22 Beautiful Staircase Decorations to Try This Christmas

22 Beautiful Staircase Decorations to Try This Christmas

No matter how old you grow, the Christmas season will evoke a different spirit and energy in you. It urges you to wake up early on Christmas morning and rush to the tree to look for gifts and see the decorations.

If you are a design enthusiast, you will look for all the decorations throughout the house, including those on the staircases. A well-decorated staircase (twinkling lights or lush strands of garland) can uplift your mood.

Depending on where your staircase is located, a simple, seasonal sprucing can double as a decorative factor. This blog will suggest various stairway decorating ideas you can consider.

From maximalist masterpieces to pared-back arrangements, the decor ideas are so aesthetically pretty and attractive that you’ll stop by the stairway to appreciate the view!

These Christmas Decorations are Perfect for the Stairs

It will be a waste if you don’t do any banister Christmas decorations. And if you are someone not very enthusiastic about decorations, then we have some essential suggestions for you –

Festive Wreaths

They go with anything and everything. They can be hung on doors, walls, and even stairs. It will look nice if you hang the wreaths from the post at the bottom of the stairs or have several displayed across the railing.

Classic Garlands

Whatever you do with the garlands, whether you drape them over the railing or place them at the base of the banister, it always looks beautiful. Make sure the shape, size, and overall design are highlighted.

Tree Ornaments

Do you have ornaments left after decorating your Christmas tree? Then use them to decorate the stairs. For example, you could use the hanging globes, stars, and so on and place them on the corners of the handrails facing outwards.

String Lights

It is so beautiful that everyone lights up their home for Christmas. Furthermore, it wouldn’t feel festive if the sparkling string lights weren’t used to decorate the streets. You can use the string lights to decorate your staircase as well. You can wrap the lights around the handrail, incorporate them in a garland, or drape them over the stairs like a waterfall.

Cozy Candles

If you are looking for a more comfortable, cozy, and warm setting at home during Christmas, then candles are your best option. Have a few placed on the steps or grouped up around the banister at the base of the staircase.

Banister Christmas Decorations Ideas

1. Add a Jingle


You can consider adding a few jingle bells to the bottom of your steps after covering the railings with garland. So, every time you are passing through or by it, you may be blessed to hear sweet chimes with the help of the wind. What a sweet treat to the ears!

2. Garland with Rustic Pine Cone Decorations

Garland with Rustic Pine Cone Decorations

If you are a craft enthusiast and love making things yourself, then craft a beautiful Christmas garland yourself. It should be based on your staircase, which perfectly suits your staircase railing. You can use something like magnolia and boxwood leaves, pine cones, ribbon, and a bit of fabric to add texture to it. This one would give out a very boho and chic vibe.

P.S.: If you have kids at home, this could be a fun Christmas activity for all.

3. Evergreen Staircase Garland and Bundles of Bells

Evergreen Staircase Garland and Bundles of Bells

Besides the usual use of bright color garlands to decorate your staircase, why not go with a simple evergreen garland? You can add string lights to the design to ensure that it is bright and colorful. Add other ornaments to the design if you want it grander. For instance, a bundle of bells is added at the bottom of the stairs, making the banister Christmas decor even more beautiful.

4. Use Ribbons

ribbons for banister Christmas decorations staircase

The usage of ribbons for banister Christmas decorations can never go out of trend. You can decorate the staircase with garlands and add ribbons in between them. The ribbons can be placed from bottom to top in a way that draws your eye downward to upward.

5. Mix and Match

mix and match staircase decorations

Sometimes, sticking to effortless, timeless, and classic decorations for the staircase can be the best choice. It can also give out the perfect traditional Christmas feeling. A simple strand of fresh garland on the stair railings with red cardinals dotted can be the most authentic design. You can further incorporate fresh Christmas trees, berries, and magnolia leaves to add more charm to the decor.

6. Use Little Red Lanterns

little red lanterns staircase

If you want to bring uniqueness to the decor after placing the garland over the railings, you can place red lanterns at the top of every other stair to elevate the decor. It will look wonderful in the dark. You can additionally set up a small table with a bucket of flowers in the corner downstairs.

