Gorgeous Marble Bathrooms with Black Fixtures

21 Gorgeous Marble Bathrooms with Black Fixtures

Are you designing your bathroom and wondering what fixtures you can apply? A bathroom with black fixtures can be attractive and exciting, but you might have a lot to choose from the existing trendy patterns. In this blog, you can have a look at some smart ideas commonly used and also learn how to get that installed in your bathroom having white marble fixtures.

Marble Bathrooms With Black Fixtures

1. White Marble Bathroom and Black Mirror

Having a white bathroom made from marble would be an additional advantage. You can choose black-colored fixtures like a mirror, tap, soap stand, and also flower stand. You can install black switchboards, hand-black toilet holder stands, and towel racks in black.

white marble bathroom and black mirror

2. Marble Bathroom with Dark Fixtures

Some bathrooms are elongated and have white marble flooring and walls out of the same material. The tap fixtures, the light fixtures, and the frame of the door are all black metallic and give an alluring look. The abundance of white and little black is a great combination to look up to.

marble bathroom with dark fixtures

3. Bathroom Having Black Mirror

Having a white background, white ceramic bathtub, white wash basin, and adorned with black metallic fixtures could look glamorous as ever. Adding a  metallic frame to a mirror can make it look magnificent. You may attach a black colored metallic towel hanger or a rack. Add a black colored bathroom and a mat to add a glamor factor.

bathroom having black mirror

4. Bathroom with a Black Frame

A bathroom having marble flooring and walls looks enticing. You can work out a combination with a black-colored cabinet and glass frame. Let the taps and shower fixtures be black; you will see a delightful combination. In fact, the elongated black cabinet will spell a magical cast on its look. Black looks bright, as always.

bathroom with a black frame

5. Marble Bathroom with Black Tap

This elongated piece of the bathroom has marble flooring and a towel hanger that makes it look different. Applying a black colored towel holder and bath fittings would be a smart choice. The black-colored shower fittings, tap fittings, and other accessories show well on the mosaic tiles.

marble bathroom with black tap

6. Bathroom with Dark Tinge

Having white marble and dark-colored tiles installed in your bathroom could boast to be the focal point of your home design. Black tiles look fantastic, and you can choose the mirror frames accordingly. Choose dark colored cabinet and keep the bathroom fittings either dark or maybe copper colored. The bathing area can have black colored tiles, which will retain its great look. It’s easy to maintain.

bathroom with dark tinge

7. Stripes of Dark and White

Stripes in black and white would fascinate you and add glamor to your bathroom. The walls of the washroom are a combination of white marble and dark stripes of granite material that stand as an alternate in the walls. You can prefer the wash basin to be white and the taps and fixtures in silver color. Black will also look marvelous. Basins look nice in white color or sometimes mosaic print. Stripe designs are the best pattern for bathrooms with black fixtures.

strips of dark and white

8. Splash of Dark Tiles

Your floor might look best with white marble and dark tiles on the walls. You can prefer the mirror to have a dark-colored frame and choose a light cabinet. You can choose dark-colored tiles for the wall, especially against the mirror wall, as depicted in this image. Prefer the light fixtures in dark color; choose the toilet roll holder in a dark shade.

splash of dark tiles

9. The Dark and Light Combination

You may have your washroom all in white marble tiles; even a mosaic print tile will do good. You may choose the tap and shower fixtures in dark colors. The bath cubicle can have black frames. Makes sure that the cubicle handle is in dark color. The presence of black-colored fittings against the white marble washroom will show up in great style.

the dark and light combination

10. Wonderful dark-colored Fixtures

Have your floor in white and dark-colored marble. Then you can try and build the walls of the washroom in white tiles. Try buying bathroom fixtures in black, especially the shower and the tap fixtures. Let the washbasin fixtures are in a dark color and the frame of the bath cubicle be black. This is will be in contrast with the white color of the cabinet. You can prefer the window frame to be black in color.

wonderful dark colored fixtures

11. The Dark Backsplash

A dark wall with tiles at the back of the shower would be an attractive sight. Let the bath cubicle have transparent glass with a black frame. The mirror can have a black frame as well. The white marble flooring, along with the washbasin, would look enticing with the dark-colored backsplash. You may keep some dark-colored showpieces. For the ultimate show, you may choose the knobs of the cabinet as dark. A perfect combination of dark and light colors will impart an attractive tinge to the washroom.

the dark backsplash

12. White Bathroom with Dark Sink Tap

The bathroom will have white-colored tiles on the walls, along with a white cabinet. The table top of the washbasin will be black. Let the shower fittings be black. The tap and other accessories can be in dark colors. The shining white-colored cabinet, along with the black combination, will look trendy.

white bathroom with dark sink tap

13. White Bathtub with a Splash of The Dark

In this bathroom design, you will have a white bathtub and steel tap fittings. The windows would have black frames, and you can keep some bathmat and display some showpieces. Bring a splash of green, as shown in your bathroom. The black border of the windows will be a great show-off for the entire combination of the washroom.

