Are There Specific Brands Known for Their Floral Sofas

Are There Specific Brands Known for Their Floral Sofas?

Are you a great fan of floral designs and prints? Do you love to see flowers in the gardens and inside your home as furniture pieces?

Well, in that case, you would be glad to know that floral sofas are back in trend but with fresh color schemes and new patterns. Floral-styled sofas remind us of English cottage core decor themes and are an excellent way to create home decor inspired by nature’s very best elements – flowers.

So, if you are planning to get some new floral sofa sets for your home, we have compiled a list of brands that can help you acquire floral design couches.

Top Brands Selling Floral Sofa

You can go through the list one by one to spot the exact pattern and design of the floral sofa you want to get for your home.

1. Lemon/Bird Floral James Settee by One Kings Lane

Lemon/Bird Floral James Settee by One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is a popular brand that brings customizable handcrafted furniture products with pieces ranging from classic to contemporary design. Available in various handpicked fabrics, hardware, and finishes, the James Settee is a traditional settee available in white/lemon color. This piece of upholstery is made to order.

It is made of a European Beech frame and trimmed in polished silver nailheads. The upholstery comprises 55% linen and 45% viscose. Furthermore, the hardware is steel. You can get this outstanding piece bound to catch all eyes for a good price.

2. Pendel Sofa by Pinch

Pendel Sofa by Pinch

Wow, so this peppy sofa can be yours at a very good price. Available at The Future Perfect, this Pendel sofa comes with a low back. Made for tight spots, areas in front of bay or bow windows, and even secondary perches. Customers can order this piece as an armchair and also as a footstool.

This piece can add glamor to your living space instantly. Made to order, the materials used to make this furniture piece are a solid wood frame with foam cushion, and the legs are made of white oak wood or black American walnut.

3. Artemis Velvet Navarre Sofa by House of Hackey

Artemis Velvet Navarre Sofa by House of Hackey

If you want something grand and directly inspired by the 19th-century designer William Morris’s designs, you could order this House of Hackey’s Artemis Velvet Navarre Sofa for a good price.

The fabric used is velvet in this made-to-order two-seater sofa. This two-seater sofa exudes glamor and luxury. The color combination is specially chosen to express richness. It uses an opulent Bronze background shade combined with pink and periwinkle blue flower patterns. It also comes with button-back curved arms and a tasseled trim in block colors.

4. Classic Sofa by Havenly

Classic Sofa by Havenly

You can shop this fabulous floral sofa piece at The Inside for a very good price. This classic sofa by Havenly has a one-year warranty and is made to order. You will have every assistance from the store right from unwrapping, assembly, and cleaning up.

Made of sustainable materials, the Delft Chintz fabric is entirely cotton, and it features a t-shaped back cushion with a caster leg. The caster leg is given a finish of antique brass. Customers can choose from a range of fabric designs to leg colors.

What Are the Different Types of Sofas?

If you want to make sofas a part of our home, here are the different kinds of designs you must be aware of.

  • English Sofas – The most prominent characteristics of these couches are rolled couch arms, standout couch legs, and deep seating. These can help you achieve a bold statement-making furniture piece for your living space.
  • Vintage Sofas – Vintage sofas are made of wood frames and signature velvet fabric, portraying stunning floral prints.
  • Floral Chintz Sofas – Chintz sofas are characterized by their shiny and glamorous finish. They also come in brighter shades and hues.

Final Words

We hope you loved our suggestions. The use of floral designs in furniture and upholstery pieces witnessed a height during the 19th century when William Morris romanticized the English farmhouse living style amid the Industrial Revolution.

The medieval decor style promptly brought the beauty of flora and fauna into focus. Florals remained popular throughout the early 20th century, but they started losing their charm from the 1980s until now.

However, sofas are making their way back to busy living again, and with the brands that we have suggested above, you could easily lay your hands on a floral patterned couch or settee or just an armchair.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Were Floral-Themed Sofas Popular?

The trend started distinctly in the 19th century and reached its height of popularity in the 1950s when floral drapery and upholstery became prominent elements of fashion and home decor.

Are Floral Couches Making a Comeback?

Yes, floral-themed sofas are returning, reporting a 60% increase in online searches for the keyword compared to previous times. People are probably drawn to the comfort and nostalgia that floral patterns bring to any space. They also bring in the freshness of nature inside your home.

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