What is Pierre Jeanneret Chairs & Where to Find Replicas

What is Pierre Jeanneret Chairs & Where to Find Replicas

Have you seen Pierre Jeanneret’s chairs around the city? Do you also wonder why his chairs are becoming so popular and what is so special about them? Or if you want to learn more about the important figure in the furniture industry. Then hold on to this article to know more.

A furniture designer and architect who impressed the whole world with its simple yet highly functional furniture. His designs and the history related to his furniture are very intriguing. The designer’s name is Pierre Jeanneret. His impeccable designs and thoughts of sustainability behind them earned him great respect in the furniture industry.

Now that we know who the designer was behind the famous Jeanneret’s chairs, let us now learn more about him. And how he came to design the chairs which is the center of attraction in the house nowadays, especially in celebrity homes. If you also wish to add this piece of furniture to your house, do not worry, as we will provide you with all the information on where to find the original and the replicas of the Pierre Jeanneret chair.

Who is Pierre Jeanneret?

So let’s start with the beginning, with the man behind the chair himself. Pierre Jeanneret was a swiss-born architect and furniture designer born in Geneva in 1896. After attending the school of fine arts, “Ecole des Beaux-Arts,” he became a renowned architect and, along with other famous architects, created iconic furniture designs.

Pierre jeanneret in his office at the Panjab University

His cousin, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, aka Le Corbusier, was also a famous architect and designer. Jeanneret worked along with his brother for most of his career. His brother was very happy to pass his creative experiences to him. Their partnership began in 1922 when the two opened an architectural practice with the other designer friend, Charlotte Perriand, from 1927-1937.

In 1926, Le Corbusier and Jeanneret published their paper, “Five Points Towards New Architecture,” in which they gave a detailed description of the principles of their architectural approach. One example of this description is, The Villa Savoye, on the outskirts of Paris, France.

Pierre Jeanneret Le Corbusier

After separating during World War 2, the design world rejoiced as both of them reunited again in the 1950s. They joined forces for the project to design Chandigarh city, the capital state of Punjab, and Haryana, India. Le Corbusier was in charge of the high-level design aspects like designing government buildings, parks, and residential, commercial, and industrial areas. And Jeanneret was in charge of prosecuting ideas.

And during this golden time, he produced the most effortless and stylish chair that is being highly appreciated by the masses in today’s minimalist enthusiast’s age.

The Pierre Jeanneret Chair

pierre jeanneret easy chair chandigarh 1965-1967

One of his most significant contributions to the city’s redesign was the furniture. Jeanneret used premium quality teak to design the chair during the 1950s. The teak that was used in the chairs was bug and humidity resistant and was perfect for the hot and humid climate of the city. He also used locally sourced bamboo, iron rod, cotton, and upholstery. He employed the city’s artisans and craftsmen to produce the furniture. Thus after a lot of hard work, he produced a teak wood chair with V-shaped legs, cane seating and backing, and wood armrests.

The swiss designer Jeanneret’s purpose behind making the famous “Chandigarh Chair” was to create an item of comfortable seating furniture for the officials in the government offices. The chairs were sturdy and robust in structure. The chairs reflected the idea of prioritizing simplicity and efficiency over embellishments.

In the 1980s, the city began to deteriorate, and much of Jeanneret’s furniture was left to rot in the humid surroundings of the city. As a result, the chairs were sold in auctions at a very low cost. But after the European designers found the understated masterpiece of furniture on the streets, they started to export these chairs to their own country for refurbishment. As a result, the chair appeared in many reputed design magazines, which led to its sudden fame. And now collectors are trying to retain the original structure of the chair, while others have started making replicas of the original one.

Pierre Jeanneret Chair

Where To Find the Pierre Jeanneret Chairs?

If you also want to upgrade your home’s decor with Pierre Jeanneret’s chair, then we have made a list for you as to where you can find these chairs. Fortunately, some dealers have retained the structure of the original chair and are selling it after a few finishings. And if you are on a budget, do not worry; we have some great options for you. A few of the sites are mentioned below for your reference.

The Original Jeanneret chair

This point is very important for you if you are a connoisseur of vintage items. However, if you want to give your home a minimalistic and modern style, then you can look at the following sites where they have retained the structure of the original chair.

original jeanneret chair

They are selling the original piece but with a few retouches to enhance the chair’s look. The sites are 1stDibs and Dimo chairs. The areas are up-and-coming and provide the original chair with the best quality.

Jeanneret chair

The Replicas of the Pierre Jeanneret Chair

This is for the people who want to include this timeless and modern design in their dining room, living room, or guest room but are restricted by the steep costs of the original chairs. Because of the massive demand for these chairs in the market, many replicas are being produced. The replicated chairs give a close resemblance to the original chairs.

If you are on a budget, then these sites are your best friends who will provide you with the best options to choose from. So let us see what the below sites have in store for us.


Etsy is an American e-commerce company mainly focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. They are famous for their home decor items. They provide some excellent quality Pierre Jeanneret-inspired chairs in an affordable price range. They have numerous varieties in their Jeanneret collection for you to shop from. Do check to get some fantastic decor at a reasonable price.Jeanneret chair


Wayfair is also an e-commerce company that sells home and furniture goods online. From Jeanneret’s inspired armchair to Jeanneret velvet armchair, this site has excellent choices of variations in their collection. Other than the affordable pricing, this site provides you with the same Chandigarh chair structure with a few alterations to enhance the look of your home.

Pierre Jeanneret Arm Chair in Natural Blonde

Scout and Nimble

Scout and nimble is a company with various collections of furniture items. They provide specially curated furniture items to make high-class designs accessible to everyone, especially designers for sourcing out. The Jeanneret collection is one of the best in their company.

Pierre Jeanneret design Office Chair Object Embassy

France and Son

France and Son is a company that specializes in mid-century furniture and home decor. That is why it is a perfect place to look for the Pierre-inspired furniture collection. And the good news is that it’s available in a reasonable price range. And you can never go wrong with incorporating some vintage pieces in your home. It develops a particular character for your home.



It is a company that designs and sells home furnishing items. They are known for selling replicas of the original pieces. It has its stores and catalogs too. So if you wish to have the mid-century modernistic style at your house, then do check out the collection. For example, their “Kroy Cane Back Dining Armchair” is heavily inspired by mid-century furniture. You can see through their pieces of furniture to find the perfect one for you.



The company is top-rated for its lighting and hardware services. They have a beautiful tuttle leather and caned lounge chair that resembles the Pierre Jeanneret chair so much. It would be best if you gave this option a try.

Pierre Jeanneret chair


This can come as unexpected, but Target also has some pretty good chairs which resemble the Jeanneret chair. For people on a budget, this is the best option to purchase from.



Now that you have looked everywhere, one site you cannot miss is Amazon. No doubt, it has everything that an average person needs. So finding a Pierre Jeanneret chair replica on Amazon cannot be that complicated, right? Well, yes, amazon does have some pretty nice options for mid-century-inspired chairs.


We learned about the great pioneer of the furniture design industry. Who he was, and how he created the most beautiful timeless design for the chair. The chair’s demand has escalated quickly and has become a staple furniture piece in homes.

This minimalist and modern chair can win anyone’s heart. So naturally, we thought that this chair must have been on your wishlist, so that is why we curated the list of the sites on which it is available.

So go ahead and search on these sites for your perfect Pierre Jeanneret chair that would suit your home decor. We hope that you liked the history as well as the design of the chair.

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