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15 Glam Kitchen Ideas for an Fashionable Space

Your Kitchen is one of the most used home spaces and it should be a glam kitchen. It is also known as the “engine room” of the home. It is a place to prepare meals and for dining and storing.

And that is why like the rest of your home, your Kitchen should also look good. You can redecorate and remodel your kitchen space to make it more efficient, elegant, and glamorous.

So, if you are looking for ways to design or renovate your glam kitchen, then we have some ideas for your help.

Ideas For Designing Your Glam Kitchen

Here are some of the best design ideas that you might like to choose from.

1. Statement Fabric Seating

built in kitchen bench

A statement fabric design for the seating of a kitchen with glossy tiles on the walls and marble counters would give the Kitchen a modern farmhouse touch.

Product Suggestions: Statement Fabric Seating

2. Remodeling of Cabinet Uppers

Remodeling of Cabinet Uppers

You can remodel the upper cabinets of your Kitchen by putting glass walls with Fargo linings and a small curtain so that it blocks the excess sunlight when not needed. This could be done if the storage capacity of lower cabinets is enough to meet your storage needs and your kitchen walls are lined up with windows.

Product Suggestions: Cabinet Curtains

3. Dark Teal Cabinets

dark teal cabinets

If a white kitchen is not your choice, then you can prefer dark teal cabinets for your glam kitchen to give it a bold look.

Product Suggestions: Dark Teal Cabinets

4. Redesign the Storage Units

kitchens my lands

You can redesign your storage units according to the walls and windows of your glam kitchen and storage needs. This will create an appealing and classic combination.

Product Suggestions: Storage Units for Kitchen

You can have a look at some storage units for your glam kitchen from the link above and see which might be suitable for your Kitchen

5. Choosing an Adventurous Wallpaper

Choosing an Adventurous Wallpaper

When paired with painted cabinets and purple-veined marble, an adventurous wallpaper can give your glam kitchen a rich fancy look.

Product Suggestions: Adventurous Wallpapers for Kitchen

6. Ceiling Painting

painted ceilings

If your kitchen wall is architectural, painting the ceiling with the detailing and putting a chandelier on it and give your glam kitchen a classic and dramatic look.

Product Suggestions: Kitchen Ceiling Paint

7. Metal Rod of Gold

metal rod of gold

You can put a gold metal rod, especially if your kitchen walls are white or have marble backsplash. This rod could be used to hang various utensils in your glam kitchen.

Product Suggestions: Gold Metal Kitchen Hanging Rods

8. Glass Backsplash

glass backsplash

Using glass backsplash could give your glam kitchen a modern cosmopolitan look. If your Kitchen has lacquered cabinets, it goes perfectly with them.

Product Suggestions: Glass Backsplash for Kitchen

9. Serving Window

serving window

A serving window adds function as well as space to your glam kitchen. Installing it can make the space look wider and more open.

10. Having Open Shelves

having open shelves

You can give your glam kitchen an artsy look by putting open shelves. Keeping the utensils as well as decorating the walls with photos, candlesticks, etc., with the complementing retro red cabinets can give your Kitchen another classic look if you love experimenting more with the color.

Product Suggestions: Open Shelves for Kitchen

11. Plant Hangings

plant hanging

If you want your glam kitchen to be full of life and it has big open windows, then you can put on the plant hangings on the ceiling with painted beams and terra cotta floor tiles to give the Kitchen an easygoing and country-chick look.

Product Suggestions: Plant Hangers

12. Floor Paintings

floor paintings

If you have light colored kitchen theme and there are two complementing colors, then choose one color from the two that compliments the ambiance more and paint the kitchen floors with that. It enhances the theme and mood of your glam kitchen.

Product Suggestions: Floor Paints

13. Interior Glass Door Framing

black glass doors windors home design

If you want to split your Kitchen and the dining place, then putting interior glass door framing is one of the best choices for this purpose.

Product Suggestions: Interior Glass Door Frame for Kitchen

14. The French Brasserie Look

French bistro

You can give your glam kitchen a French Brasserie look by putting brass accents and grillers around the stovetop and putting the white pendant lights and storage baskets, and designer table dress. This gives your glam kitchen a classic traditional mixed with a modern touch.

Product Suggestions: White Pendant Lights for the Kitchen, Storage Baskets for the Kitchen, and Designer Table Dressing for the Kitchen.

15. The Marblework

luxury large modern white marble kitchen united with dining room

Do not hesitate to do loads of marble work in your Kitchen. You can put marble floors, backsplash, slabs, etc. And many more to make the Kitchen look modern, classic, and airy.

Product Suggestions: Marble Flooring, Marble Backsplash, Marble Slabs.

You can not only choose some of the ideas that suit your glam kitchen but also optimize or redesign your glam kitchen according to some ideas that you might already have in your mind.

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