white bathtub with a splash of the dark

14. Light Bathroom with a Dark Texture

There will be light-colored white tiles on the floor and dark colored cabinet. The window will have a black colored frame, and also there will be black showpieces. You can opt to have black towel racks. You can prefer bullnose tile with a black rim.

light bathroom with a dark texture

15. White Base with Dark Bathtub

This design is exclusive as it has a white marble floor and a black ceramic bathtub. The walls have pictures framed in black and also the windows have a black frame. Choose a bathroom mat in a dark color so that it can complement the white color of the tiles.

white base with dark bathtub

16. Textured Wall with Black Fittings

In this design, there is a patterned wall and a great lighting system. The bathroom accessories like the towel rack, the mirror frame, the washbasin support, and the shower support will have dark-colored or black fittings. The glass separator will have a metallic frame; this will look elegant and aristocratic with the white-walled washroom.

textured wall with black fittings

17. Magnificent Combination

The washroom has white tiles on the floor and walls too. Then the cabinet will be white and lined with a black border. Choose the light fittings in black and the tap heads in dark color. The frame of the mirror can be black or any other dark color. You may choose dark frame borders for pictures and a black towel ring. Keep some dark-colored/black items for a show.

magnificent combinations

18. Marble Floor and Cabinet

This design has a white tile floor and some in the walls too. You can choose a dark frame mirror and some black-colored fittings for the wash basin too. Keep a dark-colored cabinet where you can keep the towels rolled up. Make sure you display a splash of green in your washroom. Choose the light fittings judiciously; a touch of dark fittings will make the washroom look fabulous.

marble floor and cabinet

 The Golden Rules for Designing a Bathroom

To design a good bathroom, you will have to follow some standard rules that be considered golden tips for a better design. After consulting with our experts, we are recommending a set of rules.

  1. Do not cram: Bathroom designs are often done smartly. This is all about utilizing the space and efficiently designing a bathing area, a toilet, and a space to move about for drying. Mostly the designs are crammed, and they are made to look like a railway station. You can ask your interior expert to make the bathing space separate, and a partition would make it look nice.
  2. Include plenty of storage: Working out the storage of a bathroom is essential. You can place some in the cabinet, some in the drawers, and others in the cupboard. The idea is to find the things that can be best stored in different places.
  3. Think about details: You may think about some designs in detail and emphasize how they are going about. When you set up a glass shower screen, it might show nicely from one side but appear like a separating slide from the other. Dirt gets deposited on one side of the glass wall, especially where the hole is made.
  4. Make it ergonomic: A bathroom should be essentially ergonomic, i.e., easy to clean and maintain. The essential elements should be accessible, clear, and well-lit. Any thought can be worked out to a well-planned bathroom can be designed without any style getting in the way of the function.
  5. Work in planes: You can rework the horizontal and vertical planes of the remains of your bathroom. These planes can be those that enclose the cisterns, glass walls, and the doorway, maybe. You can fix some of the places with tiles and leave the rest. Working on planes can give you a chance to make the bathroom complete and well-organized.
  6. Beware of the cut corners: You try never to fix anything at 45 degrees angle. Be it a corner basin, floor tiles, or maybe a diamond tile pattern, fixing at the said angle should be avoided. Planning might sound like a good idea, but the plan may fail at any point.
  7. Open designs: You can explore the open designs in such a way that there be a bedroom and a washroom in the same platform and the open. The benefit of going open is that you get sunlight and space, which can be a great combination. You can implement a sliding screen that can adjust the level of openness and privacy.
  8. Lavish and good lighting: Whenever you are designing a bathroom, you have to take care that there is a good amount of lighting. There should be enough sunlight and air around. Having a good passage of air is essential as the bathroom floor requires to be dry. Having a bath with a lovely outside view is a beautiful sight to many. A small-sized bathroom can handle both tactically.

Understanding Your Bathroom Design

A good bathroom design requires some strategic plan. Not necessary that your bathroom has to be big and spacious enough to allow a house itself, but it should be crammed with an excess of things so that you will feel claustrophobic. And allowing air and sunlight is the most common and healthy factor.

Ask your interior expert to recommend more designs having a white bathroom with black fixtures that can spruce up your home. By making a list of the fixtures, you will require inside the bathroom – an anti-slip mat, mirror frame, picture frame, soap holder, towel rack holder, and towel rings, you will have an idea of other things you can buy.

Having marble on the floor and wall gives an aristocratic look. You can combine that with any color, but black is a royal combination. While designing your bathroom, keep specific facts in mind and allow the maximum possible sunlight and air for better maintenance.

Keeping the shape and size of your bathroom in mind, you can involve a separator to separate your bathing area. There can be many other ideas, and you can get your favorite combination of bathroom décor ideas. You can involve some mid-century floor design ideas in your bathroom.

The key to successfully incorporating the idea of black fixtures is by keeping things cohesive. The combination of black, white, and minimal will bear an alluring look. So, next time you design your bathroom, you can refer to black fixtures against white marble and some trendy designs.

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