Yes.  A thousand times Yes.  I found another way to make tacos!  At this rate I’ll be able to eat a different taco every night for a month, and then start the rotation all over again on the first.  Which is basically my dream come true.  That’s normal, right?  Are you even listening to me or is the voice in your head drowning me out with a low chant… “TACOS, TACOS, TACOS, TACOS, TACOS!”  It’s ok, I hear it too.  Here’s what you’re looking at: grilled sweet potatoes, a tangy lime crema(made with cashews, so, dairy free!), homemade tortillas, purple cabbage and jalapeno.  And it gets better, you can add avocado.  That’s right!  Thank you and good day.  xx- Sarah


Serves 4, Vegan + GF



2 medium sweet potatoes

1 cup raw cashews soaked for a minimum of 5 hours

1/2 cup almond milk

2-3 limes

Sea Salt

Olive Oil

1/4 purple cabbage, finely chopped

1 jalapeño, thinly sliced and de-seeded

1.5 cups masa

Cilantro to garnish


Lime Crema

–  In a high speed blender combine 1/2 cup almond milk, drained cashews, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, and juice of 2-3 limes.

– Blend until creamy and adjust lime juice and salt to taste.  Add additional almond milk to achieve desired conistency. The sauce should be tangy, salty and not too thick!

Sweet Potatoes

– Bring a large pot of well salted water to a boil.

– Peel sweet potatoes and cut into large spears.

– Boil peeled potatoes for 7-9 minutes or until slightly soft.

– Lightly oil grill pan with olive oil

– Add potatoes to grill pan and cook over med-low heat for 6-8 minutes on each side checking periodically for browning.

 – Plate as desired and spoon cream sauce over taco adding jalapeño, cabbage and cilantro garnish (optional: avocado is also amazing on these!)

– Squeeze lime over tacos and sprinkle with finishing salt.  Serve immediately!


– Combine 1.5 cups masa with 1 cup of hot water and knead with hands.  Add more water if needed, or add more masa if mixture seems too wet.  You’re looking to achieve the consistency of brand new play-doh.  You’ll know you’re spot on when you’re able to pull a full tortilla out of the press.  I played around for a bit to get it just right, but it only took fussing with the mixture a little bit at a time to get there!

– Lightly coat a cast iron pan in grapeseed oil and heat on medium low

– Cover the top and bottom of the tortilla press* with large ziplock bags or saran wrap.  Roll a ball of masa dough about 1 1/2″ big in the palm of your hands in place in the center of the press

– Gently use the top press to flatten the tortilla, then peel away and add to the pan.

– Cook for 45 seconds or so on each side

– Continue with the rest of the dough (this amount of masa makes roughly 12 tortillas) until all dough is used.  Keep cooked tortillas warm by wrapping in a damp tea towel and placing in a dutch oven over LOW heat

* if you do not have a tortilla press, use your hand or a rolling pin to flatten tortillas!

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Reader Comments

  1. jensen|

    These look amazing! Will definitely have to add them into the taco night rotation!

    My roommate is vegan and always makes jackfruit (I think you can find it in the Asian section of markets) tacos when we have taco night. She just seasons the jackfruit with taco seasonings and it ends up with a carnitas like texture. They steal the show everytime, you should try them!

  2. Kelly Jo|

    These have got to be the prettiest tacos I've ever seen! Almost too pretty to eat, but not really 🙂

  3. Nicki M|

    I'm about to move to California and these look perfect for a celebratory first-nigh-dinner! Avocado tacos- about as California as it gets. Thanks for this!

  4. Lauren|

    I could eat tacos every day as well – thanks for sharing this recipe – always great to mix up my tacos 🙂

  5. Sarah|

    Prepping dinner right now….. And I'm now stopping and going to the store to get these ingredients. Yummmmm

  6. Jennifer De Angelis|

    Just finished eating these and all I can say is they were absolutely DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!! and so easy! I will confess I used store bought tortillas, just don't tell Sarah 😉

  7. Kate|

    Yes to tacos! Especially sweet potato tacos. Looks like I need to get on the cashew crema bandwagon. These just look marvelous.