make a metal shoe stand for your wall. Just remember not to get any dirt on the walls as you hang your worn shoes on them.

13. Spinning Susan Stand

If you love shopping for shoes, you have surely noticed the stylish ways shoes are displayed in stores. And one of those remarkable displays includes a cylindrical rotating structure that forces each person to focus on the beautiful shoes. The type is similar to those of the lazy susans we see in kitchens but on a much larger scale.

Spinning Susan Stand

Just remember, though, the stand may look complicated, but this DIY shoe rack is decidedly not. All you will need are some boards, wood glue, and turn tables. There are videos on YouTube that will guide you till the end. And with a little tweak, you will have your very own shoe rack.

14. Boot Organiser

Wooden pegs are amazing at keeping your shoes separate and organized. They are especially beneficial for heavy-duty pairs like outdoor boots. Therefore, you can also add a rack with wooden pegs just outside your front door to avoid dirt being trailed in. Another option is the entryway, where your family can just grab them on the way out.

Boot Organiser.jpg

As a DIY shoe rack, this idea is not at all complicated. The installation is very easy; you just have to assemble the piece and hang it anywhere you want. The closet is also a great place to hang your children’s boots as then they can always be found.

15. DIY Shoe Closet

A DIY shoe rack that is bound to excel beyond expectation is a closet solely for shoes. This project is not for the faint-hearted, and it will require much time and effort. But in the end, you will have a sturdy structure that can withstand anything. It is also the safest way to store and organize your shoes carefully.

DIY Shoe Closet

Shoe closets are classic storage options and are often made of wood. They also have lots of tiny compartments to separate all kinds of shoes, from slippers to boots. The doors can be pulled or slid to the side for access.

16. Cardboard Cubbies

A budget DIY that is sure to suit everyone is a cardboard case to store shoes. The concept used is that cardboard is usually readily available everywhere. You can use pieces and bind them together or craft them with a couple of cardboard boxes. These cubbies may not look sturdy, but they are perfectly safe and can even hold your heavy boots.

Cardboard Cubbies

To make a unique structure economically, you only need some cardboard, plastic corner guards, and double-sided tape. You can also paint the exterior for a finished look that suits the theme of your apartment.

17. Store on The Door

A closet door is a place that, when utilized, can be of great benefit. You can store a lot of items by building some racks on the door itself. The easiest way to store your shoes there would be to create an intricate grid of metal rods that support the items. Or you can go for the easier route and buy a hanger rack for over-the-door storage.

Store on The Door

Another popular choice for shoe storage in this space is plastic suctioned shoe holders. They are not generic but can make for a handy DIY shoe rack with the right instructions.

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18. Utilize the Corners

The four corners of rooms often go empty as most furniture does not fit there. So if you are looking for a way to utilize this space, opt for some DIY shoe rack ideas that fit right in that spot. A tall metal rack would store your shoes in tiers without crowding up the space. Another innovative shape is that of a quarter circle which can store many shoes at once.

Utilize the Corners

By making a cabinet with the exact measurements of your intended space, you can easily avoid mistakes. This way, your personalized rack would be something that cannot be found anywhere else.

Wrapping Up!

If you are someone who has more shoes than you know what to do with, you need a good shoe rack. It will change the very look of your closet and turn it into the most organized place in your home. The best thing about a project like this is you can virtually make it for free. A DIY shoe rack made with some reclaimed wood would be very economical as well as beautiful.

You can also forgo making one from scratch and just put together a few wicker baskets underneath a table. But whatever you decide, choosing among these DIYs will surely make your effort worth the cause. But to know more about home decor and brilliant DIYs, Comment below, and let us know about your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Material to Make a Shoe Rack?

A shoe rack can be made from many different materials. However, some are more durable than others. The most common choice is usually wood, and the high-end ones are constructed from quality materials like Sheesham wood and oakwood. They are solid and can be carved into any shape you want.

Which Corner is Best for The Shoe Rack?

If Vastu Shastra is to be considered, the best position of a shoe rack is the west or southwest corner of your house. East or north sides are to be strictly avoided, even if the entrance of your home falls on that particular side.

Is It Better to Keep Shoes in Boxes or Out?

When DIY shoe racks are to be considered, you should also remember that shoes should be stored carefully. Piling them at your doorstep is a surefire way to ruin them. So, to protect your shoes from damage and humidity, store them in individual cardboard boxes.

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