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21 Feminine Living Room Decor Ideas for a Chic Home

The feminine decor exudes charm and chic. There are many types of interior designs for a living room, but this one can surely swoon you with its delicate accents. If you also want your interiors to be packed with the same elegance and beauty, then this article is for you.

The Feminine decor has its sophistication and adds a little warmth to the place. Having this kind of decor can lighten up the living room of your house. The living room of the house is the most crucial place as it sums up the vibe of the entire house. And if you want your house energy to be dreamy and chic, then this interior design might be your perfect fit. And who doesn’t love a house with welcoming energy, right?

Here we have curated a list of a few elements which will give you some girly living room ideas. In this list, there is something for everyone, so let’s go ahead.

Feminine Decor Living Room Elements

1. Pastels

Pastels are a great choice for feminine interior decor. The light shades of colors provide a soft, dreamy, and charming vibe to the room. Pastel shades of pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green add a calm and feminine feel to your living room. The theme set in pastels for the living room can evoke a lovely visual effect on the eyes. For a bolder look, go for a dark color paired with a light pastel shade.

Product Suggestions: Pastel-colored Wallpaper

pastel rooms lead

2. White Corner Sofa with Pink Pillows

A sofa is a pretty important thing in the living room. A white sofa is the best option for the living room, providing a calm aesthetics to the place. Pair the white corner sofa with the pink pillows to complete the feminine decor of the room.

Product Suggestions: White Sofa

white sofa with pillow guide

3. Beige Accented Chair

A Beige accented chair can be your perfect corner piece in the living room. You can pair it with the pastel shade pillow and a coffee table. It is a comfortable companion for your reading or coffee time in the evenings.

Product Suggestions: Beige-accented Chair

beige seafuloy accent chairs

A mirror is another interesting element in living room decor. The french decorations add a feminine touch to the space. Keeping an oversized french mirror in your living room is a great attraction piece that adds to the aesthetics of the room.

Product Suggestions: French Mirror

french mirror

5. Crystals and Sparkles

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their place, right? Adding some crystals or sparkles in the living room would be the most perfect girly living room idea. It can instantly uplift the mood of the room. So do add some bling with crystal chandeliers and centerpieces.

Product Suggestions: Chandelier

crystal chandelier

6. Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper would be an elegant choice for enhancing the feminine look of the living room. Floral wallpaper can evoke the girly mood of the place.

Product Suggestions: Floral Wallpaper

Eclectic floral wallpaper

7. Pink Toned Curtains

Pink curtains in the living room are the classic statement. This is the kind of element that can change the mood of your entire living room.

Product Suggestions: Pink Curtains

pink curtains

8. Parisian Accent Chair

You can add a Parisian accent chaise chair in your living room. It will provide you with a more seating place without ruining the decor.

Product Suggestions: Parisian Accent Chaise Chair

accent chaise chair

9. Lots of Flowers

You can add flowers to give that extra feminine touch to the living room. It will make the atmosphere fresh with its fragrance while looking beautiful. It can evoke the happy and girly mood of the place.

Product Suggestions: Benchmark Bouquets of Pink Roses and White Lilies

Benchmark Bouquets of Pink Roses and White Lilies

10. Gold-Accented Frame Art

If you have enough pastels and pink, you should try to add gold accents to your room for some extra royal vibe. It will provide a classic shine. Gold-accented frame art is the aptest girly living room idea.

Product Suggestions: Metal Wall Art Decor

metal wall art decor

11. Fashion Books on a Coffee Table

For every Fashionista, there must be some high fashion books in the living room. Fashion books on the coffee table might be a little thing, but it is an important element for a feminine space.

Product Suggestions: Fashion Books

fashion book

12. Chic French Furniture

Furniture in the living room is a must. And the french adorned furniture is the best girly living room idea that you can ever have. It is a classic element that never goes out of style.

Product Suggestions: Chic French Furniture

Soft powder blue feminine french provincial desk painted with eco friendly chalk style furniture paint

13. Marble Bistro Table

A marble bistro table which is mostly found in french cafes on the sidewalks, is a good element to add as a coffee table. This will be perfect for your quick breakfasts and relaxing coffee evenings.

Product Suggestions: Round Dining Table

round dinnig table

14. Some Natural Touch

You can give your living room a natural touch by adding Indoor plants and greenery to it. Feminine energy is in close relation to nature; hence, having some plants in your room will create the same energy.

Product Suggestions: Small Potted Plants Faux Eucalyptus Plants

Small Potted Plants Faux Eucalyptus Plants

15. Ruffles and Frills

If you also want to amp up your place a little, then ruffles and frills are the perfect way to do it. Some ruffle pillow covers or a table covered with frills are the fancy way to embrace the feminine decor in your living room.

Product Suggestions: White Window Panel Curtain Set

white window panel curtain set

16. Animal Prints

This one is for making a bold statement. Animal prints can look flattering if incorporated nicely into the living room. You can either add cheetah or leopard prints to give a little edgy effect to the living room.

Product Suggestions: Leopard Print Glass Vase

living room couch leopard print pillows

17. Add Plush and Furry

Some soft plush rug or a furry throw on the sofa can add a warm and comforting vibe to the living room. The softness of the materials will create a nice environment for everyone.

Product Suggestions: Arbosofe Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Arbosofe Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

18. Coral and Marble Touch

A coral and marble touch to the walls and furniture of the living room can give a nice pop of color. Both things complement each other very nicely.

Product Suggestions: MoKo Vanity Tray

moko vanity tray

19. Tufted Pink Bench

A pink tufted bench provides a nice look and can be used efficiently as a coffee table or seating space. It is a very good girly living room idea for decoration.

Product Suggestions: Tufted Pink Bench

tufted pink bench

20. Abstract Art on Walls

Art hanging on the walls can be a very personal thing for people. Abstract art is a perfect example of adding a little personality to the walls.

Product Suggestions: Abstract Painting

Modern Art Painting Print Canvas Wall Art Face Abstract Fine Art Print ron deri colorful abstract face bart

21. Gold Floor Lamp

To have that extra glow in your living room, add a good tall floor lamp made with gold accents. Gold is the best way to make a dull place shine a little.

Product Suggestions: Floor Lamp

reading floor lamp


Decorating your living room is a very personal thing. The interior design of each house is different because of the variety of the individual’s minds and preferences.

The feminine decor is a different style. For those who are looking for a chic update in their living room, then this is the style for you.

We hope that the above list gave some inspiration to amp up your living room with feminine decor. The process of visualizing, creating, and decorating your living room is so much fun. We hope you have a fun and enjoyable living room makeover.

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