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Hello friends!  The countdown until Christmas is ON and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  December is my most favorite.  AHHHH!  I live for this time of year!  We head to the Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and spend all month getting into the spirit with non-stop Christmas music, baking, and decorating.  I may be a little bit like Buddy the Elf.  This year in partnership with Progressive Insurance I decided to up my game and go all out in our living room and talk a bit about how important it is to protect your home this holiday season from all the mishaps and unexpected bumps that life can bring.  I hope you love!

It makes me so happy to walk into that space and have it be magical- not just for myself but for Teo.  I know he’s a bit young still to fully appreciate it but I’m sure when he’s older and I show him photos of us all in our matching Christmas jammies in this decked out space he’ll be grateful for my efforts!  And when I turn on all the lights and the room sparkles, he smiles, which is the moment I live for!

Clearing off the credenza was step one in my decorating process after the tree went up!  I bought 30 feet of Cedar garland at a local Christmas tree pop-up (at $1.50 per foot it offers sooo much bang for the buck!) I broke some of it up for the this credenza and our fireplace mantle and hung the rest around the doorway.  I added these wooden nesting houses (in natural and black) not only because I love how simple and sweet they are, but because when we pack them up for the year they tuck into each other and take up so much less space in storage!  In between the houses and garland battery operated lights brighten up the scene and add that twinkle that I crave! (similar here)

With all of the garland and lights I’ve packed into this room I’ve also increased our risk of fire- so I’m staying on top of it by turning the lights off when we leave the house and keeping our Christmas tree well-watered! In the event that in spite of my efforts something tragic happens, I’m well protected in our home owners insurance policy- a necessity not only for the holidays but year round! If you’re a new homeowner, or considering switching from your current provider, heads up that Progressive offers Homeowner’s Insurance!

Even though I’m loving neutrals and natural materials lately, I will always have space for metallic in our holiday decor!  This wreath brings that pop to a space that could probably live without anything but got SO MUCH MORE FESTIVE with the addition.  Just the right amount of over the top for my tastes!  Also that wreath on the door that I made from a bit of the extra garland died SO FAST in the super hot, dry weather we’re having.  Ahhhhhhh!  Lesson learned.  Next year I may find something faux so that it lasts through the season.

Is there anything more classic than a fireplace mantle with stockings and nutcrackers?  It just screams CHRISTMAS!!!!!  Which is obviously what I’m going for-no subtly here this year!  HA!   In all seriousness though I’m feeling nostalgic for classic Christmas and it’s really coming through in my choices.  A couple strands of this garland paired with these battery operated LED lights, and the piles of deconstructed cedar garland set the perfect base for our Christmas mantle.  When the fireplace is roaring and them music is playing I feel like I want to stop time, sit and soak it all in.  But I have a toddler so you know there’s none of that until bedtime!

I loaded up the tree this year with these (shatterproof!) colorful balls mixed in with our classic gold, silver and assortment of random ornaments for a tree bursting with color and fun!   This tree skirt is the perfect base for our 11 foot beauty.  I couldn’t love it more, it just sparkles in it’s glory and truly is the star of the room!  Oh man, there’s not much more fun than bringing a Christmas tree to life!

Last but not least I swapped out our standard pillows for these festive reindeer pillows.  So cute, right?!

I was so excited to partner up with Progressive Insurance for the holiday as an experience of those near and dear to my heart during the holiday season brought the importance of home insurance front and center. A couple of years ago our neighbor’s lost everything in a Christmas tree fire.  They had to move out and the house is currently under construction (thank goodness they had insurance to rebuild!)  All of the sparkle and glory of decorating does come with a bit of risk, and it’s important (not just during the holidays, but year round of course!) to protect yourself in the event of a worst case scenario.  Insurance is a less glamorous part of home ownership but is SO important!  While I’m sure you know Progressive offers auto insurance (another life necessity), they also offer homeowner’s insurance-and isn’t it convenient when you can work with one company for multiple purposes?! Their new quoting experience, HomeQuote Explorer makes getting covered so quick and easy – less than fifteen minutes. You’ll even see rates from other companies in one process versus taking the time to call around for the best rates. And they will work directly with your mortgage company so you can combine your mortgage and insurance payments! It’s never been easier to protect your home —and it’s so important with all of the love and work we put into our homes, especially during the holidays.   So please please please my friends, protect your homes this holiday season!  Wishing you the very merriest, loveliest celebration with all of the best treats and biggest loves!  xx- Sarah

This is a sponsored post with Progressive Insurance. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support this site!

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  1. Felicia|

    Your home looks amazing, I love all of your decorations especially your tree, nutcrackers and those garlands! I’m with you December is my favorite month it’s so fun taking in the holiday season!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you Felicia! I hope your December is extra wonderful this year!!! Happy holidays!!! xx

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  2. essays|

    Your home looks amazing, I love all of your decorations especially your tree, nutcrackers and those garlands! I’m with you December is my favorite month it’s so fun taking in the holiday season!