7. Velvet Ribbons

velvet ribbon decorated stairs

If your home has small stairs, then try a combination of garland and ribbons. Surround the railings in evergreen garland (in an unconventional manner) and add multicolored ribbons in between. Shades of orange and red ribbons are suggested. The decor will look grander with lights placed in the corner.

8. A Mix of Fresh and Faux Greenery

Mix of Fresh and Faux Greenery

If your stairs are of the color combination of black and white, then this decor is for you. Start decorating your staircase by adding faux garland (for the base) and then layering it with fresh-cut greenery. To complete the look, you will have to mist it daily!

9. Dried Citrus

dried citrus

Are you looking for more rustic Christmas decorations? Then try adding a few pieces of dried citrus both on the staircase and the Christmas tree. You can hang them on the handrailing in every other railing, giving it some equal space in between. The look is completed when dried citrus is added to the Christmas tree as well.

10. Metallic Stairway

Metallic Stairway

Do you want to skip the usual red and green color palette while doing the Christmas decor? Then try a more metallic look. Start with placing twig garland around the stair railings. Then add butterfly decals and ball-shaped ornaments against the twig garland.

11. Magnolia Leaf Garland

Magnolia Leaf Garland

Use a magnolia leaf garland to decorate your stair railings rather than the usual evergreen garland. This will stand out and add to the look if it is wood railings. If you like a simple, plain, and understated look, then you can go with this decor idea.

12. Stocking Switch-Up

Stocking Switch-Up

You can either consider hanging stockings stuffed with things on your staircase, or you can opt for coffee mugs (mini ones) to hang them on your staircase. Hang them on your staircase with the help of ribbons and fill them with candy and other festive knickknacks.

13. Card Display

card display

This is another decor idea recommended for the ones who like DIYs or have kids at home. You can either make Christmas cards or cut out images of various things you associate Christmas with (like gifts, stockings, etc.) and glue them onto a white card. Use ribbons to hang them to the side of the railings downwards. This gives a very jolly and fun vibe.

14. Use Colorful Christmas Ornaments

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

Use colorful ornaments to add grandeur to the stairway decor. Tie Christmas ball ornaments to a ribbon and place them on the exterior of the railings. To elevate the look, place candles and other decor items of your choice in the corner of the downstairs.

15. Accent Lighting Using Christmas Garlands

Accent Lighting Using Christmas Garlands

Elevate your Christmas decor by normally placing an evergreen garland in a ‘U-shaped’ manner by adding string white lights around the garland. Then add ribbons to complete the look at every edge of the garland on the railing.

16. Berries and Ornaments

 Berries and Ornaments

How about some greenery and berries? First, place evergreen garland over the railings. Then, complete the look with doses of berries, and other leftover ornaments.

17. Retro Display

Retro Display

The railings can be decorated with basic pine garland as the base and ornaments over it. An otherwise simple pine garland display can be given a retro touch by placing bulbs and a vintage game-day pennant beneath the stairs.

18. DIY Paper Garland

DIY Paper Garland staircase decorated

All you need is a simple template to bring this look to life. You can begin by preparing a template of a leaf or so, using different colored papers, and cutting a bunch of them. Then, make a garland out of it and cover the railings with it.

19. Embrace Letters and Cards

Embrace Letters and Cards

Firstly, decorate the staircase with garland and other ornaments. Add Christmas cards with some clothespins to add style and sentiment to the decoration. You can either use vintage postcards (to give it a retro look), or you can use freshly delivered cards and letters.

20. Holiday Neutrals

Holiday Neutrals

How about a neutral palette on top of a clean, minimal backdrop? All you will have to do is hang some wreaths with earthy elements in a line at the bottom of the steps (they should be placed at an equal distance for them to look organized and symmetric).

21. Stack Presents on the Steps

Stack Presents on the Steps

How about adding some fun to the banister Christmas decorations? Place gifts at every step of the staircase. Either you can place real gifts and play some fun Christmas games, or you can stuff paper inside and wrap it as a gift.

22. Add Marquee Lights

marquee lights

After decorating your stair railings with garland and other ornaments, you can place vintage-inspired marquee letters on the steps, like how ‘Ho Ho Ho has been used above.

These are the best 22 suggestions for you to invoke the Christmas spirit in your banister Christmas decoration. We hope this helps you get started with the Christmas preparation. It’s the Christmas season already!

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