Dream Hotel


My jaw hit the floor when I stumbled upon the Casa Cook Hotel– and I haven’t been able to recover since.  WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DREAM!!!  I’m starting a savings account just for this place because if I don’t stay there at some point I’ll have serious life regrets.  What a stunning combination of modern and bohemian, filled wtih textures and simplicity- it’s a place where I feel like my mind could BREATHE, if that makes sense?  Ugh.  Some places are just too good.  This is one of them.  Definitely take a minute to scroll through the rest of the photos.  It’s bananas.  xx- Sarah

Interior Styling by Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger , photography by George Roske

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    • shellalmor|

      It’s an island south and east of Greece, but part of that country. I only found it by clicking on the Casa Hotel in the first paragraph above. Then actually had to Google it because the website for the hotel doesn’t mention which country either. go figure.

  1. Wilna Neethling-Smith|

    I love this. Looks so relaxed and I love that most of the furniture is build-in in the bedrooms.

  2. Jessica Doll|

    I LOVE the look of this hotel, holy WOW! I’ve been kind of redecorating my house to be more naturalish and neutral and this is perfect. It also reminds me of a less modern version of the airBnB we stayed in during our trip to Iceland (it was amazing as well!).

  3. Karine Ardault|

    I am just back from 10 days is this beautiful hotel. The goal of my stay was to rest. and I did. There is Nothing better than enjoying lounging and swimming from your hotel room. Such a nice place!

  4. Nikita|

    I absolutely love this decor! Any ideas of where I can get those woven lamp shades in the dining room?

  5. Daniel|

    Wow, the photos look just so alive and bright! You want to live every moment at such places! I wish I could spend at least a weekend there!