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I have some exciting news!  I’ve been biting my tongue about it because I wanted to wait until it felt a bit more real- but we sold our house and close in 18 days!  The contingencies have been lifted and we’re not expecting anything crazy to happen in the next couple of weeks, so it looks like we’re headed back to San Diego!  We’re on the hunt for a place to live there (so if you know of any amazing rentals or houses for sale, give a shout por favor).  It’s going to be a mad couple of weeks, but I’ll do my best to keep posting regularly.  Keep us in your thoughts as we house hunt, pack and move cities!  And in the meantime, here’s some style inspiration for you.  I’m loving prints this winter (and always), and these gals are showing us how it’s done.  Major loveliness, all of it!  xx- Sarah   via  1 / 2 / 34

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  1. sassygirl|

    check out options on Airbnb. even if temporarily renters,
    the company also helps with relocations and home buyers. doing Airbnb in tucson for a winter vaca. good luck!

  2. Claire|

    Congrats Sarah!
    We’re moving too on 24th January so I know where you’re coming from with packing and so on : )

  3. Alcina|

    I’m a new follower to your blog and so far your posts are amazing! The photos and content are impeccable. And i love the style roundup posts, that second photo in this one is my favorite! Great mix of patterns. Congrats on the house!

    -The Lizard Queen