7 Creative Ways to Style a White Drawer Nightstand

7 Creative Ways to Style a White Drawer Nightstand

Moving furniture around is one of the simplest ways to breathe fresh life into a space. But let’s face it, purchasing new furniture can be costly—most nightstands in stores can run you hundreds of dollars!

However, what if purchasing something isn’t actually necessary to obtain anything new? What if a quick makeover of your nightstands is all you need to do to transform the appearance of your bedroom entirely?

These seven inventive methods can help you turn your white drawer nightstand into a chic feature piece.

1. Minimalist Elegance

If you value a simple, uncluttered design, your whitewashed nightstand may be styled with minimalist components to produce a calm and elegant ambiance. A sleek, contemporary light in a neutral hue and basic design is a good place to start.

Keep the surface neat by adding a single ornamental piece, such as a geometric sculpture or a little potted plant. Together with being useful as décor, a stack of two or three attractive books might make light reading for bedtime.

Select a color scheme that goes well with the white nightstand, such as subdued greens, gentle grays, or natural wood textures.

2. Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

Combine different textures, patterns, and colors to create a boho style. Place a patterned, vibrant tray on top of the nightstand to organize tiny objects like candles or jewelry.

Place a woven basket next to or below the nightstand to provide extra storage and a hint of natural texture. Add some unusual décor, such as a little macramé wall hanging, a collection of crystals, a pile of colorful books, and an old lamp or lantern.

Two other accessories that might add to the bohemian atmosphere are a fringed throw blanket thrown over the side or a hanging dreamcatcher.

3. Modern Glamour

Emphasize metallic highlights and abundant materials for a glamorous touch. Choose a striking lamp with a steel base or a style reminiscent of a crystal chandelier to start.

A tiny arrangement of fresh flowers, a fragrant candle, or a pair of stylish coasters would look great displayed on a mirrored tray. To finish the ensemble, choose up a few sophisticated accessories like a chic jewelry box or a gold picture frame.

Consider hanging a stylish mirror with a metallic frame over the nightstand or adding a wall art piece to enhance its look further.

4. Rustic Charm

By adding components that convey a warm, rural atmosphere, you may add rustic appeal to your white nightstand. Choose a vintage-styled metal or wooden light to start.

To arrange little things, including a worn-out or antique-looking tray. Use some natural accents to decorate, such as a tiny potted plant, a bunch of dried lavender, or a mason jar full of fresh flowers.

A stack of classic novels or books with vintage style can also enhance the rustic appeal. A wooden box or woven basket beneath the nightstand may provide more storage and texture.

5. Scandinavian Simplicity

The concept of the style derived from the Scandinavian countries is minimalism, practicality, and the use of organic materials. Select a simple lamp that has clean lines and reflects the functions of modern lamps.

Do not overcrowd the surface; limit the items at the bedside to basic ones, for instance, a plant, a ceramic plate for jewels, or even a simple alarm clock. Choose white, gray, and natural woods to keep the scheme natural and provide a more tranquil feel with minimal and clean lines.

It is best to complement the area with a pile of knitted throws and a sheepskin rug, which brings out the warmth and comfort that are normally associated with Scandinavian styling.

6. Vintage Vibes

To create a vintage-inspired nightstand, focus on incorporating antique or retro items. Start with a lamp that has a vintage design, such as a classic brass or porcelain base with a fabric shade. Add a decorative tray or dish with a vintage pattern to hold small items.

Decorate with a mix of old and new, such as a stack of vintage books, a small clock with an antique design, or a framed black-and-white photograph. A lace doily or a piece of vintage fabric can add a nostalgic touch to the nightstand’s surface.

7. Coastal Cool

To achieve a coastal decorative style, use features that will allow you to create an atmosphere of sea and sandy beaches. It is preferable to have a lamp with the touch of the sea, for instance, a lamp whose base is a rope or a water-filled glass lamp surrounded by shells.

Include another ‘marine’ tray to support the keeping of things such as shells, a starfish, or a fragment of wood washed ashore.

One can use a small potted plant or a vase with some grass collected on the beach to give the feel of green in the house.

It is also advised to incorporate a piece of coastal art or framed seaboard photograph near the nightstand as well in order to maximize the manifestation of this theme.


A white drawer nightstand is a piece of furniture that can be easily placed and decorated in several unique ways based on your preference and your bedroom interior design.

Regardless of the homeowner’s stylistic preference, from classic to contemporary, from traditional to eclectic, this indispensable piece of furniture offers vast opportunities to become the conversation starter of your room.

Depending on the kind of decorative items that you choose and where you place them, you can easily turn your white drawer nightstand into a style statement.

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